Destiny 2: The Only Guide You Need


As a guardian myself since the launch of Destiny 1, I had enjoyed most of my time doing raids with my friends. Raids are considered as endgame activities for this game. Apart from that, I also get exposed to what’s a MMORPG game based feels like. Before playing Destiny, I was just coming back to gaming after taking a long hiatus. Things in the game such as strikes, raids, daily&weekly reset were few of things that were new to me.

One thing led to another and since I absolutely love farming for weapons and armors that I want. For myself I ended up with over 3000 hours spent on the game. And that’s is how I got hook to the game. On top of that, I kinda like the sci fi elements in the game such as the ability to use supers and stuff were part of the major selling point for me.

Prior to the launch of Destiny 2 that’s when I started bloggin. With the amount of content that this game has, I’ve decided to make a guide dedicated to the game. Especially for new players, it can be overwhelming for them as there is so much stuff to do yet they don’t know where to begin. Hence, the sole purpose of this guide is to make sure they can get the information that they needed in order to start their journey. From time to time, this guide will be updated with the latest information such as exotic quest steps, new game contents, raid guide and etc.

With that, here are the topics that you’re going to learn more about:



1. The “Characters And Subclass” To Pick


For those of you who are new in this franchise, there are only three characters that you can pick from. The three characters are hunter, warlock and titan. Each character has its own unique class ability as well. For hunters, they’ve got the dodge abilities, barricades for the titan and rifts for warlocks. Each person will find one character to be easier to use than others. Thus, it is important for you yourself to try out each character and see which one fits your play style the most.

First of all, every character has three elements to choose from. The elements are solar, void and arc subclass. Each subclass has its own unique supers and grenade abilities. When you kill enemies whether is in PvE or PvP activities, your character slowly builds up super energy. Once the bar is full, you will be able to use your super and its usually one hit kill.

In this section, you will be learning more about:

  • Warlock
  • Hunter
  • Titan



Warlock was one of the three characters available when creating a character. Just like every character had its own unique class abilities and warlocks got the rift. Apart from that, you can choose either healing or empowering rift depending on your play style. Next, every character will have three elemental subclass to choose from. The elemental subclass were solar, arc and void subclass and each elemental subclass has three options for you to pick from.

Let’s go through some of these subclass and its option:

Solar Subclass

First of all, from the solar subclass itself you can choose either Attunement of Sky, Attunement of Flame or Attunement of Grace. Attunement of Sky and Attunement of Flame were also known as Dawnblade. These two were already in the game when Destiny 2 first launched. Many players simply prefer Attunement of Flame over the other one because of its Everlasting Fire perk which extends the duration of dawnblade when getting kill.

As for the Attunement of Grace or also known as Well of Radiance is the new addition of super back when Forsaken expansion launched. Unlike dawnblade being an offensive super, well of radiance is more of a supportive type of super. Your guardian will thrust its daybreak sword into the ground. It continuously projects a powerful aura that heals and empowers nearby allies. In other words, you get both healing and empowering effect. Thus, making well of radiance the most sought after super to use in PvE activities.


Arc Subclass

Next, with the arc subclass we have got Attunement of Conduction, Attunement of the Elements and Attunement of Control. Attunement of Conduction and Attunement of Elements were also known as Stormcaller. Both of these two choices are equally powerful because one has the Arc Web perk while the other has the ability to summon Arc Soul from your rift. Lastly, Attunement of Control which is called Chaos Reach is the new addition of super for arc subclass. It unleash a long-range beam of concentrated arc energy towards anything you direct to it.


Void Subclass

Secondly, the final subclass that we have is the void subclass. Attunement of Chaos and Attunement of Hunger were also known as Nova Bomb. The only differences between the two is the nova bomb from attunement of chaos tracks enemies whereas the other does not. Another advantage of the subclass is the Chaos Accelerant perk which allows you to charge your grenade making it deadlier. In contrast to attunement of hunger, Devour perk is pretty nasty if you use it right. While its active, every kill you got restore your health and extend its duration.

Finally, Attunement of Fission which is also known as Nova Wrap is third super that is being introduced at the launch of Forsaken expansion. Nova Wrap was too strong back in its prime days. Despite some balancing has been made in the subclass, it is still a relative strongly subclass to use.



Just like warlocks, hunters have their own unique class abilities which is dodging ability. The two dodges are marksman’s and gambler’s dodge. Marksman dodge automatically reloads your weapon while dodging whereas gambler’s dodge fully recharge melee abilities. Besides that, one thing I like the most about hunters is their jumping abilities.

It takes lesser time to learn how to jump as compared to titans and warlocks. Similarly to others, hunter have solar, arc and void subclass as well. Each of these subclass will then split into three different supers each. Depending on what activity you’re doing, you can select the subclass accordingly.

Without further due, let’s start:

Solar Subclass

Firstly, you will have three options to choose for solar subclass. The subclass are Way of the Outlaw, Way of the Sharpshooter, and Way of a Thousand Cuts. Way of the Outlaw and Way of the Sharpshooter are the classic Golden Gun super. Secondly, the difference between the two is Way of the Outlaw has six shots while the other has three shoots.

Most of the time, players will use way of the sharpshooter with celestial nighthawk in PvE due to Line ‘Em Up perk. While way of the outlaw was mainly used in PvP activities because it has six shoots to use. Finally, Way of a Thousand cuts which is also known as Blade Barrage was the newest super addition in Forsaken. It is a very versatile super which functions well in both PvE and PvP activities.


Arc Subclass

Prior to the launch of Destiny 2, Bungie remodeled Blade Dancer into Arc Strider. So, while your super is activate you will have an arc staff with you. There are various combos that you can do with it while your super is active. First of all, Way of the Warrior and Way of the Wind were the two subclass that were already in the game when it first launched. Majority of player uses way of the warrior in PvE activities because of Combination Blow and Lethal Current perk. It is among the top DPS damage that a super can deal if you stack the perks correctly.

At the launch of Forsaken expansion, Way of the Current being the third subclass available for arc. One thing that makes this unique is the Whirlwind Guard perk. It allows the player to deflect incoming projectiles which can be very useful in PvP scenario. Burning maul and chaos reach are the only two supers that it can’t deflect it.


Void Subclass

The third and final subclass for the hunter which was the void subclass. Even back in Destiny 1, nightstalker was never an offensive super but people use it mainly due to its shade step ability. As for Destiny 2, Way of the Trapper and Way of the Pathfinder were the two choices that players got when using void subclass. Majority of the nightstalker user will go with way of the trapper. This was because Deadfall perk makes the void anchors increased in range and last longer. Hence making it extremely useful in ads control for PvE.

Lastly, the void subclass got a third subclass as well which is Way of the Wraith. In other words, you can call it Spectral Blades. This super is pretty similar to blade dancer in destiny 1. Just like arc strider, you can use certain combos to help with your movement in PvP making you less vulnerable.



Titans being the third and final character that you’ve got in Destiny 2. Similarly to hunters and warlocks, titans had the class abilities to use barricade. The barricade can be towering barricade or rally barricade. Towering barricades were mainly used in PvP to block incoming attacks from enemies.

While rally barricades, you can expect to see it more frequently in PvE activities because it automatically reloads your weapons. Apart from that, titans have three elemental subclass as well and they are solar, arc and void. Each elemental subclass will split into three choices that you can choose from depending on what activity you’re doing.

Now let’s take a look at the subclass:

Solar Subclass

First of all, we used to call the solar subclass as sunbreaker or hammer of sol. In this case, Code of the Fire-Forged and Code of the Siegebreaker is among the sunbreaker choices that we had. Most of the titan users prefer code of the fire-forged over the other one mainly because of the ability to apply melting point. Melting point is very useful especially when you want to debuff the bosses just so you and team get bonus damage. Apart from that, Explosive Pyre and Vulcan’s Rage perk makes it good in clearing enemies as well.

Next, the third new addition super that solar subclass got is the Code of Devastator which is also known as Burning Maul. Similarly to sunbreaker, burning maul is a roaming super which your character carrying a super huge hammer. SImply smash onto the ground to send a flaming maul towards them.


Arc Subclass

Behold the arc subclass for titan which is also known as striker. The Code of the Earthshaker and Code of the Juggernaut were the two choices of striker that players can choose from. Code of the Earthshaker is a one time use super while the other one is a roaming super. However, with the recent updates, Code of the Juggernaut was the most used super in PvP and PvE. 

It is just simply strong and destroying enemies with first of havoc extends its duration. Which means as long as you get a kill, it extends your super’s duration. Apart from that, Code of the Missile is the new super addition for arc subclass. It is called Thunder Crash which turns your titan into a missile and crash into enemies to inflict meteoric damage.


Void Subclass

Lastly, the void subclass for titan which you can expect ward of dawn just like back in Destiny 1. Similarly to blade dancer, Bungie remodeled the bubble class titan into a roaming super. With that being said now titan users can either use Ward of Dawn or Sentinel (roaming super). For ward of dawn, you will have to use Code of the Protector. And for sentinel, you can use Code of the Aggressor. As you know, ward of dawn is more of a defensive approach whereas sentinel is flexible.

Following that, titans got the third skill tree which is Code of the Commander or you can call it Banner Shield. When blocking your shield appears to be way larger than the other two skill tree. Besides that, it also gives out weapons of light damage to nearby allies. One of the advantages of using void subclass for titan is that it has a lot of perks which heal yourself and allies. This definitely helps in terms of improving the team’s survivability.


2. Exotic Armors And Its “Speciality”


Exotics are the highest tier of gears or weapons that you can get in the game. Since the launch of Destiny 2, there are currently 84 exotics armors across three characters. Each character has a total of 28 armors of choice to pick from. Unfortunately, due to it being exotic, you can only pick one to equip. So, depending on what activity you’re doing, you can switch accordingly.

The good things is xur sells one piece of armor for legendary shards, everytime he’s back on the weekend. Be sure to purchase it for your respective character if you still don’t have the armor yet. With that you can slowly lower down the loot pool and get new exotics.


List of Exotics for Warlock




List of Exotics for Hunter





List of Exotics for Titan




3. All Exotic Weapons Based On Its “Exoticness”



Nothing is more exciting than getting an exotic in the game, whenever you get one there’s a chance it could be a weapon or armor. One of the changes made in Destiny 2 is that you can no longer get exotic armors for different character. For example if you’re on hunter then you can only get exotic armors for hunter and etc.

Besides that, completing milestones and getting a prime engram to drop are the sources of exotic engram dropped. So if you need to get more exotics, be sure to complete as many milestone on a weekly basis as well. Also, whenever you get a prime engram to drop, there’s a chance it can turn into an exotic.

Finally, on every friday until the reset day there will be a vendor called Xur that sells exotics. He usually sells one weapon and three armors for each character. Apart from that you can also purchase fated engram which will only gives you something that you haven’t earned in the game yet. So, that is one way to reduce the loot pool of the exotic in particular character. Lastly, all of the items that xur sells can be purchase via legendary shards.


Kinetic Slot


There are currently a total of 23 exotic weapons that are in the kinetic slot. Some of these weapons may look familiar to those who played Destiny 1 because some of the weapons were brought back. Some of these weapons can only be acquired through hidden mission while others are already in the loot pool.


1. Sweet Business

Just not long ago, sweet business received a buff that puts its total magazine to 99 bullets. This weapon works perfectly with Actium War Rig or Lunafaction boots due to no need of reloading weapon. As long as you can keep firing the weapon, the dps output can be pretty high.

As for now, sweet business catalyst is available in the loot pool. Before that, the only way to obtained the catalyst was by reaching rank 50 while pledging to New Monarchy during faction rally week. Lastly, the catalyst helps to reduce flinch damage from incoming damage.


2. Sturm

Sturm and Drang are the couple weapon that relies on each other for their perks to work in synergy. In order to activate “Storm and Stress”, you have to get a kill with drang. This will then reloads sturm and overflow one bonus damage round into the magazine. Apart from that, getting kills while using sturm refills magazine for drang.

Next, sturm catalyst can only be obtain through any nessus strike. There is a chance for the enemy that you kill in the strike to drop it. As you can see, the catalyst further buffs range and handling to the weapon. Thus, making it having near max range.


3. Vigilance Wing

Vigilance Wing is the only five burst pulse rifle in the game until today. The design of the weapon is mainly based on Osiris theme. Harsh Truth is the exotic perk which grants the wielder health regeneration. Besides that, it also increased your movement speed when a nearby ally is killed.

The vigilance wing catalyst can only be acquired through any crucible playlist. Winning a match or killing opponents has a chance for the catalyst to drop. Once you masterwork the weapon, it will be able to fire in full auto mode.


4. Rat King

People tend to underestimate this weapon because it’s a sidearm. One of its unique perk is the “Rat Pack” which makes the weapon stronger. It can stack up to five times when everyone in the fireteam is using it. Apart from that, rat king catalyst can be obtain through completion of strike or nightfall.

Unlike any other weapon, in order to progress the catalyst you will need to group up with someone to make progress. When the person gets a kill it will count towards your progress and vice versa. Lastly, the catalyst improves aim assist, recoil direction and refreshes health on vermin invisibility trigger.


5. Mida Multi-Tool

Mida multi tool is a 200 rpm scout rifle with 16 rounds in the magazine. Its exotic perk “Mida Multi Tool” boosts movement speed makes it easy to strafe while shooting at enemies. Overall, scout rifle don’t have a good spot in either PvE or PvP activities. It feels weak in comparison to other weapon archtypes.

Apart from that, mida multi tool catalyst can be obtain once you reached 5500 points in competitive playlist. Just like Destiny 1’s scarab emblem, you will have to keep on playing matches on legend rank until you get it. The catalyst only increases reload speed to max which is redundant in my opinion.


6. Crimson

Crimson is the only 3-round burst hand cannon up to date with its exotic perk “Cruel Remedy”. Getting kills with this weapon heals the wielder and precision kills refill the magazine. Apart from that, crimson catalyst drops anywhere in PvE activities such as free roaming in patrols, strike and etc. Finally, the catalyst helps to boost the range of the weapon further.


7. Jade Rabbit

This used to be my favourite weapon back in Destiny 1. Despite scout rifle wasn’t in a good place in Destiny 2, jade rabbit still shines in bigger map like Equinox. Its exotic perk “The Fate of All Fools” which require chaining body shots to gain bonus damage on next precision shot. On top of that, landing precision shots will return ammo to the magazine.

The only way to acquire jade rabbit catalyst is by playing crucible match in any playlist. Last but not least, the catalyst buffs its stability to near max.


8. The Huckleberry

The first exotic kinetic smg that are being introduced into the game during Warmind DLC. Its exotic perk “Ride The Bull” increases rate of fire and recoil while you’re holding down the trigger. Apart from that, getting kills with the weapon reload a portion of the magazine too.

Huckleberry catalyst can only be acquired from heroic adventures in Mars or Mercury. Lastly, there was a changes made on the huckleberry. Getting a kill with it now reloads the whole portion of the magazine.


9. Suros Regime

With suros regime, you have the options of using spinning up or dual speed receiver. Its exotic perk “Suros Legacy” the bottom half of the magazine deals bonus damage. Besides that, getting a kill has a chance to return health.

Like any other crucible catalyst, you can only get suros regime catalyst through winning a match or drop by opponents in game. Lastly, the catalyst increases the chance for regen health when getting kills.


10. Cerberus +1

This is one of the new exotic weapon from Forsaken. It is a four burst auto rifle that fires at the same time. At a close range this weapon is quite effect but not at a mid-range. The weapon doesn’t stand out that much compared to other auto rifles due to the bullet spread of the four burst shots.


11. Wish Ender

Wish Ender is the exotic bow that has the ability to highlight enemies behind walls. It is similar to spectral’s blade flawless execution. First of all, having the ability to see through walls is very useful especially you need to pinpoint something. Apart from that, this is the only bow that could destroy the corrupted eggs in the Dreaming City. If you’re going after the cursebreaker title, destroying 40 eggs is one of the requirement.


12. Malfeasance

One of the 180 rpm exotic hand cannon which is none other than malfeasance. This weapon was initially being tied to primeval servitor which only appears during the strongest curse week in gambit. When it was released, the drop rate was so low that not many people get to meet the boss unless you have a good RNG. But from time to time, Bungie increased the spawn which makes the boss spawn more often now.

On top of everything, this weapon has an exotic perk called “Explosive Shadow”. Simply stacks continuously up to 5 stacks and it explodes on a target. Besides that, another perk it has is “Taken Predator” which deals bonus damage to taken enemies and gambit invader. For new players who wish to know more about the quest step, kindly go to Malfeasance.


13. Ace of Spades

Without a doubt, ace of spades was the favourite weapon to go to for majority of hand cannon lovers in PvP. Despite being a 140rpm hand cannon, it has decent impact and range. First of all, the weapon has an exotic perk called “Memento Mori”. Reloading after a kill will activate this perk which gives bonus damage. However, if you holster the weapon away, you will lose the momento mori perk until you activate it again.


14. Chaperone

Chaperone is the exotic weapon that you get from completing Amanda Holiday’s exotic quest. It is fairly an easy quest to do and wouldn’t take long to complete. First of all, chaperone is a slug shotgun which fires a single-slug precision round. In other words, you got to aim for the head to get an instant kill. This is unlike any other shotguns which you can simply body shot people with it.


15. Izanagi’s Burden

Izanagi’s Burden is one of the new exotic weapon that comes along during Black Armory DLC back in December. You get to unlock this sniper rifle once you solve the mysterious box. After that, it will then has its own quest steps which you got to complete in order to get the weapon. Its exotic perk called “Honed Edge” which allows you to consumes the magazine and load into one stronger round. Just like you saw on the trailer video, it is capable of one shot anyone.

Fast forward to Season of Opulence which was dropped on June, izanagi’s burden catalyst was tied to heroic menagerie. One of the requirement is that you must already perfected your chalice and the catalyst is a guarantee drop for you. The catalyst further increases the honed edge damage which makes it even stronger.


