Beyond Light The Ultimate Guide


Beyond Light the next major expansion just launched on the 10th November 2020. This expansion marks the 4th year of destiny 2 franchise. The campaign story will be taking place in Europa and Cosmodrome. Players will get to learn more about the darkness which they only known a little about them during last year’s shadowkeep expansion. In Europa there is a kell which wields the power of darkness. She is none other than Eramis kell. Our old friend, Variks sense the threat she’s about to unleash and called the guardians for help. Once again our guardian will have to go to Europa to help him out. Apart from that, Exo stranger, Eris Morn and The Drifter are on their way to Europa to lend help.

Here will be the topics that will be covered:


Vendors For Beyond Light


These are some of the new vendors that players can visit on weekly basis. They give powerful or pinnacle rewards after you complete the milestone. It is worth doing the milestone if you’re still looking to increase your character’s power level.


Exo Stranger


On weekly basis, you can visit exo stranger to get two fragment quest from her. For the fragment quest, you get the choice to complete the quest in either crucible, gambit or strike. After you complete the fragment quest, it will turn into memory fragment which you can exchange for the fragment slots that you want. As of now, there are six fragment slots available:

  • Whisper of Hedrons – Gain bonus weapon damage after freezing a target with stasis.
  • Whisper of Fissures – Increases the damage and size of the burstr of the stasis when you destroy a stasis crystal or defeat a frozen target.
  • Whisper of Refraction – Defeating slowed or frozen targets grants you class ability energy.
  • Whisper of Durance – Slow from your abilities last longer. For those abilities that linger, their duration will also increase.
  • Whisper of Bonds – Defeating frozen targets with weapons grants you super energy.
  • Whisper of Shards – Shattering a stasis crystal temporarily boosts your grenade recharge rate. Shattering additional stasis crystals increases the duration of this benefit.




Variks offers powerful milestone for completing 8 bounties on every week. The powerful reward will drop at the same base power level of your character. Besides that, variks offers empire hunt and weapon quests for players who wish to farm his weapons. The consumable that he offers can only buy once per account per week. Lastly, there’s sabotage mission that he offers as well. Completing different sabotage mission will unlock different perks that you can benefit from while in europa. To name a few are the upgrade of pinnacle reward for completing exo challenge and empire hunt on master difficulty, easier access to herealways piece and many more.


The Crow


The Crow is the vendor for wrathborn hunt activity. For starters, completing 5 wrathborn hunt will reward a powerful tier 3 reward. However, the powerful reward will be upgrade to pinnacle reward once players hits reputation rank 4. Players will need 20 recon data for 1 reputation rank up. Here’s are some of the lure upgrade perks that players get:

  • Reputation Boost I – Increase the amount of recon data obtained from wrathborn hunt (Rank 1)
  • Improved Seeker I – Unlock hive wrathborn hunts (Rank 2)
  • Power Hunter – Amount of powerful wrathborn hunt rewards increased from 2 to 4 and crow’s weekly challenge is upgraded to pinnacle reward (Rank 4)
  • Reputation Boost II –  Increases the amount of recon data obtained from wrathborn hunts. Stacks with reputation boost I and increases the drop rate of lure mods. (Rank 6)
  • Seasoned Hunter – Beneficial modifiers are activated in wrathborn hunts (Rank 8)
  • Mutation Mod Extractor – Increases the amount of mutation mods obtained from wrathborn hunts (Rank 10)

Stasis Subclass For Guardians



Stasis is the 4th subclass that is being introduced as part of the campaign from beyond light. After 3 years, guardians decided to wield the power of darkness and use it for good. With the help of exo stranger, guardians were able to harness the power of darkness and use it as their own. Naturally, stasis is an ice element subclass but it’s effective to use against end game activities. Even with match game on, stasis could break enemies shield without much of a problem.

All stasis subclass can choose between three types of grenades which are glacier, coldsnap and duskfield grenade. Glacier grenade came as default grenade. Coldsnap and duskfield will be unlock later after completing born in darkness quest. As for the aspect, each character can equip up to two aspect. Aspect is like special ability only that specific subclass can use and it unlock fragment slots.



Revenant is pretty similar to blade barrage super. Its super is called silence and squall which has enormous area of effect when the blades are thrown onto. Once enemies are trap inside the area, they are pretty much dead because of the constant slowing and freezing. Apart from that, withering blade is the equivalent of stasis throwing knife. It freezes enemies that came in contact with.