16. The Last Word

One of the favourite exotic hand cannon of all times in Destiny 1 has made a comeback. This weapon was part of the time gated exotic quest called “The Draw” which was release near the end of black armory. Depending on personal preference, this weapon can either be use by ADS or hip firing. Generally in close range combat, you could simply hip firing and it will fend off those shotgun rusher easily.


17. Arbalest

Arbalest is the first kinetic exotic linear fusion rifle that came along during Season of the Drifter. This weapon was rewarded for completing 7 out of 11 triumphs that are in the Revelry 2019 event. This weapon will be available in the loot pool if you didn’t participate the event during that time.

First of all, this weapon has disruption break which makes an enemy vulnerable to kinetic damage after breaking the shield. Secondly, its perk “Compounding Force” which cause massive damage to elemental shield of enemy combatants. Thus, the two perk were able to synergize perfectly which gives decent damage output.


18. Thorn

Again, another old weapon Thorn made its way back to the game. Similarly to Destiny 1, thorn was a 150rpm hand cannon and has the ability to 2 tap people in crucible. Based on its exotic perk “Mark of the Devourer” which the rounds piece the target and causes damage over time. Simply get a kill and pick up the “Soul of Devourer”, this will then strengthen the mark of devourer. With that you will be capable of 2 tap anyone during that period of time.


19. Outbreak Perfected

This weapon was called outbreak prime back in Destiny 1 and its nanites deal extra damage to siva enemies. Well, this time around it is called outbreak perfected and still has the nanites that deals extra damage to enemies. Just like whisper of the worm mission, you will first have to complete the mission on normal mode to get the weapon. After that you will have access to heroic mode with stronger power level enemies. Assuming you solve the puzzle and clear the heroic mode, you will get 33% progress to the catalyst and you will need 3 weeks to complete the catalyst.

Besides that, it’s exotic perk called “The Corruption Spreads” which creates siva nanites swarm on rapid hits and precision kills. Pairing this up with lunafaction boots or titan barricade creates insane damage output. Outbreak Perfected catalyst further strengthen the siva nanites and the nanites will tracks nearby enemies. In conclusion, the more people using outbreak prime, the higher your damage output will be due to siva nanites.

Lastly, for people who are interested to read more about the quest step, kindly go to Outbreak Perfected.


20. Bad Juju

Bad Juju was part of the surprise exotic weapon when the tribute hall and moment of triumphs updates were finally complete. Similarly to other mission based exotic weapons, bad juju has a rather easy mission which you only have to complete it once to get it. It was rather a short mission which is not difficult at all.

One of the requirements to get the mission is having to turn in 18 tributes to the hall and the mission will be available to you. After that, you will need to get 45 tributes in order to purchase the catalyst from the tribute hall vendor. Apart from that, bad juju can be fire in full auto. Its exotic perk is called “String of Curse”. The perk basically reloads the weapon on a kill and grants super energy. Also, you can stack the string of curse up to 5 times. Lastly, bad juju catalyst extends the duration of string of curse slightly longer.


21. Lumina

Lumina also known as Rose, is the counterpart of Thorn before it was consumed by evil. The weapon has an intrinsic perk called “Blessing of the Sky” which let you heals your ally. While doing that, you and your ally will both get bonus damage buff for a short duration of time. Thus, making lumina is a good weapon for support.

Similarly to thorn, when you get a kill with lumina you can then collect the remnants that dropped. You can stack the noble rounds up to 5 rounds. In order to activate the perk, simply hip firing at your ally and the bullet will tracks nearby ally and heal them. For new players if you wish to read more about the quest steps on how to get this weapon, kindly go to Lumina.


22. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo returns during Shadowkeep as one of the exotic weapons. Its intrinsic perk called “monte carlo method” which dealing damage weapon with this weapon reduces melee cooldown. Besides that, it grants a chance to fully charge your melee ability with each kill. This is certainly useful for melee build.

Apart from that, markov chain which makes this weapon gains increased damage from melee kills and kills with this weapon. Melee kills grant ammo for this weapon. As with the current meta, auto rifle is in a good spot and monte carlo certainly in its top archtype list.


23. Bastion

Bastion is the very first kinetic fusion rifle that is being part of the exotic weapon connected to corridors of time puzzle back in Season of Dawn (Season 9). Fear not if you misses the puzzle, you can still obtain this weapon via saint-14 as a quest line.

This weapon is more of a pvp weapon and if you’re a fusion rifle pvp player this might be your weapon to go to. Its intrinsic perk called “saint’s fists” charges to fire 3 spreads of kinetic slugs.


Special Slot

As for now there are currently 18 exotics weapon in the special slot. Some of these weapons were brought back from Destiny 1 while others were new ones. Some of the exotics seen above were already in the loot pool when new expansion dropped and some were tied to activities.


1. Coldheart

Trace rifle was a new archtype of weapon that was being introduced into early Destiny 2 days. As you can see, coldheart is an arc based trace rifle with its intrinsic perk “Longest Winter”. The perk increased its damage exponentially the longer it remains on a target. In that case, pairing it up with lunfaction boots or titan barricade works best.

Coldheart catalyst can be acquired either from strike or nightfall and the drop rate for the catalyst is quite high. Last but not least, the catalyst only buffs its stability and reload speed.


2. Fighting Lion

The very first exotic grenade launcher that were being introduced at the launch of Destiny 2. Despite being a grenade launcher at special slot, it consumes primary ammo. Unlike any other grenade launcher, with fighting lion you can roughly fire it at a target’s approximate location. You can hold the firing button until you feel its closed enough to the target then you let go of the button to detonate it.

At first, the only way to get the fighting lion catalyst was to participate in Festival of Lost event. After the event end, the catalyst had been added into the loot pool. The catalyst only buffs its reload speed.


3. Sunshot

Sunshot was available for players during Destiny 2 beta. Getting a kill with this weapon has the sunshot effect which is similar to dragonfly. The target will explodes chaining explosive damage to nearby enemies. However, the only downside for this weapon is that it only holds 8 in a magazine. This making it lacking in terms of magazine size in comparison to other similar arctype hand cannons.

At first, the only way to acquire sunshot catalyst is to pledge to Future War Cult (FWC) and get to rank 50 during the faction rally. As for now, the catalyst is already in the loot pool which allows new players to get it. Lastly, the catalyst increases range and stability to the weapon.


4. Graviton Lance

The only exotic pulse rifle that has max stability, near max range and hidden hand for its stats. Even though graviton lance is a pulse rifle, it has enough range to compete against a scout rifle. The weapon has a perk called “Cosmology” which spawn void projectiles that tracks target upon killing them.

Graviton Lance catalyst was the last catalyst that were being tied to faction rally. In order to get the catalyst, you will have to pledge to Dead Orbit and reach rank 50 during the faction rally to get the catalyst. As for now, the catalyst is already in the loot pool for new players. Lastly, the catalyst gives hidden hand perk to the weapon which gives more aim assist.


5. Skyburner’s Oath

Skyburner’s Oath is a solar scout rifle that has “Slug Rifle” as its exotic perk. Similarly to suros regime, this weapon has two modes as well. You can either aim down sight or hip firing. While hip firing this weapon lobs large explosive seeking slugs to the target. In contrast, aim down sight (ADS) fires slower but deal higher damage.

Besides that, this weapon deals extra damage to cabal and able to penetrate phalanx shield as well.The only way to acquire skyburner’s oath catalyst is through complete any year 1 leviathan raids. Finally, the catalyst gives a significant boost to its range.


6. Riskrunner

Given how riskrunner function as a weapon it reminds me of zhalo supercell from Destiny 1. While receiving arc damage from enemies, it will proc superconductor. When superconductor is active, shots fired have a chance to become chain lightning and returns ammo. Besides that, getting kills when arc conductor is active will extends its duration. Finally, riskrunner catalyst can be acquire through strike or nightfall. The catalyst actually buffs quite a significant amount of range to it.


7. Hardlight

The only exotic auto rifle which allows you to switch between three elements. Having this ability is very useful when running a nightfall with match game modifier. Its intrinsic perk called “Volatile Launch” states that rounds fired have no damage falloff, overpenetrate targets. Apart from that, the bullets ricochet off hard surfaces and projection damage increases after bounce.

Hardlight catalyst was one of the new catalyst that was being introduced into the game during Season of Drifter. The catalyst can be obtain through strikes or nightfall. Lastly, the catalyst buffs its stability to max.


8. Merciless

One of the first exotic that I mainly used during leviathan raid. Merciless has an intrinsic perk called “Conserve Momentum” which reduces charge time on non-lethal hits. Apart from that, merciless catalyst can be acquire through strike or nightfall. As you can see, the catalyst increases significant amount of range and stability to the weapon.


9. Borealis

Similarly to hardlight, with borealis you can also switch between three elements to your need. This weapon has its intrinsic perk called “Ionic Return” which requires you to break an enemy shield with matching element. For example if an enemy has solar shield, switch your rounds to solar and break the shield. You will then activate the perk which increases its damage output. With borealis catalyst, it can be acquire pretty much everywhere from free roaming in patrols and etc. The catalyst only increases reload speed to the weapon.


10. Prometheus Lens

Prometheus Lens is a solar trace rifle similarly to its siblings coldheart and wavesplitter. This weapon has an intrinsic perk called “Prismatic Inferno” which fires a solar trace beam. The beam will then generates a damaging heat field that grows. In addition to that, flame refection which return a faction of the ammo used to the magazine while getting kill with it. Lastly, prometheus lens catalyst can be obtain through strike or nightfall. The catalyst gives a buffs to the stability and handling.


11. Telesto

Due to its “Unplanned Reprieve” perk, telesto is different compared to other fusion rifles. This is because telesto relies solely on fusion projectiles that attach on targets. It will then detonate with delayed void blast. Besides that, the only way to obtain telesto catalyst is only through Eater of World (Prestige Mode). The catalyst increases ammo reserve from 4 to 7.


12. Polaris Lance

One of the best scout rifle available to use for PvE activities. What makes this weapon effective is its “The Perfect Fifth” perk.  Landing precision hits return ammo to the magazine. Apart from that, landing four precision hits loads a delayed solar explosion round onto the next shot. As for the polaris lance catalyst, it is tied to a quest from Ana Bray. The catalyst grants dragonfly perk to the gun.


13. Trinity Ghoul

One of the early exotic bow that was being introduced at the launch of Forsaken DLC. It has a perk called “Split Electron” which splits an arrow when released. Besides that, aiming down sight (ADS) and fully draw the bow both reduces the spread of the arrow. Finally, getting a kill with it releases chain lighting on the next shot.


14. Wavesplitter

Similarly to coldheart, wavesplitter was the PS4 exclusive trace rifle at the launch of Forsaken DLC. Its “Supercharge” perk instantly deals maximum damage on a target instead of slowly building up the damage. In order,to proc the supercharge perk, simply grab an orb to activate it.


15. Lord of Wolves

Lord of Wolves is only obtainable through the wanted enemy bounty from Spider. This weapon has a perk called “Release the Wolves” which doubles the number of projectile per burst. Recently, Bungie made a changes on how the perk can be activate. Last time, you need to get a kill with the weapon to activate the perk. However, you can now activate the perk by simply holding down the reload weapon.


16. Jotunn

Jotunn is one of the three new exotic that were brought into the game at the launch of Black Armory DLC. What makes jotunn unique compared to other fusion rifle, is the “Charged Shot” perk. The shot fired from this weapon has the ability to track enemy. As for now, the only way to obtain this weapon is by completing a powerful frame and stand a chance to get it drop at Bergusia Forge.


17. Le Monarque

Because of its damage over time perk, Le Monarque is pretty similar to Thorn. This weapon has the perk called “Posion Arrow” which makes the full draw arrow fired becomes poison arrow. Besides that, precision hits with poison arrows spread poison to nearby enemies. Lastly, you stand a chance to get this weapon upon forging powerful frames at any forges.


18. Tarrabah

Just like anarchy and one thousand voices, tarrabah is the exclusive exotic weapon only obtainable through Crown of Sorrow raid. Its “Ravenous Beast” perk which allows the weapon stores power when dealing or receiving damage. Once the bar is full, hold reloading button to unleash the beast. When that happens, bottomless appetite comes in handy because getting kills during ravenous beast is active extends its duration. If you’re interested in reading more about the raid, kindly go to Crown of Sorrow.


19. Eriana’s Vow

Eriana’s Vow has hand cannon archtype but it behaves as a sniper rifle. This exotic weapon came along as part of the season pass exotic during Season of Undying. The catalyst came along with the season pass and it require players to earn total of 400 points by doing activities such as crucible, gambit and strikes.

Besides that, the catalyst increases the magazine size of the gun making it even better to use. It’s the first weapon that comes with anti-barrier mod on. In higher difficulties of nightfall and nightmare hunt, you will come across barrier champions. As a result, you can choose to use it as part of your loadout to go.


20. Divinity

Divinity is the exotic weapon that’s being tied to Garden of Salvation raid. It has an unique puzzle solving sequence that you and the team has to solve as you progress through the raid. Beat the boss and the divinity chest will spawns.

Generally, divinity is more of a PvE weapon due to its “Judgement” perk. It creates a huge circle around target that being hit by the weapon. Thus, allowing people to easily hit critical damage. On top of that, this weapon disrupts overload champions and you can clear the champions in a short matter of time.


21. Symmetry

Symmetry is the exotic weapon that comes along with the season pass during Season of Dawn. Getting precision hits with this weapon builds up dynamic charge and allowing you to switch it into arc seeker mode. Depending on how many charge you’re able to build, the damage increases.

Similarly to eriana’s vow, you will have to gain 400 points in order to get symmetry’s catalyst. The catalyst allows you to build up higher dynamic charge. As such, this weapon is equally viable in both PvE and PvP activities.


22. Devil’s Ruin

Devil’s ruin is one of the exotic weapon that is part of the season of dawn content. At that time, all you got to do was to run sundial and defeat all the champions. By the end of the activity, you will get the exotic quest from there.

It is a fairly short quest where it will bring you back to twilight gap. At the area you will have to find all the missing components then you will get the weapon. Apart from that, devil’s ruin is like a mini 1000 voices because you get to charge and releases a strong burst on an enemy. It is a one hit kill on PvP and you can stun unstoppable champions with it.


23. Tommy’s Matchbook

Tommy’s Matchbook is the exotic weapon that comes along with the season pass during Season of Worthy. Its “Ignition Trigger” perk, which continuously firing with this weapon overheats it. You get increasing damage but burning the user.

Similarly to previous two seasons, you will have to gain a total of 400 points by doing activities such as crucible, strike and gambit to get the catalyst. The catalyst helps with the heat sink” perk which reduced burning damage when you not aiming down sight.


24. The Fourth Horseman

The return of fourth horseman returns during season of worthy. Simply head over to zavala to start the quest and finally clear legendary lost sector quarry to get the weapon at the end. In general, fourth horseman is more of a PvE weapon and it could melts almost anything. Only downside is that you will have to be very close to the enemy because of the insane recoil of the weapon.

Finally, fourth horseman catalyst can be obtain via clearing daily bunker, legendary lost sector chest or seraph tower public event. The catalyst increases ammo reserve from 4 to 5 and reload speed.


Power Slot

Power weapons were supposed to make players feel strong when using it. Some of the current existing weapons were among the ones that players used for DPS phase on raid bosses or strike. On top of that, weapons such as truth, wardcliff coil and DARCI were some of the top choices players used in crucible. As for now, there are currently 16 power weapons in the game.


1. The Prospector

Given the current grenade launcher meta in Season of Opulence, prospector can be a good option to use besides the mountain top, wendigo GL3 or any grenade launcher with spike grenades. One of the advantages prospector has is the 165rpm and the ability to fire full auto. So, for burst damage wise prospector is one of the top options. Prospector catalyst can be obtain through strike or nightfall. The catalyst increases ammo reserve and blast radius.


2. Tractor Cannon

Tractor cannon also known as “the boop” has been in the game since escalation protocol days. Upon booping, scientific method procs and it only last for 5 seconds. However, repulsor force actually last for 10 seconds. In these days, tractor cannon is crucial for creating insane damage output with it. The repulsor force makes them more vulnerable to all incoming damage especially void.

So, if you’re using void based weapon you gain 55% bonus damage whereas 30% bonus damage for other elements. Apart from that, tractor cannon catalyst can be obtain anywhere from patrols, strikes and etc. Last but not least, the catalyst increases ammo reserves from 4 to 7.


3. Legend of Acrius

Legend of Acrius was one of the most feared weapon back in day 1. Its intrinsic perk “Shock Blast” which fires blasts of high damage arc energy that overpenetrates enemies. With that perk, you’re able to one hit kill anything that is in your pathway. Up to date, legend of acrius catalyst can only be acquire from Leviathan Raid (Prestige Mode). Apart from that, the catalyst increases the ammo reserves from 2 to 6 and reload speed.


4. D.A.R.C.I

Since the nerfed on the whisper of the worm takes place, DARCI once again can be somewhat relevant in terms of damage against bosses. It has the perk called “Personal Assistant” which aim at the enemy to view its health and other weak spots. Also, DARCI catalyst can be obtain anywhere from patrolling in planets, strikes and etc. The catalyst increases its stability to near max.


5. The Wardcliff Coil

The wardcliff coil is one of the top power ammo choices to go to for crucible players. Besides that, it is also relatively powerful to use for PvE activities. Due to its perk “Mad Scientist” which fires a volley of rockets, it deals a lot of damage if you’re in close to middle range. As for the wardcliff coil catalyst, it can be obtain through strike or nightfall. One of the noticeable changes the catalyst did is tighten the spread of the blast.


6. The Colony

The Colony fires insectoid robots that chase targets and explode close to them due to its intrinsic perk “Insectoid Robot Grenades”. Simply fire in general location and it will track the target. The only way to obtain the colony catalyst is by winning a match in any crucible playlist. There’s also a chance you will get it drop from the opponent you kill during the match. Last but not least, the colony catalyst increases ammo reserves from 6 to 8.


7. Wordline Zero

Shame that worldline zero being the first exotic sword in the game was no where close to its predecessor such as Dark Drinker, Raze Lighter and Bolt Caster. The sword has the intrinsic perk “Tesseract” which while sprinting you’re able to do AoE attack. Also, you can teleport with this sword if you sprint and jump. As for the worldline zero catalyst, there’s two step that you will required to do.

First of all, simply use the sword to kill enemies in Mars until it drop the catalyst for you. Secondly, in order to progress the second half you will have to attack level 7 escalation protocol boss with the sword. There were 5 bosses which gives 20% progress each, simply swing with the sword until the progress pops up. Lastly, the catalyst reduces tesseract activation time. If you wish to read more about it, go to Escalation Protocol.


8. Sleeper Simulant

Sleeper simulant was the only linear fusion rifle that capable of deflecting its blast on hard surfaces. Not many people know that deflecting the blast in fact deals more damage as compared to a single blast. When sleeper simulant was brought back into the game, it was a rather powerful weapon. From time to time, Bungie made adjustments on the weapon such as reducing damage done on the reflected blast. Also, the ammo reserves has been reduced to 13 for now.

Apart from that, the only way to acquire sleeper simulant catalyst is only through Spire of Star Raid (Prestige Mode). The catalyst reduces the charge time from 1024 to 774. That itself is about 30% reduction in charge time which is noticeable when firing the weapon. Lastly, it also increases ammo reserve to 13.


9. Whisper of the Worm

Whisper of the Worm was one of the most used weapon in terms of damaging bosses. That was until the white nail perk was being changed. Instead of returning ammo when landing 3 precision shots, as for right now landing 3 precision shots pulls ammo from the reserve. Similarly to outbreak perfected, whisper of the worm mission can be acquired from a mission on IO.

Firstly, you will required to complete the mission on normal mode to get the weapon. Then, you will have access to heroic mode which requires a total of three weeks to fully masterwork it. Finally, whisper of the worm catalyst it grants whispered breathing perk to the weapon and increases reload speed.


10. One Thousand Voices

One Thousand Voices is the exclusive exotic weapon that was being tied to Last Wish Raid. The weapon has an intrinsic perk “Ahamkara’s Eye” which charging the weapon unleashes a giant continuous beam of death. In terms of its usage, if you use it in close range you could potentially kill yourself with it. Finally, one thousand voices is among of the best weapon to use for dealing damage to bosses.


11. Two-Tailed Fox

Two-Tailed Fox is an exotic rocket launcher with “Twintails” perk that fires solar and void rockets at the same time. Also, two rockets that fired tracks onto the same target. The solar rocket deals damage over time whereas void rocket supresses enemies. Some may say this weapon is the hybrid version of dragon’s breath and the truth.


12. Black Talon

Black talon is the new void exotic sword that was being introduced at the launch of Forsaken DLC. It can be a fun power weapon of choice to use in PvP simply because of its exotic perk “Crow’s Wing”. The perk is similar to a mini dawnblade because it shoots out a projectile that tracks the target.


13. The Queenbreaker

This weapon was a nightmare for months in Gambit due to the error of unintentional aim assist on it. However, just not long ago Bungie already reduces its aim assist to what it suppose to be. Nevertheless, this is still a fun weapon to use in crucible as long as you’re able to time the shot perfectly.


14. Thunderlord

Thunderlord has been made available for two times during special event across the seasons. However, fret not if you missed the event the weapon was added into the loot pool. This weapon has an intrinsic perk called “Reign Havoc”.  The perk generates lightning strike from above when getting kills with it.


15. Anarchy

Anarchy is one of the exclusive exotic weapon that can only be obtained from Scourge of the Past Raid. Just like tarrabah and one thousand voices, it has a chance to drop upon the raid completion. The “Arc Traps” perk which allow grenades stick to surface. Also, it chain arc bolts to other mines is what makes it unique. As on how to use this weapon, you can fire up 6 bolts before the subsequent bolts destroys the old ones. So, people tend to fire only 2 bolts and then switch to other weapon for DPS purpose.


16. Truth

Truth is the exotic rocket launcher that returns on Season of Opulence. What makes this weapon unique is that the “Prototype Trueseeker” which seeks a target out aggressively. In other words, once it locks on a target it will most likely get them. Besides that, grenades and horseshoes perk causes the rocket to detonate when it’s close to proximity target. It is the only rocket launcher that has this perk. Finally, it can also hold 3 rockets in a magazine.


17. Deathbringer

Deathbringer the exotic power weapon that comes during shadowkeep or season of undying. What makes this weapon unique is that upon firing the weapon, you can either hold or release the firing button. Releasing the firing button will detonates the blast into mini void orbs that tracks players.

Apart from that, simply head to eris morn and she will give you the exotic quest. You can then work your way from there. It’s fairly a quite short step. Nevertheless, enjoy the weapon.


18. Xenophage

Xenophage is the very first machine gun that is a sniper rifle archtype. It deals heavy damage but you can’t deal critical damage despite hitting the weak point. However, you can only crit unless you have divinity. With the recent change of meta in Destiny 2, xenophage has proven to be the top weapon to go for DPSing boss.

Apart from that, this weapon is tied to Pits of Heresy dungeon. There’s a few quest step that you got to do and then finally defeat a special wizard as your final step to get the weapon. For Pits of Heresy dungeon guide, you can visit here.


19. Leviathan’s Breath

Leviathan’s Breath the very first heavy bow that’s being introduced at shadowkeep. Simply head over to banshee to get the exotic quest and work it from there. It’s a fairly short quest step and you can get it done within an hour. Despite having long draw time, this bow hits hard on enemies. It’s able to stun unstoppable champions as well with its build in perk.

4. The Escalation Protocol In Mars


Escalation Protocol is the new PvE activity only available in Mars. People who are patrolling Mars will be given a choice whether to start this activity or not. However, if you bring your friends along it will be only 3 people and as you progress through the activity more people will join in. This is considered one of the end game content for players to beat. It can be overwhelming for new players without proper loadout and subclass to tackle this activity.

5. Everything To Know About “Forsaken”


Forsaken DLC is the major expansion that drop in 4th September which bump up the player’s power level up to 600. There will be plenty of activities for players to do because of the huge power level gap from 385 to 600. The 2 new social spaces which are Tangled Shore and Dreaming City will be available for players with Forsaken DLC. Scorn will be the new type of enemy that are being introduced into this DLC.




He is the new vendor available in Tangled Shore after completing the campaign story. His last mission will be to repair the Awoken Talisman which is a relic that allows you to enter Dreaming City. Apart from that if you have excess glimmer and legendary shards to spend, he is your go to vendor. Items such as planetary materials and enhancement cores are needed to masterwork your weapons and armors. Besides that public events or opening chests around Tangled Shore has a chance for players to obtain ghost fragments. As of now, players can only hold up to 20 ghost fragments. Spider accepts ghost fragments in exchange for wanted bounties.

Of all spider’s bounties, the last bounty is the most valueable because it rewards powerful gear and has a chance to drop Lord of Wolves. Powerful gear are needed to increase power level. Every week there will only be 1 of these bounty so be sure to grab and complete on all characters. One of these bounty costs 5 ghost fragments so you will need a total of 15 ghost fragments for 3 characters.

There are currently 5 different types of enemies in from bounty and will take turn to rotate on weekly basis. The enemies are Blood Cleaver, Silent Fang, Gravetide Summoner, Arcadian Chord and Eye in the Dark.


Dreaming City

Dreaming City reminds me a lot of Asgard from Thor’s movie. The atmosphere and general place seems similar to it. This is another new social place that you can enter once you finish repairing the Awoken Talisman from Spider’s Campaign Mission. The Awoken Talisman is like a pass that grants you the entry into Dreaming City.

What makes this place unique is that it’s on a three curse week rotation. The curse will start from weakest, to growing stronger and finally strongest. The first week will consists of scorn enemies, second week will be hive enemies and taken enemies will be the final week.

Here’s the list of activities in Dreaming City

  • Ascendant Challenge
  • Blind Well
  • Petra’s Weekly Story Mission
  • Shattered Throne
  • Last Wish Raid




So we met Petra again since the good old prison of elders days. She will be your vendor to go to in Dreaming City where she offers dailies and weekly bounty. Besides the dailies and weekly bounties, she offers consumables like Tier I, Tier II, raid banners and etc in exchange for dark fragments. Dark fragments is an new item economy use in Dreaming City. There are few ways to obtain dark fragments such as completing her dailies and weekly bounties, lost sector and opening chest around the area. Be aware though players can only hold up to a maximum of 200 dark fragments.


Ascendant Challenge


Ascendant challenge is one of the weekly bounty offered by Petra. There are currently six different ascendant challenges. The challenges will be on a rotation basis. The bounty will give you a hint about the whereabouts of the ascendant challenge takes place. In order to enter the realm, you will need to consume a tincture of queensfoil. Once you’re ascendance only then you will be able to enter the area.

Inside the area, you can collect ahamkara bones which gives you lore. The corrupted eggs can only be destroyed by wish ender bow. There are a total of 40 eggs scattered across ascendant challenge, shattered throne, dreaming city and last wish. You will get an exotic sparrow if you managed to get all the 40 eggs. Finally, if you managed to complete all six time trials on the ascendant challenge, you will be rewarded with an emblem as well.

Here’s the list of the ascendant challenge:

1. Ouroborea

This is the first ascendant challenge located at Aphelion’s Rest lost sector. It is a pretty straightforward challenge, all you got to do is destroy 4 taken blights at each respective corners. Once all the 4 taken blights have been destroyed, you can then go into the middle room and destroy the crystals. Keep in mind that there will be ascendant knights and thralls chasing you in the middle room, just try not to get hit by those enemies.

2. Forfeit Shrine

The second ascendant challenge that is located at the Garden of Esila. All you got to do for this challenge is by collecting 3 arc charges and dunk in at the middle. Once successfully dunk 3 charges, there will be a bright light at the middle and it charges your super almost instantaneously. So use your super on the enemies and dip back into the light to get your super again. Rinse and repeat.

3. Shattered Ruins

Third ascendant challenge that is located at Spine of Keres. This challenge is mainly on jumping platforms and make your way to the top. Once you get to the top there will be a boss spawns, kill the boss and that’s it for the challenge. I also included a video for those who are keen in getting the time trial challenge done. Lastly, the time trial run was completed in 1minute46seconds.

4. Keep of Honed Edges

Forth ascendant challenge that is located at Harbinger’s Seclude. There are 2 ways to get into the ascendant portal and obviously using the ascendant platforms is easier to get to the portal. Once you get inside, make your way into the middle room and kill all the enemies before the sword is being released.

Pick up the sword and kill the first knight and more taken enemies will spawn after that. Subsequently the remaining two knights will get up and start killing those two. The enemies will despawn once the knights are down and there will be an orb at the middle of the room. Touch the orb and while holding the sword, make your way to the very end.

Be caution though, there will be meteorites falling in the last area so take your time and wait for the meteorite to pass by before making a jump. The time trial run for this challenge was completed in 2minutes34seconds.

5. Agonarch Abyss

This ascendant challenge is located at the Bay of Drowned Wishes lost sector. Majority of the challenge is jumping platforms and make your way to the very bottom. Once you get to the bottom, two taken wizards will spawn. Kill both of the wizards and the challenge is done. Lastly, time trial run for this challenge was completed in 2minutes44seconds.

6. Cimmerian Garrison

The final ascendant challenge which is located at the Chamber of Starlight lost sector. This challenge will be a mixture of killing enemies and some jumping puzzles while constantly getting chased by ascendant knights. Can be pretty intense when you’re able to hear the footsteps. Make your way to the end and an ascendant knight will spawn. Kill the knights and that concludes the challenge. Last but not least, the time trial run for this challenge was completed in 3minutes30seconds.

So with this, it concludes all the 6 ascendant challenges that is in the Dreaming City. Last but not least, that’s the emblem you get for completing all the time trial challenge.


Blind Well

Blind Well is an activity similar to Escalation Protocol in Mars but on a smaller scale. There are four different tiers in Blind Well which are tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 and lastly tier 4. You will required to put in a blind well charge on the machine to start up the activity.

For the charges, you can either purchase it from Petra or stand a chance to get it by completing activities in Dreaming City. Next, power level requirement for Tier 1 is 520 power level and it increases by 20 on subsequent tier. After you successfully complete tier 3, you will be given an option to put in tier 4 charge to start another encounter.

Apart from that, new players will guarantee to get their 2nd seed of light upon completing Blind Well Tier 2 or Tier 3. If you’re doing tier 1 blind well, you will only get 1 boss at the end. The number of bosses increases if you do it on higher tier except for tier 4 which has special boss depending on the curse week of the Dreaming city.

Killing any glowing enemy drops an orb will gives a 15seconds harmony buff. It speeds up super and ability recharge rate. Take advantage of that time to chain supers to clear out the enemies faster. For example, Blade Barrage hunter with Shards of Galanor exotic gauntlet dominates this activity easily.


Tier 4 Week 1 (Scorn Enemies)

On the weakest week, there will be two scorn bosses that spawns respectively on left and right side. The boss will have a shield that can only be taken down by shooting the group of screebs that spawns beside him.

Explosion from the screebs will break the shield and players will have certain time limit to deal damage. This was very hard when it first came out due to power level. As of now players shouldn’t have much problem to one phase the boss.

The group of screebs that spawns next to the boss, shoot it before they spread around the places. The more screebs are together, the bigger the explosion effect you can deal to the boss.


Tier 4 Week 2 (Hive Enemies)


Similarly to the scorn bosses, the shield on the orge can only be taken down by the relic. In order to get the relic, players will have to kill a group of wizards that spawn nearby. After killing the wizard, three relics will spawn. You can grab the relic and throw it to your teammate to fully charge it. For those who don’t know, a fully charged relic will take down the shield instantly.

This relics is the same as the one from Corrupted Strike. What you need to do is have one of the people pick up the relic and pass it to other person. With that, you will charged the relic and it only takes one charged relic to break the boss’s shield. While It will take few uncharged orbs to destroy the boss’s shield.

Once the shield is taken down, use all the heavy and supers that you’ve got. This boss can easily be done in one phase.


Tier 4 Week 3 (Taken Enemies)


The mechanics involved for boss is the same like when you meet it in campaign mission, gambit match or even dreaming city’s story mission. Having a nightstalker to tether the boss will prevent it from teleporting to other places. In case the boss successfully teleport, it will spawn an orb to protect it. Destroy the orb in order to be able to damage the boss.

For players who cleared Blind Well Tier 4 for the first time after weekly reset, it will drop a powerful reward from the chest. Lastly, there is a secret emblem that is tied to Blind Well activity and is none other than Drink At The Well emblem. Players will have to consume Queens Tincture of Foil to be ascendance and clear Blind Well Tier 2 and 3. The emblem stands a chance to drop at both tiers and presumably Tier 4 as well.


Shattered Throne



Shattered Throne is a 3 man activity that requires player to be around 570-600 power level. This mission is only available when the curse is the strongest in the Dreaming City. It consists of 3 encounters and the activity difficulty scales up as you progress further into the mission. The first encounter is pretty straight forward as you just got to follow the symbol that is shown after you clear an area.

As for the 2nd and final encounter, there’s a small game mechanic that involves in how you could deal damage to the bosses. With proper team communication and loadouts, you can clear this mission out in less than half an hour. Finally, 3 encounters mean you will get 3 powerful drops from this mission alone so it’s worth doing if you in need of powerful drops.

If you wish to read more about Shattered Throne mission:

6. The Drifter and Gambit Matches


Gambit is the new PvE versus PvE playlist that are being introduced into the game as part of the Forsaken expansion. What makes this playlist interesting is each team will race against each other by killing waves of enemies. Each enemy will drop a mote which players could collect it and bank to the tower at the middle of the map.

For quick introduction, bank in 5 motes will summon a small blocker to the opposing team. Bank in 10 motes will summon medium block and 15 motes will summon an orge to the other side. Also, bank in less than 5 motes will not summon anything to the opposing team. Every player can only hold up to 15 motes.

Team that first to reach 25 and 50 motes will be given a chance to invade the opposing team. What an invader could do is killing players that are holding motes. This as a result will slow down the progress of their team while your own team can progress further.

If you wish to learn more about Gambit and it’s best setups, click on the box below:

Besides that, there are also an exotic hand cannon that are being tied to Gambit. The exotic hand cannon is none other than Malfeasance. Lastly there are steps on how to complete the quest in order to get the weapon.

7. Exotic and Pinnacle Weapons Quest Steps from


Redrix’s Broadsword (Pinnacle Weapon from Crucible)

A 340rpm pulse rifle that have outlaw and desperado perks in it. In order to proc desperado, outlaw will have to be activated first. Once outlaw and desperado is activated simultaneously, this gun is a killing machine. For PvE activities, this gun can be useful due to being able to consistently getting outlaw and desperado. It is even better if it’s masterwork version because of orb generation.

Back in Season 3, this gun is known as redrix’s claymore with fixed stats while redrix’s broadsword has the opportunity to roll random stats. While outlaw and desperado being fixed roll, the random roll only only be roll on the first two column of the weapon.

The quest steps for this weapon can be lengthy but it’s definitely worth getting this gun as a collection:

Step 1: In the crucible defeat 200 opponents with pulse rifle final blows.

Step 2: Reach “Heroic” in Valor Rank.

Step 3: In the crucible, earn 75 double plays.

Step 4: Defeat 150 opponents with precision final blows using only pulse rifle in the crucible.

Step 5: Get 50 arc, solar and void final blows in the crucible.

Step 6: Complete 25 matches in quickplay, rumble and competitive.

Step 7: Complete 20 crucible bounties.

Step 8: Reset Valor Rank 5 times within a single season.

Step 9: Visit Lord Shaxx and claim your reward.


Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten (Pinnacle Weapon from Crucible)

The two new 180rpm hand cannon that are the pinnacle weapons in competitive playlist. The weapons is awarded to players when reaching Fabled and Legend Rank. What makes the weapon stands out is the magnificent howl perk. Rapidly landing two precision shots will activate magnificent howl that last for 4 seconds.

Within that time frame, your next bullet will deal insane amount of bonus damage until the timer runs out. This make 2 tapping in crucible an easy task as long as you can land your precision shots.