Currently there are only two aspect available for hunter which are shatterdive and winter’s shroud. Shatterdive allows you to immediately dive down from the air similar to dawnblade’s ability. Winter’s shroud gives you the ability to slow nearby enemies when you dodge. Lastly, hunters only have two fragment slots for now.



Shadebinder came out as a strong subclass when beyond light launched. Some might even say overpowered due to it’s insane penumbral blast range. Within a week, the subclass had been revamped to a balance state. The name of the super is called winter’s wrath and all you got to do is freeze then shatter the enemies. The light attack is the pulsing whereas the heavy attack is the freezing. So you will always got to use heavy attack to freeze then use the light attack to shatter them. On the other hand, penumbral blast is like celestial fire. Enemies will get frozen if they got caught by the melee attack.

As for now, the only two aspect for warlocks are iceflare bolts and frostpulse. With aspect of iceflare bolts, shattering a frozen target spawn seekers that track and freeze nearby enemies. As for frostpulse, casting rift will generate shockwave that freezes nearby targets. So far, warlocks is the only subclass that could equip up to four fragment slots.



Behemoth is quite similar to bottom tree striker super. Its super is called glacial quake. The super has two attacks that you can use which are ground control and shiver strike. You can use ground control to freeze enemies then finish them off with shiver strike. Another alternative is to just use shiver strike which can kill enemies with it as well.

The two aspects for titan are cryoclasm and tectonic harvest. I personally like cryoclasm the most because the sliding distance is insane. Also, sliding into stasis crystals or frozen targets shatters them. Besides that, with tectonic harvest aspect shattering stasis crystals create stasis shard. This shard grants melee energy when picked up by us or other allies.

Apart from all of that, there is born in darkness and aspect quest that you can do to unlock grenade options for your stasis subclass. Born in darkness is character based quest which means you got to do it three times if you have three characters. However, for the aspect quest there is steps that you can skip on your subsequent characters. Thus, making it a lot quicker to complete.

Born In Darkness Part 1 (unlocks salvation grip quest)

  • Collect 50 energized ether by defeating fallen in Europa and get 10 stasis melee final blows.
  • Complete 3 strikes using stasis subclass and use stasis abilities against 60 combatants.
  • Defeat Weniks Platoon in Europa.
  • Bring the skeleton key to Exo Stranger in Bunker E15 Lost Sector in Europa.
  • Regroup with Exo Stranger in Beyond.


Born In Darkness Part 2 (unlocks duskfield grenade)

  • Collect 50 energized radiolarian fluid by defeating vex in Europa and get 20 stasis shatter final blows.
  • Complete any 3 playlist activities with stasis equipped and use stasis abilities against 60 combatants.
  • Defeat House Salvation Fallen
  • Bring the skeleton key to Exo Stranger in Perdition Lost Sector in Europa.
  • Regroup with Exo Stranger in Beyond.


Born In Darkness Part 3 (unlocks coldnsnap grenade)

  • Collect 30 vex and fallen energy in Europa and use stasis abilities against 20 combatants.
  • Complete 3 gambit with stasis equipped and get 60 stasis final blows.
  • Defeat Teraks Platoon.
  • Bring the skeleton key to Exo Stranger in Concealed Void Lost Sector in Europa.
  • Regroup with Exo Stranger in Beyond.


Born In Darkness Part 4 (unlocks 2nd aspect for all characters)

  • Defeat 50 combatants on Europa using stasis.
  • Complete 3 nightfall with stasis subclass equipped and use stasis abilities against 50 combatants in nightfall.
  • Defeat House Salvation Platoon
  • Bring the skeleton key to Exo Stranger in Creation.
  • Regroup with Exo Stranger in Beyond.


List of New Exotic Armors and Weapons


With the launch of beyond light, there’s new exotic armors and weapons for players again. Some of the armors are only for stasis subclass while others can be use on any subclass. As of now, every character has two new exotics and seven exotic weapons this season. Nevertheless, the exotics are fun to use when pair up with proper setup and weapons are pretty strong.




Mask of Bakris was one of the exotic that I looked forward to. Its intrinsic perk “light shift” replaces stasis subclass dodge with a longer range, faster moving shift that partially cloaks user during use. That perk is extremely useful when you want to get out from a bad situation whether it’s in PvP or PvE. Another of its advantage is that after shifting, your arc weapons deal increased damage for a short time. So in PvE, people tend to dodge first to gain extra damage on their arc weapon.