The difference between Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten is their base stats. Luna Howl’s has higher stability and reload speed whereas Not Forgotten has insane range. Luna Howl’s 47 range vs Not Forgotten’s 74 range. More range equals to higher bullet magnetism.

Here’s the quest steps for the weapons.

Shock and Denial : Complete 10 crucibles matches in competitive playlist.

Pain and Guilt: Get a total of 150 hand cannon kills in competitive playlist. Assist does not count towards the quest progression.

Anger and Bargaining: Defeat 200 opponents with solar final blow kills in competitive playlist.

Depression and Loneliness: Complete a total of 3 rumble matches.

The Upward Turn: Defeat 100 opponents with hand cannon precision kills in competitive playlist.

Reconstruction: Reach “Fabled” in Glory Rank (2100 points) in competitive playlist.

Acceptance: Collect Luna’s Howl from Lord Shaxx.

Hope: Master Luna’s Howl by using it to defeat 300 opponents in competitive playlist.

Always Faithful: Reach “Legend” in Glory Rank (5450 points) in competitive playlist.

Not Forgotten: Return to Lord Shaxx and collect the weapon from him.


The Mountaintop (Pinnacle Weapon from Crucible)

A kinetic grenade launcher that are being rewarded as the pinnacle weapon for reaching Fabled Glory Rank in Season 5. The Mountaintop’s unique perk is “Micro-Missle” fires in a straight line and has massively increased projectile speed. In addition to that, the projectile instantly detonates on the environment.

Step 1: Reach “Brave” Glory Rank within a season.

Step 2: Progressing the quest step in competitive playlist is faster than in quickplay.

In crucible, earn grenade launcher final blows (750 points)

  • Non-Competitive Playlist ( 3 points per kill)
  • Competitive Playlist ( 10 points per kill)

Rapidly defeat groups of two or more opponents (200 points)

  • Non-Competitive Playlist ( 2 points per double play and subsequent kill add 1 point)
  • Competitive Playlist ( 5 points per double play and subsequent kill add 2 points)

Earn Calculated Trajectory medals (100 points)

  • Non-Competitive Playlist (1 point per medal)
  • Competitive Playlist ( 4 points per medal)

Step 3: Reach “Fabled” Glory Rank within a season


Loaded Question (Pinnacle Weapon from Vanguard)

A high impact fusion rifle with arc element as a reward from Vanguard pinnacle weapon for Season 5. Its unique perk “Reservoir Burst” causes enemies to explode on death. When the battery is full, your next burst deals additional damage as well. The questline for this fusion rifle doesn’t seem to be that lengthy.

Step 1: Pick u the quest from Zavala.

Step 2: The three progress can be completed simultaneously

  • 500 Fusion Rifle kills (in any strike or nightfall)
  • 1000 Arc kills (in any strike or nightfall)
  • 40 Strike or Nightfall completions

Step 3: Head back to Zavala and collect the weapon.


Breakneck (Pinnacle Weapon from Gambit)

Breakneck is a kinetic auto rifle that are being reward to players as a pinnacle weapon from Gambit playlist. Its unique “Onslaught” causes the weapon’s rate of fire increases as you stack rampage. This perk can be good in PvE activities. The weapon’s quest line does seem to be same as Loaded Question.

Step 1: Pick up the quest from the Drifter.

Step 2: The 4 quest progress can be complete simultaneously

  • 500 Auto Rifle kills
  • 100 Auto Rifle multikills
  • 150 challenging enemies defeated
  • 40 Gambit matches completed

Step 3: Head back to the Drifter and collect the weapon.


Izanagi’s Burden (Exotic Sniper Rifle from Black Armory)

Izanagi’s Burden is the exotic weapon that is being tied to upon completing the mysterious box quest. The weapon is in the kinetic slot. What makes this special is the exotic perk “Honed Edge” by holding reloading will consume all rounds into a single round. This single round will then deal tremendous amount of damage.

Step 1: Collect 24 watcher lens in the leviathan.

Step 2: Gather glimmering amethyst through supply caches, public event chests or strikes chests

Step 3: Forged Black Armory key through maximum temper in Bergusia Forge

Step 4: Return to Ada-1 to show her what you got.

Step 5: Collect Obsidian Crystal through completing Ada’s rare bounty.

Step 6: Complete shattered throne mission and recover Ascendant Glass Shard.

Step 7: Collect Radiant Phaseglass by completing The Pyramidion strike.

Step 8: Complete the “Lock and Key” quest in EDZ. You will finally be killing siviks after all the escape attempts he made.

Step 9: Return to Ada-1 and collect the sniper rifle from her as a reward.


The Last Word (Exotic Hand Cannon)

The return of the infamous exotic hand cannon back in the Destiny 1. It is a 180 rpm with 8 bullets in the magazine. Hip fire is still the preferable way to use this weapon. Aiming down sight (ADS) can be difficult to control the weapon as its recoil is a lot. But if you’re someone that can control the weapon, ADS wouldn’t matter much.

Step 1: Talk to Drifter to get the quest.

Step 2: Feed it light by defeating guardians in the crucible while getting defeated will impede the progress.

Step 3: Stop a hive ritual in Titan.

Step 4: Go back to Drifter and talk to him again.

Step 5: There’s a 4 requirements to be complete for this section

  • Collect 15 etched crystals from Lost Sector wanted escapees
  • Earn 25 crucible medals (Can be either Best served cold or Blood for blood)
  • Collect 50 Hive Larvae by killing it with precision damage.
  • Complete 3 Hive Heroic Rituals (Only The Rig from Titan or Glacial Drift in Mars)

Step 6: Go back to Drifter again.

Step 7: Defeat Enkaar through a mission in Hellrise Canyon in the Tangled Shore.

Step 8: Talk to Drifter again to claim The Last Word from him.


Oxygen SR3 (Pinnacle Weapon from Vanguard)

A solar energy scout rifle that have dragonfly and an unique perk called meganeura. The dragonfly perk deals more damage based on the number of precision hits dealt to the target beforehand. This perk can stack up to 3 times.

Here’s the quest step for the weapon:

  1. Get 1000 precision kills while doing nightfall.
  2. Generate 500 orbs
  3. Complete strikes or nightfall to progress up to 100%. [FYI 2 heroic strikes equates to 3% whereas 2 nightfall gives 11%, score doesn’t matter for nightfall.]


The Recluse (Pinnacle Weapon from Crucible)

This a void smg that has a unique perk called master at arms. Having kill with anything will temporary buffs this smg weapon damage. The perk will last for 3 seconds and getting kill will continue to refresh the effects. Currently this smg has the fastest TTK in crucible with only 0.48 seconds as compared to luna’s howl and not forgotten with 0.6 TTk.

Here’s the quest step for the weapon:

  1. Getting wins in quickplay or competitive to progress to 100% [Winning in any modes other than competitive will only give 1% whereas competitive gives 3% per win.
  2. Hit Fabled rank in competitive [With the double points earn in competitive this season, it fairly easy to reach fabled rank.]


21% Delirium (Pinnacle Weapon from Gambit)

An arc machine gun with overflow and killing tally perks in it. What makes this weapon unique is the fact that the overflow perk reloads the weapon beyond its capacity. So, every time you pick up special or heavy ammo you will proc the overflow perk. Besides that, killing tally can be stack up to 3 times and it increases weapon damage until the weapon it reload or stow.

Here’s the quest step for the weapon:

  1. Get 75 multikills in Gambit activities.
  2. Defeat envoys and primevals to progress up to 100%.
  3. Infamy rank reset.


Thorn (Exotic Hand Cannon)

The weapon known as destroyer of guardian which finally make its debut back into Destiny 2. Thorn is a 150rpm hand cannon that has Mark of the Devourer perk on it. Every kill that you get will make them drop a soul devourer which will strengthen the mark of the devourer upon picking it up. The effect will last for 10 seconds and getting soul again will refresh it. When the soul devourer is activate, you can 2 tap people in the crucible.

Step 1: After picking up the quest at EDZ, talk to Banshee-44 at the tower.

Step 2: Gather plasteel plating by completing bounties for Sloane on titan, defeating Titans in the crucible or completing heroic blind well.

Step 3: Gather sapphire wire by completing bounties for Ana on mars, defeating Hunters in the crucible or completing escalation protocol.

Step 4: Defeat guardians in the crucible by using void energy or hand cannons. Precision streaks using void hand cannon grant the most progress. *Progress is multiplied if it’s in Iron Banner or Competitive*

Step 5: Pay a visit to Tyra Khan at the farm.

Step 6: Complete Chasm of Scream strike in Titan. *Recommended power level is 660*


Outbreak Perfected (Exotic Pulse Rifle)

This weapon was known as Outbreak Prime back in Destiny 1 with it’s nanites deal bonus damage to the siva enemies. In recent update, Bungie release this weapon as hidden mission. Players are required to complete “Enemy of my Enemy” quest which is part of Rat King quest if you intend to start this mission. You can unlock hidden door, go inside the room and pick up the fallen transponder inside the room and begin the quest

Step 1: Find 4 fallen node in respective lost sector in EDZ and 2 other node in Nessus.

Step 2: Go to farm and talk to Mithrax to begin the mission.

Step 3: Heroic mission will be unlock, and you have to beat it again to get the catalyst and progress. Clearing heroic mode grants 20% and solving the puzzle gives 13% to the catalyst progress. In total, you will need 3 weeks to fully masterwork it.

I have written out a proper guide on how to beat heroic mission and the necessary solutions for the puzzle configuration. 3 singes mean there is 3 different solution. If you wish to read more, you can go to Outbreak Perfected Masterwork.


Wendigo GL3 (Vanguard Pinnacle Weapon)

This is the pinnacle weapon for vanguard in Season of Opulence. It is a 120rpm grenade launcher and has an special perk called “explosive light”. Explosive light increases blast radius and damage. In order to activate the perk, simply pick up orb of light and you can stack up to 6 shots that has the perk on. Don’t be fool by the base stats though, without the perk on it is still a good grenade launcher.

Step 1: Pick up “A Gift For The Worthy” quest from Zavala

Step 2: Get 1500 final blows, 500 multikills and earn points by defeating enemy combatants. Death impedes progress while grenade launcher final blows grant the most efficient progress.

Step 3: Claim the grenade launcher from Zavala.


Revoker (Crucible Pinnacle Weapon)

Revoker is the pinnacle weapon for crucible in Season of Pinnacle. For those who are familiar with Destiny 1, this sniper rifle has ambush scope in it. Also, it is a 72rpm sniper rifle with snapshot and reversal of fortune perk. “Reversal of Fortune” returns a shot back to the magazine after a short duration. So if you missed your shot, you can get an ammo back. The perk will procs shortly after you missed a shot.

Step 1:  Pick up “In Your Sights” from Lord Shaxx.

Step 2: Get 300 sniper rifle final blows, 50 sniper rifle headshots and 3500 points in comp. Losing a match in comp will not reduce the progress.

Step 3: Claim the weapon from Lord Shaxx.


Hush (Gambit Pinnacle Weapon)

This is the pinnacle weapon for Gambit in Season of Opulence. The bow may not be strong for console players due to the need to hipfiring precision hits to activate the perk. But on PC it is easier for the players to activate the perk. As for the bow, it has a perk called “Archer’s Gambit” which hipfire precision hits grants a massive draw speed bonus for a short duration time. It is said to be better than archer’s tempo.

Step 1: Pick up “Hush, Little Baby” quest from The Drifter.

Step 2: Land 1000 bow final blows, 500 bow precision final blows, and gain medals in gambit matches. The more medal you gain in a single match the more progress you will get.

Step 3: Claim the weapon from The Drifter.


Truth (Exotic Rocket Launcher)

This exotic rocket launcher returns on the second week of season of opulence. What makes this rocket launcher unique is its aggressive tracking and horseshoe and grenade perk. Once it lock on a target with a beep sound, it will likely to get its target. Thus, making this a choice of weapon to use for crucible. Besides that, grenades and horseshoes perk which will cause the projectile to detonate when it’s close to proximity target. So far, none of the existing rocket launcher has such perk yet. Lastly, it can hold up to 3 rockets in a magazine which means it’s an easy three kills in crucible.

Step 1: Defeat Arunak and get the “A Scrap Of Paper” quest.

Step 2: Go to Dreaming City and talk to Petra

Step 3: Complete “Hidden Between Realities” quest which requires you to loot an ascendant challenge chest.

Step 4: You will need to complete “A Map Asunder” by completing four map fragments quest.

Step 5: Map fragments quest can be purchase from Petra. Simple claim all the four quest once you complete it.

Step 6: Complete “The Warden of Nothing” strike while ascendant and find the chest. You will need to find 5 awoken relics in order to get to the truth chest.


Lumina (Exotic Hand Cannon)

Lumina is the counterpart of a weapon before it transformed into Thorn. It is a 150rpm hand cannon with the blessing of the sky perk which heals your ally. On top of that, both you and your ally get bonus damage for a short duration. Similarly to thorn, killing an enemy with lumina will drop remnants that you and collect and stack it up to 5 noble rounds shot. Simply hip fire at your ally and the bullet will tracks nearby ally and heal them.

Step 1: Head over to Trostland in EDZ and go to the place that you pick up thorn. There’s a chest waiting for you.

Step 2: Following the clue from the paper and head over to the planet mentioned to get the next quest step.

Step 3: Generate 250 orbs of light.

Step 4: Rose revealed and you will require to unlock 3 perks for the weapon

  • Band Together (complete a nightfall with minimum 50k score)
  • Face The Hordes (complete a total of 35 encounters from forges, blind well and escalation protocol)
  • Defend The Light (defeat multiple combatants in a row without reloading your weapon)

Step 5: Complete activities with rose equipped. The more rose wielder in the group, the more progress you gain.

Step 6: Defeat guardians in the crucible with hand cannon, generate 50 orbs of light and kill an invader before he kills any of your teammate (had to be done within 10 seconds).

Step 7: Complete the “Will of Thousand” strike using rose. You will require to shoot 11 of the hive crystals and defeat Xol.


8. Black Armory with Dark Age Weapons


Black Armory DLC also known as Season of the Forge which is set to release on 4th December. With this expansion, the power level cap will be increase to 650 and new exploration areas. Players will get a new raid called Scourge of the Past and the size of the raid is between Crota’s Raid and Last Wish. Seems like a wide margin for now.

Bungie announced that this time they are going to try different approach on working DLCs. Instead of adding few story missions and new strikes, this time it will be an expansion to existing places. The forges are the main highlight for this expansion. Currently there are being speculate as 4 forges in this DLC with 1 being added into the game on weekly basis.

Volundr Forge was the very first forge being introduced into the game. The forge introduces gameplay mechanic on how to clear the forge. It is not anything rocket science and pretty straight forward.

Here’s the list of activities for the season:

  • Volundr Forge
  • Gofannon Forge
  • Izanami Forge
  • Bergusia Forge
  • List of Weapon Frames
  • Niobe Labs
  • Izanagi Burden
  • The Last Word
  • Scourge of the Past



This is Ada-1, your vendor to go to on weekly basis as she offers daily and weekly bounties, weapon frames for weapon forging and research weapon frames. She is pretty much the same as Petra from the Dreaming City. After you complete the machine gun weapon frame forging, you will have access to her bounties and other stuff.

Another interesting feature of hers is that dismantling forge weapon will gives you black armory schematics which you’re required for purchasing new weapon mods from here. Also, she is selling mod component in exchange for weapon parts and legendary shards.The weapon frames are definitely worth doing it as they both reward powerful gear and required balistic logs for first time purchase. Each of the weekly bounty will reward a balistic log. Subsequent purchase of the same weapon frame will cost 6 modulus report instead. As far as I know, upon completing Ada’s weekly bounty, there’s a chance you will get a rare bounty from her.

Here’s the weekly bounty I’ve gotten so far:

Macro Field Evaluation

  • Public Events
  • Patrols and Adventures
  • 3 Strikes
  • 1 Heroic Adventures
  • 3 Crucible or Gambit matches

Bountiful Bounties

  • 12 Daily Bounties
  • 1 Weekly Bounties

So far these are the two rare bounties that I had obtained from Ada-1. You have 14 days to completed these rare bounty. Lastly, research weapon frame are not worth doing it because it only rewards normal weapons not the black armory weapon.


Volundr Forge


Volundr Forge is a 3 man activity with matchmaking system enabled. The recommended power level is 610 and scales all the way up to 620 power level. Firstly, you will have a timer as you begin the activity and killing the enemies fast enough will spawn those glowing enemies. Only the glowing enemies will drop charges for you. In order to complete a wave, you will have to pick up the charges and throw it at the forge to register it. Repeat the same for two rounds and the boss will spawn on the third round.

Just like the saboteurs bosses found in the EDZ or Nessus, they have four mini drones shielding the boss. In order to damage the boss, you will required to destroy all the drones. Bear in mind though, insufficient of damage deal to the boss will cause the drones and shield to reappear. Make sure to constantly deal damage to the boss.

Upon successfully clearing volundr forge, you will be given access to craft hammerhead (machine gun) and ringing nail (auto rifle)


Machine Gun Frame



Step 1: Get a weapon core from Stolen Black Armory Crate, and collect 25 compound ether from fallen enemies.

Step 2: Get multikills and hive kills using a Power Weapon.

Step 3: Defeat 25 powerful enemies.

Step 4: Collect 20 radiant seeds from powerful enemies

Step 5: Take the radiant matrix back to Ada-1 and she will give you the frame which you need to forge it in Volundr forge.


Auto Rifle Frame



Step 1: Get a weapon core from Stolen Black Armory crate and kill 25 cabals in EDZ

Step 2: Eliminate 75 cabal kills and 25 cabal multikills with auto rifle.

Step 3: Obtained 30 precision kills with auto rifle.

Step 4: Collect 20 radiant seeds from powerful enemies.

Step 5: Take the radiant matrix back to Ada-1 and she will give you the frame which you need to forge it in Volundr forge.


Sword Frame



Step 1: Get a weapon core from Stolen Black Armory Crate, and collect 25 photonic power cells from cabal enemies.

Step 2: Eliminate 50 vex enemies and 5 powerful enemies with sword.

Step 3: Get 15 sword multikills.

Step 4: Collect 20 radiant seeds from powerful enemies

Step 5: Take the radiant matrix back to Ada-1 and she will give you the frame which you need to forge it in Volundr forge.



Lastly, you will be rewarded a random armor piece for completing Ada’s weekly bounty. It’s just like how Escalation Protocol works.

Here’s the respective Black Armory armor sets for 3 of my characters:



Gofanon Forge



In order to have access to this forge, players must first complete a rather lengthy quest step first. However, the main requirement to get this quest step begin is to complete the radiant machine gun frame from Ada-1. After you completed the machine gun frame simply head over to any planets that has fallen enemies. Keep killing the fallen enemies until they drop an item called “stolen black armory gear”. Head back to Ada-1 to proceed the quest.

Lastly, this forge is a fallen theme forge so expect enemies such as exploder shanks, fallen vandal and captain. This forge can be difficult to beat it if your character is under the power level recommendation.

Here’s the full quest step for unlocking the forge:

  1. Kill fallen enemies until they drop stolen black armory gear. Head back to tower and talk to Ada-1.
  2. Eliminate fallen enemies with precision kills to collect 35 tainted Black Armory gear. After that, head over to Tangled Shore and talk to Spider.
  3. At Tangled Shore, complete a heroic cyro pod public event and get 75 melee kills on fallen enemies. Head over to Spider.
  4. Go to Winding Cove and begin the quest. You’re required to clear out 3 lost sector and scan the Black Armory cache.
  5. Go to Exodus Black, Nessus and wait for Student of Beltrik (high value target) to spawn at the area.
  6. Fast travel to Cistern and go to the quest marker to start the quest. Eliminate Telksis The Pillager and scan Sivik’s cache.
  7. Head over to Artifact’s Edge and begin another Spider’s quest. Kill Serekis-9, Kell’s Scourge to complete the quest.
  8. Fly back to the tower and talk to Ada-1. She will then give you the radiant sniper rifle frame.


Sniper Rifle Frame



Step 1: Obtained weapon core from Stolen Black Armory crate in Artifact’s Edge or the Hallows on the Nessus and collect 25 Compound Ether.

Step 2: Land 25 precision kills using sniper rifle and defeat 5 powerful enemies with it.

Step 3: Get 10 sniper rifle multikills.

Step 4: Collect 20 radiant seeds and can get obtained by defeating powerful enemies.

Step 5: Go back to Ada-1 with Radiant Matrix and she will give you the final step of the quest.

Step 6: Complete Gofannon Forge to get the sniper rifle.


 Hand Cannon Frame



Step 1: Obtained weapon core from Stolen Black Armory crate in Artifact’s Edge or the Hallows on the Nessus and collect 25 Unstable Radiolaria.

Step 2: Get 25 hive multikills and 75 hive enemy kills.

Step 3: Land 30 precision hand cannon kills.

Step 4: Collect 20 radiant seeds and can get obtained by defeating powerful enemies.

Step 5: Go back to Ada-1 with Radiant Matrix and she will give you the final step for the quest.

Step 6: Complete Gofannon Forge to get the hand cannon.


Izanami Forge



Similarly to Gofannon forge, once again you’re required to go through quest line to unlock the Izanami forge. The prerequisite for this quest is that you must already have Gofannon forge unlock. To begin the quest just go to Nessus and you get a Vex Transponder from randomly killing a vex. Lucky you, the drop rate for the transponder is pretty high so you will get it quickly.

Next, Izanami forge is a vex theme forge which means that you will be facing vex enemies primarily. Like another other forges, complete two rounds of the forge and the boss will appear on the third round. The boss is a vex hydra with a special shield protecting the it. However, this boss is weak against sleeper simulant, so use that to your advantage against it.

Here’s the complete quest steps for Izanami forge:

  1. Kill 100 vex enemies.
  2. Complete heroic Spire Integration public event in the Hallows.
  3. Defeat 20 minotaurs in Nessus.
  4. Start off a mission called “Black Armory Signature” in Nessus.
  5. Take the broken Izanami Igniter back to Ada-1 for inspection.
  6. Collector 3 igniter components by completing glimmer extractions, witcher’s ritual and spire integration public events in heroic mode.
  7. Refurbished Izanami igniter by collecting blended ether, condensed blights and radiolarian vapor (obtain from a mission in Nessus)
  8. Complete Volundr forge to repowered the igniter.
  9. Bring back the powered igniter to Ada-1
  10. Complete advanced version of Insight Terminus and collect a component from the boss to fully repair the igniter.
  11. Go back to Izanami forge and reignite the forge.
  12. Visit Ada-1 and report the status of the forge to her. She will then give you the radiant bow frame.


Bow Frame


Step 1: Obtained weapon core from Stolen Black Armory crate in Artifact’s Edge of the Hallows and collect 25 radiolaria.

Step 2: Get 25 bow precision kills and eliminate 50 taken enemies.

Step 3: Land 20 bow multikills.

Step 4: Collect 20 radiant seeds which can be obtained from defeating powerful enemies.

Step 5: Take radiant matrix back to Ada-1 and she will give you the final weapon frame.

Step 6: Complete Izanami forge to get the bow.


Pulse Rifle Frame



Step 1: Obtained weapon core from Stolen Black Armory crate in Artifact’s Edge of the Hallows and collect 25 compound ether.

Step 2: Get 30 pulse rifle precision kills and eliminate 75 scorn enemies.

Step 3: Land 15 pulse rifle multikills.

Step 4: Collect 20 radiant seeds which can be obtained from defeating powerful enemies.

Step 5: Take radiant matrix back to Ada-1 and she will give you the final weapon frame.

Step 6: Complete Izanami forge to get the bow.


Bergusia Forge



Bergusia forge the 4th and final forge which is located at the EDZ Outskirt area. At first, the requirement to unlock this forge is by having the first team solving the niobe labs. However, after the community fail to unlock within a day, Bungie decided to open the forge for everyone. The power level recommendation for this forge is 650 power level. What makes this forge unique is that you’re able to forge any weapon frames in it. Thus, making other forge obsolete.

Apart from that, you stand a chance to get a double drop at the end of activity. If it’s a double loot then one of the reward is guarantee to be a masterwork weapon and the other one is a normal loot. On top of that, Le Monarque and Jotunn can drop for you too after forging a powerful frame. The drop rate for the weapons are fairly high.

Finally, if you managed to forge 100 weapon frames across all forges, you will then unlock a triumph called “master smith”. You will then received another exotic looking ship called Platinum Starling. In my opinion, it’s one of the best looking ship up to date.


9. Drifter and Emissary of the Nine


The roadmap for season 6 has been released a while ago by Bungie. Season 6 is also known as Season of the Drifter which primarily focus on gambit and the drifter. So far from what we know there’s going to be new gambit mode called Gambit Prime and Reckoning Tiers. This time we will get to find out more about the drifter and emissary of the nine, what the two of them are planning.

Besides that, there will be new exotic quests one which is confirm to be Thorn and seasonal event of course. Again, there will be 3 new pinnacle weapons from vanguard, crucible and gambit respectively. Season of the Drifter is set to release on 5th March.

There isn’t much added in this season besides power level cap increases to 700 power level. Also, gambit prime and reckoning are related to each other. Related as in you will have to play gambit prime or complete gambit prime bounties to collect synthesis. With the synthesis you will have to go into the reckoning and craft the specific gear you’re looking for.  Finally, there will be slight changes on how Tess Everis will be, prismatic facet for example will be retire starting season 6 aka season of the drifter.

Without further due, here’s the list of activities:


The Drifter


The Drifter will be your vendor to go for this season. He will have 2 different sets of gambit bounties for you to complete. Gambit bounties will available as it is. Right before he gave you the gambit prime bounties, there will be a short quest step to unlock. It is pretty much to play gambit prime, complete bounty and you will unlock an item called synthesizer.

Synthesizer is what you will need to consume either collector, reaper, sentry or invader synthesis and bank the mote into the machine before starting reckoning activity. From there you will be given a bounty to upgrade the synthesizer to middling synthesizer. With middling synthesizer you will be able to craft Tier 2 gambit prime armor. Lastly, powerful synthesizer for tier 3 gambit prime armor.

All those gambit prime bounties are pretty easy to do and it reset on daily basis. Try to do as much as you can as it contributes towards infamy rank. This is extremely helpful especially you’re chasing towards the 21% delirium (gambit pinnacle weapon) which requires infamy rank reset (15,000 points)


This will be the new gambit roster that you will be seeing in your menu starting onwards in this season. The classic gambit playlist will be on the bottom left followed by gambit prime and private match. For some reason, certain bounties can only be completed while inside gambit. This may be due to bug but we will have to wait for Bungie to address about this issue soon.

The difference between Gambit vs Gambit Prime

  • Gambit will always be 2 best out of 3 rounds. With this season, there’s a slight changes on the 3rd round in gambit, basically everything recharges faster. In contrast to Gambit Prime which is only 1 round but much longer.
  • Players need to bank in 75 motes in Gambit to summon primeval whereas Gambit Prime needs 100 motes to summon.
  • In Gambit it is a straight forward dps phase on the primeval. As for Gambit Prime, there will be 3 groups of envoy that spawn and once the 3rd envoy is killed, dps phase begins. There will be an white aura which players will need to be in order to deal damage to the boss.
  • Blockers in Gambit will not drain the motes out of the bank whereas in Gambit Prime they will.


There’s is also slight changes in terms of the type of blockers that will be summon:

  • Small blockers are now taken goblin instead of taken phalanx.
  • Medium blockers are now taken captain with lesser health than last time.
  • Large blockers are now taken knights with much more health than last time orge.


These are 4 new armor sets that are being introduced as part of Gambit Prime playlist. Each set will have its unique armor perks.

Reaper Armor Set
  • +3 High-Value Tracker [Damaging a high-value target or non-Primeval ultra marks it and weakens it for allies.]
  • +6 Pinata of Death [Rapidly defeating multiple combatants drops special ammo for allies.]
  • +10 Long-Lasting Flavor [Motes you generate have an increased lifetime.]
  • +15 Major Rewards [Defeating powerful enemies grants a temporary surge in grenade recharge rate.]
Invader Armor Set
  • +3  Assassin’s Munitions [While invading, ammo slowly trickles to your kinetic and energy weapons over time.]
  • +6 Lethal Defense [Grants an improved Invasion overshield.]
  • +10 Killmonger [Each Guardian defeated while Invading grants a temporary damage bonus once you return to your own arena.]
  • +15 Bank Robber [Invading locks the enemy’s bank. Stand near the locked bank to drain motes.]
Collector Armor Set
  • +3 Inheritance [Drop a portion of your carried Motes on death.]
  • +6 Umbral Armor [Rapidly picking up 5 motes grants an overshield.]
  • +10 Cashback [Gain kinetic and energy ammo whenever you bank.]
  • +15 High-Yield Savings [Carry up to 20 motes. This enables you to send giant blockers to the enemy team.]
Sentry Armor Set
  • +3 Umbral Strike [Multikills grant a damage buff against Taken. Clears when you damage a Taken combatant. Stacks up to 5x.]
  • +6 Safe and Sound [Standing near the bank triggers health regeneration.]
  • +10 Invader Tracker [Damaging an Invader marks them for your teammates.]
  • +15 Light of the Defender [You and nearby allies are granted maximum resilience, mobility, and recovery while in the Well of Light.]

So that’s all the 4 unique armor set that you will be again to craft while doing reckoning activity. Tier 1 armor set will only give +1 attributes with any of the equip armor. With this you will get only a total of +5 so you will unlock first tier of the armor set. Likewise Tier 2 will give +2 attributes and Tier 3 will give +3 attributes which you will able to unlock all tier sets.




Reckoning is a 4 man activity which will take place in the social space that you used to visit back in Trials of the Nine. This is the only playlist that you could forge special set armors for gambit prime. Currently there are 3 different tiers for the activity and modifiers will change on daily basis. Besides that, there are 2 bosses on weekly rotation which are Two of Sword (Hive Knights) and Likeness of Oryx (Shadow Oryx). Lastly, the modifier on reckoning are fixed for whichever days it is.

The rotation for reckoning modifiers are as follow:

  • Day 1 – Heavyweight and Attrition
  • Day 2 – Blackout and Grenadier
  • Day 3 – Heavyweight and Prism
  • Day 4 – Brawler and Attrition
  • Day 5 – Heavyweight Blackout
  • Day 6 – Prism and Grenadier
  • Day 7 – Brawler Prism


Reckoning Tier 1 – 650 Power Level

Tier 1 Reckoning is accessible to players once they complete the quest from The Drifter. As always your weapon of choice is the best depending on what the singe are for the week. This stage is very straightforward, keep killing the smaller groups of enemies until it spawn majors. Killing the majors quick enough will get the dominance to 100% which will spawn the boss. There’s a time limit which requires you to beat the boss within the time frame.


Reckoning Tier 2 – 670 Power Level

In order to get access to Tier 2 Reckoning, simply pick up one of the gambit prime bounty from The Drifter. The bounty will says synthesizer upgrade which is require to upgrade your green synthesizer to blue synthesizer. Depending on which bounty that you pick (invader, reaper, collector or sentry) it will requires you to do different objectives in gambit prime. You will need few matches of gambit prime to complete the gambit prime part and 4 matches of successful reckoning run.

As for Tier 2, the first part of the encounter is the same. Get your dominance as fast to 100% then you will be prompt to move to another area. This area will requires you to construct 6 parts of bridge of folly. There will be countless of shadow thralls and majors that spawn throughout the encounter. Also, you will be require to stay within the area to construct the parts of the bridge within the time limit. Tether, Nova Bomb and Well of Radiance is extremely useful for this part. Keep chaining those supers and you will be good.


Reckoning Tier 3 – 690 Power Level

Players will have to be at least 680 to be able to launch Tier 3 and as usual you will once again have to upgrade the synthesizer. Tier 2 and Tier 3 is pretty much similar in terms of everything. Only difference is the enemy’s power level.

So far for now the boss in reckoning will be on a rotation basis between Two of Swords and Likeness of Oryx. Each set of bosses will drop different gambit prime weapons.

Loot drops from Likeness of Oryx:

  • Bug out Bag
  • Gnawing Hunger
  • Spare Ration
  • Outlast

Loot drops from Two of Swords:

  • Last Man Standing
  • Sole Survivor
  • Night Watch
  • Just In Case


Visions from the Invitation of the Nine



Week 1 (The World)

  • Collect cabal, fallen, and taken samples in European Dead Zone.
  • Complete Lake of Shadows Strike.
  • Visit Mystery and Potential via Gambit Directory to rendezvous with the emissary of the Nine.


Week 2 (Justice)

  • Collect fallen and hive samples in Titan.
  • Complete Savathun’s Song Strike.
  • Visit Mystery and Potential via Gambit Directory to rendezvous with the emissary of the nine.


Week 3 (The High Priestess)

  • Collect cabal, fallen and vex samples in Nessus.
  • Complete Inverted Spire Strike.
  • Visit Mystery and Potential via Gambit Directory to rendezvous with the emissary of the nine.


Week 4 (The Magician)

  • Collect cabal, taken and vax samples in IO
  • Complete Pyramidion Strike.
  • Visit Mystery and Potential via Gambit Directory to rendezvous with the emissary of the nine.


Week 5 (Strength)

  • Collect cabal, hive and vex samples in Mercury
  • Complete The Garden World Strike.
  • Visit Mystery and Potential via Gambit Directory to rendezvous with the emissary of the nine.


Week 6 (The Twins)

  • Collect cabal and hive samples in Mars.
  • Complete Strange Terrain Strike,
  • Visit Mystery and Potential via Gambit Directory to rendezvous with the emissary of the nine.


Week 7 (The Tower)

  • Collect hive, scorn and vex samples in Tangled Shore.
  • Complete Hollow Lair Strike.
  • Visit Mystery and Potential via Gambit Directory to rendezvous with the emissary of the nine.


Week 8 (The Hanged Man)

  • Collect hive, scorn and taken samples in Dreaming City.
  • Complete The Corrupted Strike.
  • Visit Mystery and Potential via Gambit Directory to rendezvous with the emissary of the nine.


Week 9

  • Complete 3 matches of Quickplay, Rumble and Competitive matches.
  • Visit Mystery and Potential via Gambit Directory to rendezvous with the emissary of the nine.



10. Growing Fat with Emperor Calus



Season of Opulence which is also known as Season 7 in Destiny 2 begins on 4th June. Among the few other contents in this DLC are Crown of Sorrow, Menagerie and Moments of Triumph. The raid size for Crown of Sorrow is approximately about the same as Scourge of the Past. This time, we will be helping Emperor Calus to fight back the hives that tried to invade Leviathan.

Besides that, the new 6 man activity called Menagerie has a matchmaking system in it. This means that you can either go with your friends or play with randoms. There will be different encounters in it which are quite challenging if your power level is not high enough. Finally, you will receive a chalice will allows you to slot in certain runes to craft certain weapons that you like.


With the delay of Shadowkeep expansion, Bungie extended Season of Opulence by one more month. There will be an additional iron banner along with valor and infamy boost to conclude the Season. But at this time, majority of the players will be taking a short hiatus from the game just so they can go back to grind when Shadowkeep drops.

Apart from that, Bungie recently held their very first Community Challenge which specifically takes place on Mars.

The objectives for the community challenge were to complete:

  • 175,000 Escalation Protocol
  • 300,000 Resonate Stem
  • 150,000 Nokris Nightfall
  • 100,000 Xol of Thousand Nightfall
  • 300,000,000 Hive enemies

If all the objectives were achieved, the final menagerie chest will get an additional reward until the end of the season. Besides that, for players who ran at least one nightfall during the week of the community challenge, they will all received an emblem for participating the event.

Surprisingly the challenge was able to complete within few days after the event started. Last but not least, I’m looking forward towards upcoming community challenge.