Athrys’s Embrace the only hunter’s gauntlet that has unstoppable perk built in. This gauntlet may come in handy for activities that have unstoppable champions. Its intrinsic perk “skittering stinger” gives weighted knife a second bounce. Besides that, getting rapid precision hits with weapons grants damage bonus to the weighted knife.




Remember last time you use your entire dawnblade super on a major and it still couldn’t kill it? Well, dawn chorus is here to buff your dawnblade damage now. At first, I thought the damage buff to dawnblade super wasn’t significant but I was wrong. If you use it yourself, you can see that you actually deal a lot more damage than you used to. The intrinsic perk “rites of ember” causes targets to burn on contact and deal more damage to them. Also, the burn effects last longer and you gain small amount of melee energy each time your burns damage a target.


Necrotic Grip was one of the exotic I looked forward to try on warlock first. This exotic gauntlet pairs well with thorn because of the soul devourer perk. So, the perk “grasp of the devourer” damaging combatants with melee attacks corrupts them with increasing damage over time. Defeating a corrupted combatant spreads the corrupting effect to nearby targets and restores melee energy. For example, you’re using thorn to kill an enemy. The enemies dies and spreads the corrupting to nearby targets while at the same time your thorn has soul of devourer active. Thus, killing enemies faster and continuously chaining the corruption effect.




Precious Scar is the new exotic helmet for titan in season of the hunt. Its intrinsic perk is called “kintsugi” which after reviving or being revived, you gain an aura that provides overshields to you and nearby allies. The overshields may come in handy during tight situation.


The icefall mantle gauntlet replaces barricade ability with a personal armor reinforcement that absorbs a small amount of damage. Its exotic perk is called “glacial guard”. So while the perk is active, you are slowed which means you can’t sprint and basically a walking tank. The barricade ability does not recharge until the perk ends.


Exotic Weapons


Cloudstrike can only be obtained via selected empire hunt difficulty. It doesn’t matter which difficulty you choose for the empire hunt because the drop rate is RNG. This weapon is equally good in both PvE and PvP. For PvE, it deals decent good damage to bosses as long as there’s someone running divinity in the group. This is because you can proc mortal polarity where precision final blows generate a lightning bolt at the target’s location.


Duality is the exotic weapon that’s being offered as part of the season pass during season of the hunt. This weapon is unique in its own way. The weapon itself has two modes which are shotgun and slug shotgun. When you hip fire it is a shotgun whereas if you aim down sight it is a slug shotgun. Use the shotgun mode to build up black wings stacks then aim down sight to fire it for extra damage on precision hits. Since it’s a season pass weapon, simply go to banshee-44 to get the catalyst. The requirement for catalyst progression is to get kills with it. You can huge boost on range for completing the catalyst.


Eyes of Tomorrow is the exotic weapon that can only be obtained from Deep Stone Crypt raid. Surprisingly the tracking on this rocket launcher is very good. Once you lock on targets, the tracking will aggressively tracks them. As far as I know you can track up to five or six target simultaneously. Besides that, its intrinsic perk “adaptive ordance” killing four or more combatants in a single volley will increase the damage for next volley.


No time to explain had been around since Destiny 1. It was a legendary pulse rifle at first then it was brought back as an exotic towards the end of Destiny 1 era. Who would have thought we will see this weapon in action after 4 years in Destiny 2. At glance, no time to explain is a 340rpm pulse rifle and its intrinsic perk “time slip” activates once you get 10 stacks of rewind again. It opens a small portal and shoots from an alternate timeline. Precision hits will extend the duration of this perk. Players get this exotic weapon after completing the beyond light campaign. Lastly, in order to complete the catalyst, player will need to get 700 kills with this weapon. The catalyst makes the arc soul shoots more frequently.

Here’s the way to get the catalyst:

  • Defeat combatants in braytech facility and collect five schematic code fragments.
  • Return to Exo Stranger.
  • Defeat vex with no time to explain in nexus, infinitude and glassway in Europa.
  • Return to Exo Stranger to acquire the catalyst.



The Lament exotic sword became available as soon as a fireteam beats deep stone crypt raid. For now, it is the highest dps dealing exotic sword in the game. What makes it even better is that the sword has anti-barrier perk built in. You can use lucent blade mod to further increase the damage if you have. To use the sword, simply hold the sword to rev up banshee’s wail then spam light attack three times and finish it off with a heavy attack. Lastly, what makes it even better is that every swing you hit, you heals yourself as well.