Here’s the list of activities so far:



Werner99-40 will be the npc in charge for the Season of Opulence. He can be found in Nessus at the barge or you can go to the tower annex and visit Benedict99-40. Apart from that, you can purchase wealth of the emperor, runefinder and four weekly bounties. Wealth of the emperor is a consumable that greatly increases the chance of you getting imperial seals and you can only buy three of those across account wide.

As for the runefinder, you can purchase as many as you like. It is a consumable that increases the chance of you getting chalice runes after completing strikes, crucible or gambit matches. If you’re someone looking for runes, using runefinder definitely helps. Lastly, there are only 12 different weekly bounties which werner or benedict offers. He only offers four bounties per week and each of them rewards a powerful drop.


Here’s the list of the weekly bounties:

  1. Benevolence (collect orbs of lights)
  2. Gaze Into Death’s Eyes (Defeat enemies at close range using smg, shotgun, sidearm or sword)
  3. Golden Experience (Gain experience by completing task and defeating enemies throughout the solar system)
  4. Imperial Bestiary (Defeat enemies of all species)
  5. Revered Treasures (Decrypt prime engrams)
  6. Salvaged Goods (Loot legendary engrams from the ground in any activity)
  7. Spoils of Wars (Collect lost treasures by defeating enemy combatants in any activity)
  8. The Emperor’s Embrace (Defeat enemies with precision final blows)
  9. The Imperial Salute (Defeat enemies with class abilities)
  10. Trial By Valor (Complete Vanguard daily bounties)
  11. Trial By Combat (Complete Crucible daily bounties)
  12. Trial By Wits (Complete Gambit daily bounties)


The weekly bounties are fairly easy to complete and spoils of wars bounty would be the only one that took the longest to complete. After you complete the bounty, it will give you a clue where the chest is. Head over to the respective planets and places then you will spot a chest just like how you find cayde’s treasure map.


The Menagerie


The Menagerie is the new 6 man activity that is part of the Season of Opulence. This activity consists of normal and heroic mode. First of all, the normal mode starts at 700 power level and it slowly scales up as you progress. Good thing about this activity is that there is no way you can fail in the activity unlike Escalation Protocol. All you got to do is to fill up the bar until it reaches the boss fight.

First of all, you begin the activity by dunking six orbs onto the brazier to light up the area. After that, you can continue the activity depending on which encounter you’ve got. Getting a flawless run in an encounter will fill up the progress bar more. Hence, you will need lesser encounters to get to the boss fight. But, if you failed to get a flawless run, you just have to keep progress on every encounter until you fill up the bar.

As for heroic menagerie, the encounter starts at 740 power level and it scales up to 770 power level. It is recommended that you be 750 power level before you attempt this mode. There is an extinguish modifier in it which means if everyone dies in the fireteam, you will all be send back to orbit. Next, just like normal mode there is a three week cycle boss in the menagerie. For every week, there will be different singe and modifier for it.

Finally, if you wish to read more about the menagerie, kindly go to The Menagerie.


Tribute Hall


Tribute Hall releases the same time as Moments of Triumph being released. While the community wasn’t expected this, Bad Juju was being part of this release as well. In order to gain access into the tribute hall, simply complete one of the daily bounty and plant the tribute to enter the hall. After that, you can purchase up to 30 tributes from the visage of calus. However, these tributes will need planetary materials, legendary shards and bright dust and glimmer to purchase it.

Among the planetary materials that you need are going to be dusklight shard, alkane dust, microphasic datalattice and phaseglass needle. These materials can be easily purchase from spider. As for the legendary shards and bright dust it requires a lot of the quantity if your discount amount is too low. You can get 4% discount daily by completing any four daily bounties and the discount can get up to 80% maximum. With that, you can save a lot of legendary shards and bright dust if you’re running low on these.

Here’s the special emblem that you get upon get 80% maximum discount.

Next, the remaining tributes can be completed via challenges in the raids, gambit, crucible and nightfall. For these challenges, the more calus theme armors and weapons you wear, the more progress you earned per encounter. Having equipped exotic weapons such as tarrabah, bad juju and legend of acruis will gain more progress as well.

Finally, in order to gain access to bad juju mission you will need to complete 18 tributes. The bad juju catalyst will be available at 45 tributes and exotic emote after you hand in a total of 50 tributes.

Click the video below, and watch it:



11. The Moon Is Once Again Haunted


Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is another big expansion which is similar size of last year’s Forsaken expansion. Few years ago after we traveled back to moon to help Eris Morn defeat Crota, Son of Oryx the moon become quiet. However, upon awakening the travel’s light after defeating Ghaul, we have awoken something that we shouldn’t have. A darkness that is way beyond our imagination. No one really knows about the darkness until Eris Morn decided to travel to the moon to find out.

When she arrived at the moon, she found out that the moon is haunted. All the foes that the guardians defeated were now resurrected as nightmares. Deep down the cracks beneath the moon, she discovered the darkness had already manifest its power onto them. Which in return causes these nightmares to haunt us. Once again, Eris requested our help to fight back the darkness to keep the moon save again.

In this expansion, the main focus area will be the moon whereby activities such as nightmare hunt and vex offensive were taken place. Players will have to play through campaign missions on the moon before unlocking any activities. With the launch of Shadowkeep, all players will start at 750 power level. 950 power level will be the hard power cap and 960 power level the pinnacle cap. In order to break the hard power cap, players will be required to do pinnacles activities such as raid, 100k nightfall, Iron Banner and etc.

Since the launch of expansion, here’s the list of activities so far:

  • Garden of Salvation raid
  • Nightmare Hunt
  • Vex Offensive


Eris Morn



Just like every expansion, Eris Morn will be your vendor to go to for this time. She offers 2 weekly bounties, 4 daily bounties and you can purchase up to 5 additional bounties. Be sure to purchase the additional bounties because each bounties give exp that you need to rank up your seasonal rank. So if you want to rank up fast be sure to always pick up the bounties whenever you can.



Above is the seasonal rank that I reached on just the second week of shadowkeep. I always remember to pick up bounties and complete it while doing activities. Some of the benefits you received were ascendant shards, infusion materials, legendary and exotic engrams, emote and many more.


12. Endgame Contents Known as “Raids”


Raids are generally considered as an endgame activity for Destiny 2 players. These activities are usually an hour long and requires a full fireteam of 6 in order to beat it. One of the unique aspect of Destiny raid is that every raid requires different set of weapon loadouts, subclass and many more. Besides that, the raid mechanics are different for every encounter for every raid. Thus, making it challenging for players to beat it.

As we all know, raids are one of the weekly milestones which means it only reset once a week. The loots from the raid are always powerful drop, so if you’re someone who in needs of power leveling, then doing the raid will be a good idea. Apart from that, there is an exotic that are being tied to specific raid. For example, one thousand voices can only be obtained from Last Wish, anarchy from Scourge of the Past and etc.

Here’s the list of raid guides that you can read more about it:


Last Wish (Taken Raid)


Last Wish is the second taken theme raid that is currently in the Destiny franchise. This raid comes along with the Forsaken DLC that was released on September 2018. Besides that, this is a bigger raid compared to the raid lairs that we gotten in the last two DLCs. It consists of six encounters in total.

This story goes all the way back where Queen Mara fought against Oryx in Saturn. As a result from the war, oryx managed to find a way to enter the Dreaming City. And that’s how Kalli and Shuro Chi the techeuns got taken by oryx. Whilst riven which is believed to be the last ahamkara dragon turned into taken as well. These were among the bosses that you will have to release them from the taken grasp. Lastly, the recommended power level for last wish is 550 and it scales up to 600 at final boss.


Scourge of the Past (Fallen Raid)


Scourge of the Past also known as Sotp in short is the recent raid lair that is released in the Black Armory DLC. This raid is pretty much like a raid lair which consists of 3 encounters and a sparrow racing encounter. It is a fallen theme raid so expect yourself to see more fallen enemies in the raid. Just like Last Wish, if you’re lucky enough you can get fallen mods from the sparrow chest. Finally, the minimum recommended power level for this raid is 635 above.


Crown of Sorrow (Hive Raid)



Crown of Sorrow is the last raid lair that was part of the annual pass for Forsaken DLC. It comes together with the Season of Opulence and the length of the raid is similar to Scourge of the Past. First of all, this raid is mainly a hive theme raid so you can expect to see more hive enemies. Also, you can expect hive mods available for your characters just like scourge of the past (fallen mods) and last wish (taken mod).

Apart from that, one of the changes Bungie made for armors in this season is the ability to equip two mods. First mod slot will be all the existing old mods and second slot will only be opulence mod slot. Finally, the recommended power level for this raid is 715 and it scales all the way up to 735 at final encounter.


Garden of Salvation (Vex Raid)



Garden of Salvation is the latest raid that comes along with the Shadowkeep expansion. The darkness has somehow go into the black garden and ressurrect a formidable opponent to test our light. There are few new mods that are only active while inside the raid. The mods are voltaic motes collector, relay defender and etc. Due to the overuse of hive and taken armaments mods in gambit, Bungie decided to introduced new set of mods that only works inside the raid. Finally, the recommended power level for this raid is 910 and it scales all the way up to 940 by the last encounter.



13. Special Events Across Seasons


This section will be mainly covering special events that are in Destiny 2 so far. These events will usually last for few weeks and there will be cosmetic items for players to chase after. If you’re a collector like myself, there will be an exclusive event armor set for each character so collect it while it’s available. As far as the event goes, there will usually be weekly and daily bounties to be done. Completing the bounties will reward event currencies that you can spend on.

Here’s the list of events so far:

  • Dawning Event 2018
  • Iron Banner Season 5
  • Crimson Days 2019
  • Iron Banner Season 6
  • The Revelry 2019
  • Iron Banner Season 7
  • Solstice Of Heroes 2019
  • Iron Banner Season 8
  • Festival Of The Lost 2019
  • Iron Banner Season 9
  • Dawning Event 2019
  • Iron Banner Season 10
  • Guardian Games
  • Iron Banner Season 11
  • Solstice Of Heroes 2020


Dawning Event 2018


Say hello to our old friend, Eva Levante. She’s one of the vendor back in Destiny 1 who sold certain emblems and shaders. This year around she made a comeback and be in charge of Dawning Event. Dawning Event is a year end event that Bungie helds every year in December. This event starts on 11th December until 1st January 2019.

Her event is mainly baking cookies and give to vendors across the solar system. To start off this event, she will give you an baking oven and you will need certain ingredients to create specific cookies.

Like every vendor, Eva Levante has daily and weekly bounties. Completing her weekly bounty will reward a powerful gear which is easy to complete. On top of that, she has a weekly challenge as well. For the weekly challenge, you will need to bake 12 different set of cookies and hand in to vendors.

Weekly Bounty
Not Quite a Baker’s Doze: Bake 6 different cookies and give to vendors around the solar system.

One of the highlight of this event is the Dawning Cheer exotic sparrow. You will require to complete 3 quests from Amanda Holiday in order to fully upgrade the remaining nodes for the sparrow.

This will be the first step of the quest to finish the blueprint for the Dawning Cheer sparrow. The requirements are gift vanilla blades to Lord Shaxx, gift chocolate ship cookies to Amanda Holiday, gift eliksni birdseed to Hawthorne and gift a total of 12 baked cookies to vendors.

After completing the requirements for the blueprints, you will then receive another 3 quests from Amanda Holiday. These quests are specifically needed to fully upgrade the Dawning Cheer sparrow. Besides that, each upgrade nodes has its own perk to add to the sparrow.

Upgrade Node 1: Boosting while riding Dawning Cheer will occasionally spawn a Glimmer present until the boost ends. This perk is available only during Dawning event.

Upgrade Node 2: Landing a trick while riding Dawning Cheer will spawn multiple glimmer presents. This perk is available only during Dawning event.

Upgrade Node 3: This vehicle takes less time to summon.


Recipes For The Cookies


  • Javelin Mooncake (Chitin Powder + Sharp Flavor)
  • Alkane Dregree Cookies (Chitin Powder + Ether Cane)
  • Gentleman’s Shortbread (Ether Cane + Perfect Taste)
  • Eliksni Birdseed (Ether Cane + Personal Touch)
  • Gjallardoodles (Ether Cane + Delicious Explosion)
  • Candy Dead Ghosts (Dark Ether Cane + Flash of Inspiration)
  • ILL-Fortune Cookies (Dark Ether Cane + Impossible Heat)
  • Vanilla Blades (Cabal Oil + Personal Touch)
  • Traveler Donut Holes (Cabal Oil + Flash of Inspiration)
  • Chocolate Ship Cookies (Cabal Oil + Null Taste)
  • Infinite Forest Cake (Vex Milk + Impossible Heat)
  • Telemetry Tapioca (Vex Milk + Bullet Spray)
  • Radiolarian Pudding (Vex Milk + Electric Flavor)
  • Strange Cookies (Taken Butter + Electric Flavour)
  • Dark Chocolate Motes (Taken Butter + Null Taste)

These are all the 14 cookie recipes that you will need to masterwork the baking oven given by Eva. Being able to masterwork the oven will reduced the amount of essence of dawning required to bake cookies. Normal oven requires 15 essence of dawning whereas a masterwork oven only needs 10.

What will I get from baking cookies?

Good question. The rewards from the vendor can be anything from enhancement cores, planetary materials, gears or even Avalanche machine gun. Cookies are easy to bake and if you’re in need of enhancement cores, take this opportunity to get some cores for yourself.


Iron Banner Season 5


Once again Iron Banner is back for Season 5, with consisting of 7 weekly bounties for players to complete it in a week. New season means new armor sets for players to chase after. The weapons for this season is Crimil’s Dagger (hand cannon) and Roar of the Bear (rocket launcher). In comparison to Iron Banner back in Destiny 1, the new Iron Banner seems rather lacking.

Since Iron Banner is considered an end game pvp content, there should be an enhanced perks on the armor sets. At least there’s something for players to chase after. In addition, there should also be more weapons added in every season instead of only 2 weapons. Hopefully Bungie will address this issue and come up with something new for the players.


Here’s the list of Iron Banner Weekly Bounties:


Good thing about the weekly bounties is that it rewards powerful gear. So, for players who hasn’t reach max power level this is a good opportunity to get grind more gears.


Crimson Days 2019


It’s that time of the year, Crimson Days which takes place during Valentine’s week. If you’re like me who missed last year’s Crimson event or are new to the game, this is a good time for you to try the event. There are exotic ghost shell, ornaments, sparrow and etc that are specially tied to this event. I’m going to get all the cosmetic stuff that I missed last year.

Lord Shaxx will be the Crimson Event vendor for this time and he offers 4 daily and 1 weekly bounty to complete. Upon completing these bounties, you will be rewarded with confectionery heart which you can use to get the event rewards. Daily bounties gives 15 confectionery heart whereas weekly bounty gives 75 confectionery heart.

Main highlight for this event will be Crimson Doubles which is a 2v2 playlist. It is a best of 4 matches playlist which means you need to win 3 out of 4 matches to win. Another scenario where you and your opponent team is tie 2-2, 5th round will be sudden death match while a zone appear. Sudden death means getting killed will not respawn you or your ally again or capture the zone to win the round.

What makes this playlist special is that there’s few buffs that you get while playing. By staying close to your partner, you will get Reunited buff which reduces abilities and super regeneration. While separating away from your partner procs Drifting Apart buff which exposed your location to your enemies. They will be able to see you on a marker. Lastly, you will get Vengeance buff when your partner getting killed which will temporarily buff your damage for few seconds.


Here’s a list of daily and weekly bounties for the Crimson Days Event

Apart from the daily and weekly bounties, playing crimson doubles will rewards 7 confectionery heart for every match you win. This is another way to help you speed up the amount of hearts in order to get all the rewards. To name a few event rewards, you can exchange 125 hearts for wardcliff coil ornaments, 100 hearts for The Vow (crimson bow) , 75 hearts for Flaunting Dance emote and etc.

Lastly, there is a list of triumph that you get upon completing certain requirements for it. All of the triumph are mainly related to crimson double and the bounties. You will need to complete 9 of those triumphs in order to complete Labor of Love triumph which rewards Sugary Shell (exotic ghost shell).

With that pretty much sums all of the crimson event for this year. Slay those opponents in doubles or revenge your partner!


Iron Banner Season 6


Iron Banner once again returned for season 6, the weapon for this season will be Breath of the Dragon (submachine gun) and Orewing’s Maul  (grenade launcher). In addition to that, Lord Saladin bring two new consumables that will only work during Iron Banner. The consumables are The Iron Burden and The Wolf’s Favor. Iron Burden decreases player’s power level by 100 which you will need to kill 500 opponents while the buff is active to get the curated fusion rifle.

While the wolf’s favor increases player’s power level by 100 which intends to help players to get higher power level drops at a quicker rate. Each consumable will only last for 30 minutes so make good use of it. Finally, of course there’s new Iron Banner armors for respective characters and bounties as well.


Here’s the list for the weekly bounties for Iron Banner:


As you can see, the bounties emphasize a lot of getting kills on opponents with higher power level. This means that if you’re planning to complete the Atlas, Unbound triumph you will most likely be able to finish all these bounties quickly. Thank god the generating 50 orbs bounty no longer in this season.


The Revelry 2019


Behold The Revelry 2019, spring event has begun, this event will last for 3 weeks. The one exotic, Arbalest that people waited for so long has finally being obtainable in game. No one knows that the exotic was being tied to this event. Arbalest is a linear fusion rifle that it is in the kinetic slot. To get the weapon, players will have to complete 7 out of 10 triumph for the revelry event and have 300 essence. You will then go to Eva Levante to purchase it from her.

As for this event, it will take place in the Verdant Forest almost similar to Festival of Lost event last year. The time for festival of lost event was in night time whereas the revelry event takes place in day time. The verdant forest activity will have options for players to matchmake or go in solo. Killing enemies will extend the duration of the time and getting precision kills have a chance to generate multiple orbs.

Once the timer run out, you will be send into final simulation which you got to defeat 5 bosses on a time limit. The time limit will depend on how deep your branch is, the deeper it is the more time you’ve got. You don’t necessary have to defeat all 5 bosses but each boss will drop a chest. So in defeating 5 bosses you will get 5 loots.