Here’s the quest step for obtaining the lament:

  • Locate and scan three exo in Europa.
  • Locate the giant exo hidden in the exo facility.
  • Defeat 100 vex with swords and get 20 sword final blows from minotaurs, hydra or cyclops.
  • Complete one exo challenge
  • Defeat vex with finishers. More powerful vex will give bonus progress.
  • Access the glassway strike and locate the blade pieces.
  • Spoke to banshee-44 about the broken blade.
  • Get lost lament from banshee.
  • Complete the mission reforging the past.
  • Head back to tower and get the lament from banshee-44.



Salvation’s Grip is the first exotic weapon that is stasis element. As of now, this weapon isn’t really that great comparing to other exotics. Its intrinsic perk “cryocannon” which simply hold to charge then release it on targets. You will be able to freeze them momentarily because they break through. To start the quest step for this weapon, players will have to complete born in darkness part 1 first.

Here’s the quest steps for acquiring this grenade launcher:

  • Defeat 10 fallen captains and servitors on europa to collect intels.
  • Defeat one of Eramis’s council members in an Empire Hunt. Visit Variks to purchase empire hunt quest.
  • Rendezvous with spider’s associate in concealed void lost sector to get the skiff codes.
  • Visit Drifter in Annex.
  • Complete Stealing Stasis mission.
  • Visit Drifter in Annex to get the grenade launcher.


Lost Sectors For Farming Exotics


Starting in season of the hunt, players can only acquire new exotics by completing the lost sector that is in rotation. These lost sectors can appear either in Europa or Cosmodrome for now. Every day, these lost sectors rotates and the rewards changes as well. As of now, there are only 1250 and 1280 power level lost sectors. The exotics drop rate is uncommon for 1250 lost sectors whereas for 1280 the drop rate is common.

Lost Sector in Europa:

  • Perdition
  • Concealed Void
  • Bunker E15


Lost Sector in Cosmodrome:

  • Exodus Garden 2A
  • Veles Labyrinth


Perdition Lost Sector


This lost sector is located in Europa and it has 1250 and 1280 version of it. As you might know already, the difference between 1250 and 1280 lost sector is the amount of champions in it. Expect 1280 to have little more champions and few additional modifiers compared to the 1250. There will be mainly arc shield from harpy and void shield from minotaurs. Apart from that, you will have barrier and overload champions so be sure to bring weapons that can disrupt them.


1250 Modifier

  • Champions: Vex (This mode contains both barrier and overload champions, which cannot be stopped without anti-barrier or overload mod respectively.)
  • Shocker (When defeated, goblins spawn arc pools that causes damage over time.)
  • Memory of a Frozen Conundrum (Incoming arc and aerial damage increased.)
  • Forlorn Miasma (+50% void damage dealt and received.)


1280 Modifier

  • Famine (All ammunition drops are significantly reduced.
  • All same modifier from the 1250.


Concealed Void


The second lost sector that is located in Europa and it has 1250 and 1280 version of it. This is by far my least favourite lost sector simply because of the ads in it. There will be mainly solar shield from big shanks and void shield from servitors at the boss room. Lastly, you will have barrier and overload champions so be sure to bring weapons that can disrupt them.


1250 Modifier

  • Champions: Fallen (This mode contains both barrier and overload champions, which cannot be stopped without anti-barrier or overload mod respectively.)
  • Arach-NO! (When defeated, fallen vandals spawn web mine at their feet.)
  • Memory of a Frozen Conundrum (Incoming arc and aerial damage increased.)
  • Isolated Flames (+50% solar damage dealt and received.)


1280 Modifier

  • Same modifer as from 1250 lost sector.


Bunker E15


The third and final lost sector that is in Europa. It has 1250 and 1280 version of it. The advantage you have for this lost sector is that you will be having braytech AI to help you kill enemies. It is extremely useful if you are underlevel. There is only void shield from minotaurs. Finally, you will have barrier and overload champions so be sure to bring weapons that can disrupt them.


1250 Modifier

  • Champions: Vex (This mode contains both barrier and overload champions, which cannot be stopped without anti-barrier or overload mod respectively.)
  • Shocker (When defeated, goblins spawn arc pools that causes damage over time.)
  • Memory of a Frozen Conundrum (Incoming arc and aerial damage increased.)
  • Forlorn Miasma (+50% void damage dealt and received.)


1280 Modifier

  • Same modifier as from the 1250 lost sector.