Eva Levante is once back again since last year’s dawning event with her baking oven. Upon starting the event milestone, she will give you reveler’s tonic and essence to be consume. You’re free to pick whichever buff you want and you will need to clear 7 branches of the verdant forest. After that you will have access to her weekly and daily bounties. The weekly bounty will reward one of the armor pieces whereas daily bounties gives 25 reveler’s essence.


Reveler’s Tonic grants you faster recharge ability rate that will last for an hour. A buff will need 50 reveler’s essence and these essence can be obtain from various places such as verdant forest, strikes, crucible and many more.

Among the buffs from the tonic:

  • Class Ability Boost
  • Grenade Boost
  • Melee Boost

Besides that, the more event armor set you equip the faster you will get the ability back. The event armor set can be either from Tess (Vernal armor set) or verdant forest (Inaugural armor set). Usually people will pick either grenade or melee boost. It is pretty much an ability spam for this event.

Lastly, there is a hidden emblem called Answered Call which can be claim once you complete Super Celebratory triumph. Simply go to Bungie Rewards and enter your email address to claim it. You will receive an email on how to claim it.


Iron Banner Season 7


Iron Banner is once back again for Season of Opulence. There are few changes that being made on how Iron Banner works for this season. For the past few seasons, players can instantly turn in tokens to get the armors and weapons. However, this time around players can only get the weapons upon turning in their leftover tokens. So, this is a good chance to get weapons that you’re chasing after before completing the quest step which unlocks the Iron Banner armors.

As you know there are five different slots for the armor hence there will be five steps which you will need to complete the quest. Each quest step unlock an armor piece for your character and it will be added into the loot pool. Unfortunately this quest step is character based and not account based. In other words, you will have to go through this quest for three times if you wish to collect all the armor sets.

First of all, let’s begin with the quest steps:

1. Test of Strength: As a team earn points by defeating enemy guardians in Iron Banner (rewards boots).
2. Armed and Dangerous: As a team, earn points by capturing zones and earning power plays. The more teammates capturing a zone, the greater the points earned (rewards gauntlet).
3. Light It Up: As a team, earn points by defeating guardians with supers, melee and grenade final blows (rewards class item).
4. Non-Stop: As a team, earn points by defeating enemies in Iron Banner using auto rifle, scout rifle, fusion rifle, sniper rifle and sword (rewards chest piece).
5. Headstrong: Earn points by completing Iron Banner matches. Win streak are worth significantly more points (rewards helmet).

Next, in order to purchase the shaders and sparrow you will have to equip full Iron Banner Truage set and complete five matches and get fifty enemies defeated. The shader is being sold for 40 iron banner tokens each and sparrow for 80 tokens.

This emblem can be obtain from Lord Saladin after you hand in 15 packages within this season. It is a pretty cool looking emblem and it tracks the lifetime number of Iron Banner bounties you’ve completed.


Here’s the list for the Iron Banner Weekly Bounties:



Solstice of Heroes 2019


Solstice of Heroes is the final event to wrap up Season of Opulence. For players who are chasing after the Moment of Triumph seal, the final two requirements are from this event. The two requirements are to masterwork one piece of the armor set and upgrade to majestic set (final upgrade). Similarly to last year’s solstice event, players will get the drained armor set, then upgrade it to renewed armor set and finally majestic set.

First of all, go to tower and speak to Eva Levante. She will give you a drained helmet and you will have to complete an EAZ run. The European Aerial Zone (EAZ) is a time limited event place that’s is EDZ. There are mini bosses inside the area and you will have to kill it within a time limit. After the time runs out, a boss will spawn depending on the enemies type. Once you killed the boss, you will be able to claim chest. The more mini boss you kill, the more chest you will be able to open. From the chest itself, you will able to get the solstice package and solstice key fragments.

Apart from that, she offers five daily bounties and a weekly bounty. The  daily bounties will reset daily and it changes based on the singe. In this event, there are going to be solar, arc and void day. For example, on solar day player can use solar subclass or solar weapon to charge up the elemental buff. You will need to collect up to 30 elemental orbs depending on the day to get the empowerment buff.

Solar Elemental Buff
  • Equip solar subclass and weapons to generate solar orbs. Then, collect them to wield its solar elemental power. While empowered, guardians emit a burning wave of energy that damages anything around them.
Void Elemental Buff
  • Using void subclass and weapons to generate void orbs. After that, collect the orbs to wield its void elemental power. Simply crouch while empowered to become invisible and gain truesight plus enhanced ability regeneration.
Arc Elemental Buff
  • Simply equip arc subclass and weapons to generate arc orbs. With the arc orbs generated, collect it to wield its arc elemental power. While empowered, guardians move with enhanced speed and deal greater melee and sword damage.


Solstice Armor

As for the solstice armor, all the players will begin with drained armor set (green armor) and upgrade it to renewed armor set (blue armor). Among some of the task that you need to complete will be generating orbs in strikes, complete crucible&gambit matches, public events and many more. Once you complete the blue armor, you will be able to upgrade it to majestic set.

First of all, for the progress for the majestic set is share among characters. That being said, if at that time you already got majestic set on three characters then you just have to complete the progress on one character. For example, if you run 200k nightfall on your warlock, you will then be able to complete it

Here’s the list of requirement that you need to complete in order to masterwork the majestic set:

  • Helmet – Obtain 200k nightfall score
  • Gauntlet – Complete 5 strikes with clanmate
  • Chest Piece – Beat the shattered throne with 1-2 people in the team
  • Leg – Reset valor rank at least once during the season
  • Class Item – Defeat 10 challenging enemies


Upgrade Pathway for Hunter Set

The requirements that you need to complete the drained set for hunter.

Here’s the list of requirements that you need to do in order to complete the renewed set.

Finally, the last upgrade that you needed to do for majestic set. One good thing about this armor set is that you can get random rolls from the solstice package. Apart from that, this will also be the first armor set that turn into armor 2.0 at the launch of Shadowkeep expansion in October.


Upgrade Pathway for Warlock

The requirements that you need to upgrade the drained armor set for warlocks.

Again, here’s the list of requirements that you need to complete before being able to upgrade it to majestic set.

Lastly, the final upgrade pathway for the majestic set for warlock.


Upgrade Pathway for Titan

Here’s the requirements that you need to complete on drained armor set for titan.

Next, here’s the list of task that you have to complete before you can upgrade it to majestic set.

Lastly, here’s the stats of majestic armor for the titan set. Happy Solstice Guardians!



Iron Banner Season 8


Once again, Iron Banner is back for the first time in the Shadowkeep expansion. There is power level advantage in this playlist so be sure to power up yourself to at least 945 and above. Otherwise, you will find yourself having hard time in killing the enemies. Same like always Iron Banner only has control mode and whichever team reaches 125 points wins the match.

In the previous seasons, Saladin usually offers 7 weekly bounties but in season he only offer 4 weekly bounties. All of the rewards for completing bounties will give pinnacle gear. Pinnacle gear gives the highest power boost compared to powerful rewards. So for players who wants to reach 950 this is your opportunity to do so. As for players who are already 950 power level, these rewards will gives you above 950 power level rewards which you will need it to break into pinnacle power cap.

Iron Banner Weekly Bounties

For completing the weekly bounty, you will receive 50 iron banner tokens and a pinnacle gear. But so far, I’ve only got pinnacle weapons from the weekly bounties. Apart from that, he offers a rather short quest steps that you have to complete before being able to turn in tokens. One of the benefit of completing the quest steps is that it guarantees a full armor set on any character you complete. Lastly, the base stats of the armor is fairly highly which is good if you’re looking to build your character.

Here’s the full quest steps:

Scour The Rust
Step 1 (Spectacle)
  • 30 opponents defeated
  • 10 zones captured
  • 3 super final blows
Step 2 (Intent); rewards gauntlet
  • 6 matches completed
  • 20 zones captured
  • 25 pulse rifle final blows
Step 3 (Timing); rewards chest piece
  • 100 opponents defeated
  • 30 zones captured
  • 20 fusion rifle final blows
Step 4 (Execution); rewards boots
  • 15 super final blows
  • 40 zones captured
  • 15 submachine gun final blows
Step 5 (Conviction); rewards class item and helmet
  • 15 matches completed
  • 50 zones captured
  • 10 grenade launcher final blows
Step 6 (Forgeborne)
  • Go back to the tower and talk to Lord Saladin

Once you completed the 6th steps, only then you will be able to hand in tokens you’ve earned from the matches. It’s 20 tokens for a package and you can either get an armor piece or a weapon. On top of that, there is a chance you will be able to receive any enhance mods. So be sure to try your luck and get as many of those mods you can. It will come in handy for you.


Festival Of The Lost 2019


Festival of the Lost returns again for the Halloween event. Players will have to wear a mask in order to enter the haunted forest. Similarly to last year’s event, you can clear as many branches as you can before the 15 minutes timer runs out. For example, one branch of forest requires players to kill enemies in the forest and build up to 100%. After you get to 100%, you will be teleport into a room with a boss. Kill the boss as quick as possible in order to save time. The haunted forest rewards a powerful rewards and a pinnacle reward (if your team successfully get to 9 branch).

Besides that, there’s a new ornament set for each character. These ornaments can either be purchase via silver or bright dust. Apart from that, there’s a few cool cosmetic stuff if you’re looking to buy it. One good news for new players is that they can still earn the old festival masks along with the news one.

Once again Eva Levante is your vendor to go for the festival of the lost event. She offers weekly bounties, daily and additional bounties. Most of the bounties requires you to wear the halloween mask upon completing any task. Upon completion, you will then get candies and chocolate strange coins. Lastly, you can then use those currencies to exchange masks, or the braytech werewolf weapons.



Iron Banner Season 9



The very first Iron Banner in Season of Dawn, players are require to earn the new iron banner armors just so they could put in the new mods into it. Just like the previous season, Lord Saladin will have 4 weekly bounties and a quest step for you to complete. Weekly bounties reward pinnacle loots whereas completing the quest step adds the iron banner armor into the loot pool. Also, players will have to complete the quest step if they wish to turn in iron banner tokens to Saladin.


Iron Banner Weekly Bounties


This time Bungie already fixed the bug for the arsenal of tricks weekly bounty. With that, you will most likely to complete all bounties about the same pace. Also, it is recommended to only turn in the bounties after you complete the quest step. This is because you could get an armor as a pinnacle reward instead of only weapons.

Let’s go through for the quest steps:

Step 1 (Light the Fires)

  • 30 opponents defeated
  • 10 zones captured
  • 3 super final blows

Step 2 (Iron Sights)

  • 6 matches completed
  • 20 zones captured
  • 25 scout rifle final blows

Step 3 (Pump Iron)

  • 100 opponents defeated
  • 30 zones captured
  • 20 shotgun final blows

Step 4 (Death Metal)

  • 15 super final blows
  • 40 zones captured
  • 15 hand cannon final blows

Step 5 (Iron Rain)

  • 15 matches completed
  • 50 zones captured
  • 10 rocket launcher final blows

Step 6 (Iron Cast)

  •  Return to Lord Saladin


Dawning Event 2019


It’s about the time of the year and dawning event is once again returned for players. This year the dawning event will be around from 17th December 2019 until 14th January 2020. Similarly to last year’s dawning event, players are required to bake cookies and deliver to their corresponding recipient. Besides that, completing the weekly bounties rewards bright dust now due to the changes of bright dust economy. Apart from that, all you got to do for the weekly bounties is to bake and gift cookies, with that it’s easily 1200 bright dust across your three characters.


Recipes for the new cookies


  • Hackberry Tart (Cabal Oil + Multifaceted Flavors)
  • Hot Crossfire Buns (Ether Cane + Balanced Flavors)
  • Fractal Rolls (Vex Milk + Pinch of Light)
  • Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Chitin Powder + Finishing Touch)
  • Thousand-Layer Cookies (Taken Butter + Delicious Explosion)
  • Lavender Ribbon Cookies (Vex Milk + Personal Touch)
  • Fried Sha-dough (Dark Ether Cane + Superb Texture)


For those who participated last year’s dawning event all you got to do is to discover 7 new recipes in order to masterwork your oven. In comparison to first light players, they will have to discover all recipes before they can masterwork the oven. Lastly, there is a quest that Eva will give you which rewards you an exotic sparrow called Alpine Dash when you complete the require objectives.

Here’s the objectives that you got to do:


Guardian Games 2020


Guardian Games is the event that is available to everyone during Season of Worthy. This event is going to be around for 3 weeks, starting from 21st April 2020 until 5th May 2020. Three classes are going to compete against each other by completing the medals from Eva Levante. The flag pole will be the acting leaderboard score for the classes. Whichever class reaches the highest wins for the day and gets gold reward. Besides that, the class item you’re wearing will changes its color based on your respective class placing.

As always, there’s going to be bounties and medals available for players. Use whichever class you want to rep the guardian games and complete bounties and medals on them. Apart from that, there’s new exotic machine gun called Heir Apparent that’s available as reward from this event. You will be required to complete 7 out of 11 triumphs in order to get it. So, by doing the medals and bounties you will eventually get it.

Every day on reset, you will be able to obtain three gold medals from Eva. Two of the medals will be random activities ranging from strikes, forges, crucible, gambit or destination. The other gold medal requires you to get a total of 10 points. You will get the points by doing weekly, daily and repeatable bounties.

Last but not least, there’s a quest called “on your laurels” which gives you one of the three exotic ghost shell. You get to pick which one you like of course. And by far this is the best exotic ghost shell you have because you have speed demon and guiding light on it. It’s probably the only two rolls that people wanted the most in any ghost shell. Since this event is going to be on for three weeks, you will eventually get all the ghost shell by the end.


Iron Banner Season 11


Iron Banner is once again back for season 11 (season of arrivals) with two new weapons will be adding into the loot pool. Those two weapons are forwarding path (auto rifle) and fool’s remedy (side arm). Like always, before you could turn in your iron banner tokens, you’re required to complete a short quest step. In addition to that, you will only have to complete it one time on any of your characters and the rest will retroactively be complete.

Much of a surprise, the quest step for this iron banner only requires players to get 25 kills with sidearm and auto rifle. After that, you will be getting the weapons, iron banner shader and an emblem.

Here’s the list of iron banner weekly bounties:

  1. Around the Fire (Capture zones)
  2. Maneuver Warfare (Kill enemies while holding zone advantage)
  3. Victory Banner (Winning a match gives more progress)
  4. The Rout (Kill opponent with higher power level grants more progress)


Solstice of Heroes 2020

Solstice Event is back again this time with new armors and ornaments available for purchase. Just like how the event works, this time players will have to upgrade their armor to purple tier again. Everyone starts at renewed armor (blue) to majestice armor (purple) and finally to magnificent armor (final tier).

In addition to that, players can purchase an ornament for the armor itself or complete the objectives on magnificent armor for a white glow. The ornament from Eververse is an universal ornament which can use in any armor and it changes the color of the glow based on the subclass you are using. As for the default white glows from magnificent armor, it only shows the glows from the solstice armor itself.

Hunter (Renewed Armor Set)

Solstice Mask

  • Complete 1 EAZ run
  • 50 precision final blows
  • 100 fallen defeated

Solstice Grasp

  • Complete 5 playlist strikes
  • Generate 100 void orbs in crucible/gambit
  • Open 10 solstice packages

Solstice Vest

  • Defeat 50 combatants in EAZ
  • Generate 400 elemental orbs
  • Get 50 final blow kills in EAZ using solar subclass

Solstice Strides

  • Complete 5 public events
  • Defeat enemies with 50 supers
  • Defeat 25 opposing guardians in crucible or gambit

Solstice Cloak

  • Complete 5 adventures
  • Generate 100 arc orbs in strikes
  • Complete 5 crucible or gambit matches


Hunter (Majestic Armor Set)

Solstice Mask

  • Defeat 200 enemies in EAZ
  • Get 300 kills with arc weapons
  • Get 2000 elemental final blows

Solstice Grasp

  • Complete 10 heroic public event
  • Collect 300 arc orbs in strike playlists
  • Defeat 300 cabals with subclass matching solstice elemental burn

Solstice Vest

  • Complete 10 gambit matches
  • Collect 1000 elemental orbs matching subclass
  • Get 100 kills with void grenades

Solstice Strides

  • Get 600 kills with subclass matching solstice burn
  • Get 100 ability kills
  • Defeat 100 guardians with void weapons as a team

Solstice Cloak

  • Complete 5 patrols in EDZ
  • Collect 200 elemental orbs
  • Defeat 20 bosses


Titan (Renewed Armor Set)

Solstice Helm

  • Complete 1 EAZ run
  • 50 precision final blows
  • Defeat 100 hive enemies

Solstice Gauntlet

  • Defeat 50 enemies with arc subclass in EAZ
  • Defeat 50 enemies with super

Solstice Plate

  • Defeat 25 guardians in gambit or crucible
  • Collect 100 solar orbs in strikes
  • Complete 5 adventures

Solstice Greaves

  • Collect 100 void orbs in gambit or  crucible
  • Complete 5 public events in Nessus
  • Open 10 solstice packages

Solstice Mark

  • Complete 5 crucible or gambit matches
  • Complete 5 playlist strikes
  • Defeat 50 enemies in EAZ
  • Collect 400 elemental orbs in anywhere

Titan (Majestic Armor Set)

Solstice Helm

  • Defeat 100 guardians with arc weapons as a team in gambit or crucible
  • Complete 10 gambit matches
  • Collect 1000 elemental orbs matching your subclass

Solstice Gauntlet

  • Complete 10 heroic public event
  • Get 100 ability kills
  • Defeat 20 bosses

Solstice Plate

  • Defeat 200 enemies in EAZ
  • Get 600 kills in strike playlist matching subclass with solstice burn
  • Defeat 300 fallen with subclass matching solstice burn

Solstice Greaves

  • Collect 300 void orbs in strike playlist
  • Get 2000 elemental final blows
  • Get 100 kills with solar melee

Solstice Mark

  • Complete 5 patrols in IO
  • Collect 200 elemental orbs
  • Get 300 kills with solar weapons


14. The New “Seasonal Concept” In Destiny 2


Prior to the launch of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expansion, Bungie introduce this new seasonal concept into the game as a mean to try something new. With this, every season will have a season pass and activities that’s only available on that particular season. In addition, there’s a seasonal artifact that you can level it up and use the mod for your armor pieces. The artifact that you got within that season has artifical power level as well. Meaning your character’s total power level will be the addition of base power and artifact level.