Exodus Garden 2A


This is one of the two lost sectors that are in cosmodrome. Lost sectors in cosmodrome are not that difficult as compared to some that are in Europa. For this lost sector, you have mainly solar and void shield enemies. As for champions, there are only overload and barrier champions.


1250 Modifier

  • Champions: Fallen (This mode contains both barrier and overload champions which cannot be stopped with anti-barrier or overload mod respectively.)
  • Scorched Earth (Enemies throw grenades significantly more often.)
  • Memory of a Golden Age (Incoming solar and environmental damage increased.)
  • Forlon Miasma (+50% void damage dealt and received.)


1280 Modifier

  • Same modifier as from the 1250 lost sector.


Veles Labyrinth


The last lost sector that is in Cosmodrome is the veles labyrinth. This is a hive based lost sector which consists of unstoppable and barrier champions. For those who wished to farm exotics, do spend some time to farm on this one when it is in the rotation because it is a pretty short lost sector. You get average 3 minutes. Lastly, there are only solar shields in this lost sector.


1250 Modifier

  • Champions: Hive (This mode contains both barrier and unstoppable champions which cannot be stopped without anti-barrier or unstoppable mod respectively.)
  • Fire Pit (When defeated, Acolytes spawn fire pools that cause damage over time.)
  • Memory of a Golden Age (Incoming solar and environmental damage increased.)
  • Desolate Charge (+50% arc damage dealt and received.)


1280 Modifier

  • Same modifier as 1250 lost sector.


Raids and Dungeons


Veteran players know that raids and dungeons are consider as the endgame contents in the destiny franchise. Right before the launched of Beyond Light expansion, Bungie introduced a new system called destiny content vault (dcv) which they taken out activities that are deem not popular enough to be taken off. Besides, forges and escalation protocol being taken off, there are some iconic raids that got taken off as well. Such as leviathan, crown of sorrow, scourge of the past and spire of stars. In their recent expansion, they brought a new raid called deep stone crypt. And two other relevant raids are last wish and garden of salvation.

Besides that, there are also dungeons for solo players to venture. Raids mainly requires a fireteam of six people to complete whereas dungeon ranges from solo to three people. As for now there are only three dungeons so far which are shattered throne, pits of heresy, and prophecy dungeon. Even though the loots in shattered throne and pits of heresy are already being sunset, it is still a good experience to do it once. Prophecy dungeon still rewards pinnacle loot after beating the final boss. Finally, there is a flawless emblem in each of the dungeon. So if you are keen for a challenge, try go for the flawless dungeon run and get those emblems.

Here’s the list of raids and dungeons:

  • Deep Stone Crypt
  • Garden of Salvation
  • Last Wish
  • Shattered Throne
  • Pits of Heresy
  • Prophecy Dungeon

Trials of Osiris Adept Weapon and Mods



Trials of Osiris was supposed to launch along side with deep stone crypt raid. However due to bug in matchmaking, it did not launch until later season. In this season, there are adept weapons and mods that players will get for going flawless. The adept weapons are the same current trials weapons but you can choose to equip either normal or adept mods it. In addition to that, you get +2 bonus stats upon masterworking adept weapons. Apart from that, the weapons and armors are still the same since season of the worthy.


Week 1 – Bannerfall (18th December 2020 to 22nd December 2020)

  • 3 wins – Chest Piece
  • 5 wins – Exile of Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • 7 wins – Eye of Sol (Sniper Rifle)
  • Flawless – Adept Summoner
  • Adept Mod – Targeting Mod


Week 2 – Javelin-4 (25th December 2020 to 29th December 2020)

  • 3 wins – Astral Horizon (Shotgun)
  • 5 wins – Tomorrow’s Answer (Rocket)
  • 7 wins – Helmet
  • Flawless – Adept Astral Horizon
  • Adept Mod – Magazine Mod


Week 3 – Radiant Cliffs (1st Jan 2021 to 5th Jan 2021)

  • 3 wins – Eye of Sol (Sniper Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Legs
  • 7 wins – Tomorrow’s Answer (Rocket Launcher)
  • Flawless – Adept Scholar
  • Adept Mod – Range Mod


Week 4 – The Dead Cliffs ( 8th Jan 2021 – 12th Jan 2021)

  • 3 wins – Legs
  • 5 wins – Eyes of Sol (Sniper Rifle)
  • 7 wins – Helmet
  • Flawless – Adept Eye of Sol
  • Adept Mod – Charge Time Mod


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