Here’s the season that we got so far:

  • Season of Undying
  • Season of Dawn
  • Season of Worthy


Season of Undying



Season of Undying was the first season that was released along with Shadowkeep expansion. This is officially Year 3 of Destiny 2 franchise. The activity that’s only available for this season is Vex Offensive. It is a six man activity and matchmaking is available for it. On weekly basis, you can see that npcs on the tower are building a portal behind ikora for the final assault. Once the portal is ready, players will get to beat undying mind inside the vex offensive.

Below is just a showcase of vex offensive gameplay:

Apart from that, you can get hand cannon, scout rifle, pulse rifle or submachine gun via vex offensive. The weapons in general were quite strong and viable.


Optative is a 180 rpm hand cannon with void elemental in it. Due to the changes of hand cannon in shadowkeep, 180 rpm hand cannon feels weaker right now. You’re better off with a 140 or 150 rpm hand cannon. Despite all of that, it’s still good to keep it as a collection. In case, there will be a buff for 180 archtype hand cannon in future.



Adhortative is a 390 rpm pulse rifle with solar element in it. It’s probably the only pulse rifle with this archtype that could roll feeding frenzy and multikillclip together. These were the rolls you’re gonna look for in pulse rifle or you can opt for rapid hit with killclip.



Subjunctive in overall is quite a decent smg next to recluse. It is a 900 rpm smg with arc element in it. You’re able to roll swashbuckler with this weapon.



The last weapon available for vex offensive is the imperative scout rifle. This is a 150 rpm scout rifle in kinetic slot. Even though you could get perks like outlaw multi killclip but it lacks of the stability needed. This puts it slightly below average if you’re comparing to other similar rpm scout rifle.


Seasonal Artifact “The Gate Lord’s Eye”

This is the very first artifact that you obtain it right away once the season begins. From there you will have to gain exp to unlock more mods. Towards the end column that’s where majority of the so called “powerful mods” are. Oppressive darkness and thundercoil were the few example of the strong mods at that time.

Below are all the mods along with its descriptions for it:


Season of Dawn


Season of Dawn was the season after the undying season. Just after we fought against the vex moon and now we’re going to mercury to meet up with Osiris. After all this time, he managed to come up with a plan using the sundial to travel back in time to saved his old comrade Saint-14, the legendary titan. Similarly to previous season, this time we’re helping osiris to repair the obelisk in four of the selected planets which will then used to help build the empyrean foundation later on.

Take a look at the showcase on legend sundial run:

There are two variations of sundial which are the normal and legend mode. In terms of loot wise both mode gives the same amount of loot. As for the difference, legend sundial rewards a pinnacle loot and has extinguish is active. Meaning the entire team will be send back to orbit if everyone dies. In addition to that, sundial reminds me a lot of menagerie because you could actually choose the weapon you want at the end of the activity.

The choices of weapon you have will be depending on which active obelisk you got it on. This makes farming for specific weapons role a lot easier than to just rely on RNG. Lastly, there are just a handful of weapons available in the sundial and they are somewhat good enough to use.


Breachlight is a two burst sidearm and first of its kind for the archtype. It is a heavy hitting sidearm which you can roll vorpal weapon, multi kill clip and etc. For PvP users, most of them will choose to go with vorpal weapon since you gain extra damage against supers.


Steelfeather Repeater

This was my favourite auto rifle to use for various activities. I managed to get one with feeding frenzy and multi kill clip roll for it. The only downside for this weapon is because of its archtype. It’s been known for a while that 720rpm archtype autorifle in general are weak. In comparison to 600rpm autorifles, this archtype simply deal not strong enough to compete. Let’s hope it will get some buff in future updates.


Patron of Lost Causes

Patron of Lost Causes is a 200rpm scout rifle and again you can have decent roll on it. For this, I’ve got rapid hit and explosive payload which is pretty decent to use for PvP. The stagger create by explosive payload is insane. In comparison to randy’s throwing knife (240rpm), I say both got its own advantages and disadvantages.


Perfect Paradox

Perfect paradox was brought back during this season with random rolls. This shotgun was available back then in Year 1 but it came with fixed roll. Personally, I would use this archtype of shotgun for PvE activities due to the high rate of fire. For players who intend to use for PvP, dusk rock blue and astral horizon are still the better choices to go to.


Martyr’s Retribution

What makes this grenade launcher unique is the intrinsic perk “wave frame”. Basically after you fire the weapon, it will also release a wave of energy when they contact the ground. Sort of similar to thermite grenade from sunbreaker titan.


Gallant Charge

Nothing really unique about gallant charge fusion rifle. It is a 860 charge time fusion rifle and you can get swashbuckler or multi kill clip for the last column. Apart from that, it is pretty similar to other fusion rifle in this archtype.


Line in the Sand

Line in the sand is the first linear fusion rifle that you could get firing line with it. With that, it could be a great choice of weapon to use for boss dps.


Seasonal Artifact “The Lantern Of Osiris”

The lantern of osiris is the artifact for the season of dawn. Similarly to previous season, you get this artifact immediately after talking to osiris himself. Season of undying focuses more on submachine gun and hand cannon whereas season of dawn more on pulse rifle and scout rifle. Besides that, some of the powerful mods to use were tenderizer and solar plexus (similar to thundercoil usage).

Below are all the mods along with its descriptions for it:


Season of Worthy


Season of Worthy is the third seasonal model that are currently in the Destiny 2 franchise. This season focuses heavily on zavala, ana bray and rasputin in preparing the almighty attack set by the cabals. Besides that, the most anticipated 3v3 elimination mode “Trials of Osiris” is making a comeback on this season. For PvP players are able to complete all the triumphs will unlock a title called “Flawless”.

Not only that, for hardcore PvE players, they get to challenge themselves by attempting grandmaster nightfall that’s available on this season.  There are only 6 grandmaster nightfall this season and completing all of them will grant the “Conqueror” title. I wrote a guide for those are keen on attempting the grandmaster, you can read it here. In addition to that, there’s “Almighty” seal as well for those who fully upgraded the bunkers and completing seraph tower public event. So in total players got 3 titles available for them to chase.

Take a look on the showcase of seraph tower public event:

Seraph tower is a public event that is available on EDZ, moon and IO. Players will have to defend the seraph tower long enough for it to spit out orbs. Take the orbs and throw it at the tower to move the marker to the other end. Keep rinse and repeat until it reaches 100% progress. Two random champions will spawn at the end of the activity. Successfully beating the champions will complete the activity.

Apart from the seraph tower and bunkers, there are legendary lost sector available on the bunkers. Each bunker will have three variations of legendary lost sector available. These lost sectors will rotate on daily basis. Lastly, the recommended power level for the legendary lost sector is 1000 power level.

EDZ Bunker Legendary Lost Sector


Moon Bunker Legendary Lost Sector


IO Bunker Legendary Lost Sector


That was pretty much all the bunkers and legendary lost sectos that are available for this season. I’m not sure whether the lost sectors will stay or retired along with the season. Regardless of that, there are few weapons that are tied to the bunkers. You will be able to purchase the weapon in a form of weapon frames and complete certain objectives to get it. Besides that, you will also be able to purchase one random weapon straight away from the bunker. It will be on the rotation basis.

Seventh Seraph Carbine

Seventh seraph carbine is a 450rpm auto rifle that could roll swashbuckler. Despite being able to roll interesting perks with it, 450rpm arch type just isn’t good enough to compete with 600rpm auto rifle.

Seventh Seraph Office Revolver

Among all the weapons in the bunker, I would say this hand cannon is the best. The advantage this weapon has is the timed payload which is sort of like a delayed explosive rounds. It is extremely effective to use for grandmaster nightfall to proc overload rounds. This is because due to low magazine size so you don’t need to spam a lot of bullets to proc it.

Seventh Seraph Sl-2

Seventh seraph sl-2 is 360rpm side arm. In terms of its viability this is just average sidearm at most. For energy slot sidearem, last hope or drang would still be a better choice due to their range.

Seventh Seraph SAW

The seventh seraph saw is probably the second best weapon that is available in the bunker loot pool. In the picture, I somewhat got one with clown cartridge and vorpal weapon. Clown cartridge randomly overfills it from reserve whenever you reload your weapon. Since the base magazine is 43, every time you reload will get more than 43. Highest I’ve gotten so far was 68 magazine. Apart from that, 21% delirium and hammerhead is still a good option for the machine gun.


Felwinter’s Lie

Those who played Destiny 1 would have known the overpowered shotgun called “Felwinter’s Lie” back then. During Season of Worthy, this shotgun was the reward for completing the community challenge called “The Lie”. The requirement for the challenge is to complete 3 millions seraph tower public event in EDZ, moon and IO.

Since this shotgun could opt for quickdraw and opening shot, it is already way better than an average mindbender shotgun. Besides that, its intrinsic perk “shot package” modified the pellet spread to be more uniform is huge. If you haven’t got this shotgun yet, it is best to get it before the end of season.

Here’s a full quest step on how to obtain felwinter’s lie:


Seasonal Artifact “Warmind Khanjali”

Warmind Khanjali is the third artifact for Season of Worthy. Sword in general gotten buff during this season hence there’s few mods that’s for sword. For example, “Passive Guard” mod is a powerful mod to pair up with sword loadouts. It allows you to take lesser damage when you have the sword out. Apart from that, it’s the general unstoppable, overload and anti-barrier mods for hand cannon, submachine gun and auto rifles.

Below are the list of mods for this season’s artifact:



15. The Return of “Trials of Osiris”



Trials of Osiris returns on 13th March 2020 during Season of Worthy as part of the content for the season. Similarly to trials back in Destiny 1, it is going to be 3v3 elimination mode and team that reaches score of five will win the match. In addition, trials will only be available at friday (reset) until monday (reset). Players will get reward at 3 wins, 5 wins, 7 wins and flawless from the lighthouse chest. In addition, artifact power level will not be taken into account in trials and players need to be at least 960 power level in order to participate.

Besides that, Saint-14 will be your vendor to go to for trials. There will be weekly, daily and repeatable bounties for you to purchase from him. Completing the bounties will reward tokens which you can turn in for a trials package. In order to play trials of osiris, players will have to purchase a passage from him. Passage will generally requires glimmers and legendary shards to buy it.

Here’s the list of passage available:

  • Passage of Mercy [forgive a loss]
  • Passage of Ferocity [grant a bonus win on 3rd win]
  • Passage of Wealth [gain extra tokens]
  • Passage of Wisdom [gain extra experience]
  • Passage of Confidence [gets extra loot on the lighthouse chest]

By default, Passage of Mercy and Ferocity will be available for purchase. Passage of Wealth and Wisdom will be unlock at 5 wins. Lastly, Passage of Confidence require players to go flawless first before you can purchase it. Trials of Osiris will be staying permanently in game and there’s a title called “Flawless” that you can acquire. Doing a passage of confidence card is one of the triumph that is needed for the title. Finally, there will be new trials of osiris armor in every year, new adept weapon and stuff are coming in future expansions.

As for now, the list of weapons that we got for trials of osiris:

The Scholar

It is a 150 rpm and a high-impact frame scout rifle that could roll vorpal weapon perk on it. Scout rifles are always good to use in long range engagement. Even though with the current sandbox, scout rifle are still decent to be use for pve activities.


Astral Horizon

Astral horizon is the first aggressive frame kinetic shotgun that we got so far in the game. It is the same arch type as mindbender. The most sought after roll for pvp will be none other than quickdraw and opening shot. In addition, the perk opening shot makes it a pretty consistent shotgun.


Eye of Sol

A 90 rpm kinetic sniper rifle that could have opening shot, box breathing or vorpal weapon and pair it up with snapshot. It is quite a decent sniper rifle to use. The only disadvantage this sniper rifle has is its low zoom scope. In addition, eye of sol is hard to compete with the revoker as well. In terms of range and its reversal of fortune perk which makes most people go for revoker instead.


Exile’s Curse

The perks that you could roll on exile’s curse is somewhat average at best. In comparison to fusion rifle such as wizened rebuke or eirentil, exile’s curse simply could not compete against them.


The Summoner

After the latest auto rifle sandbox update for season of worthy, all the 600 rpm auto rifles is pretty strong. This weapon has a great recoil control and you will want to look for zen moment or dynamic sway reduction perk for pvp. Apart from that, gnawing hunger (from reckoning) or galliard-42 (from forges) are the alternative options too.


Tomorrow’s Answer

The final weapon for this year’s trials will be tomorrow’s answer. Apart from its max blast radius, rocket launchers is pretty much the same these days after Bungie killed cluster bomb perk. Let’s hope rocket launcher will get some love in the future.


Maps and Rewards in Trials of Osiris so far

This section pretty much showcase the map that we got for the week and the rewards. It will be updated on weekly basis.

Week #1 – Burnout [13th March 2020 until 17th March 2020]

  • 3 wins – The Scholar (Scout Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Tomorrow’s Answer (Rocket Launcher)
  • 7 wins – Exile’s Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • Flawless – Gauntlet

Week #2 – Anomaly [20th March 2020 until 24th March 2020]

  • 3 wins – Astral Horizon (Shotgun)
  • 5 wins – The Summoner (Auto Rifle)
  • 7 wins – Gauntlet
  • Flawless – Chest Piece

Week #3 – Widows Court [27th March 2020 until 31st March 2020]

  • 3 wins – Tomorrow’s Answer (Rocket Launcher)
  • 5 wins – Gauntlet
  • 7 wins – Eye of Sol (Sniper Rifle)
  • Flawless – Class Item

Week #4 – Cauldron [3rd April 2020 until 7th April 2020]

  • 3 wins – Gauntlet
  • 5 wins – Exile’s Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • 7 wins – Chest Piece
  • Flawless – Helmet

Week #5 – Rusted Land [10th April 2020 until 14th April 2020]

  • 3 wins – The Scholar (Scout Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Tomorrow’s Answer (Rocket Launcher)
  • 7 wins – Astral Horizon (Shotgun)
  • Flawless – Boots

Week #6 – Exodus Blue [17th April 2020 until 21st April 2020]

  • 3 wins – The Summoner (Auto Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Chest Piece
  • 7 wins – Boots
  • Flawless – Gauntlet

Week #7 – Burnout [24th April 2020 until 28th April 2020]

  • 3 wins – Chest Piece
  • 5 wins – Eye of Sol (Sniper Rifle)
  • 7 wins – Exile’s Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • Flawless – Chest Piece

Week #8 – Anomaly [1st May 2020 until 5th May 2020]

  • 3 wins – Exile’s Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Astral Horizon (Shotgun)
  • 7 wins – Helmet
  • Flawless – Class Item

Week #9 – Javelin-4 [8th May 2020 until 12th May 2020]

  • 3 wins – The Scholar (Scout Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Boots
  • 7 wins – Eye of Sol (Sniper Rifle)
  • Flawless – Helmet

Week #10 – Midtown [15th May 2020 until 19th May 2020]

  • 3 wins – Boots
  • 5 wins – The Scholar (Scout Rifle)
  • 7 wins – Class Item
  • Flawless – Boots

Week #11 – Dead Cliffs [22nd May 2020 until 26th May 2020]

  • 3 wins – Eye of Sol (Sniper Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Tomorrow’s Answer (Rocket Launcher)
  • 7 wins – Summoner (Auto Rifle)
  • Flawless – Gauntlet

Week #12 – Altar of Flames [29th May 2020 until 2nd June 2020]

  • 3 wins – Astral Horizon (Shotgun)
  • 5 wins – Helmet
  • 7 wins – Gauntlet
  • Flawless – Chest Piece

Week #13 – Endless Vale [5th June 2020 until 9th June 2020]

  • 3 wins – Summoner (Auto Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Exile’s Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • 7 wins – Eye of Sol (Sniper Rifle)
  • Flawless – Class Item

Week #15 – Distant Shore [19th June 2020 until 23rd June 2020]

  • 3 wins – Exile of Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Eye of Sol (Sniper Rifle)
  • 7 wins – Gauntlet
  • Flawless – Chest Piece

Week #16 – Altar of Flame [26th June 2020 until 30th June 2020]

  • 3 wins – The Scholar (Scout Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Gauntlet
  • 7 wins – Tomorrow’s Answer (Rocket Launcher)
  • Flawless – Class Item

Week #17 – Dead Cliffs [3rd July 2020 until 7th July 2020]

  • 3 wins – Gloves
  • 5 wins – Exile’s Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • 7 wins – Chest Piece
  • Flawless – Helmet

Week #18 – Convergence [10th July 2020 until 14th July 2020]

  • 3 wins – Tomorrow’s Answer (Rocket Launcher)
  • 5 wins – Astral Horizon (Shotgun)
  • 7 wins – Summoner (Auto Rifle)
  • Flawless – Boots

Week #19 –  Pacifica [17th July 2020 until 21st July 2020]

  • 3 wins – The Scholar (Scout Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Chest Piece
  • 7 wins – Boots
  • Flawless – Gloves

Week #20 – Javelin-4 [24th July 2020 until 28th July 2020]

  • 3 wins – Chest Piece
  • 5 wins – Exile of Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • 7 wins – Eye of Sol (Sniper Rifle)
  • Flawless – Chest Piece

Week #21 – Distant Shore [31st July 2020 until 4th August 2020]

  • 3 wins – Summoner (Auto Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Tomorrow’s Answer (Rocket Launcher)
  • 7 wins – Helmet
  • Flawless – Class Item

Week #22 – Wormhaven [7th August 2020 until 11th August 2020]

  • 3 wins – Astral Horizon (Shotgun)
  • 5 wins – Boots
  • 7 wins – Exile of Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • Flawless – Helmet

Week #23 Bannerfall [14th August 2020 until 18th August 2020]

  • 3 wins – Boots
  • 5 wins – Sniper Rifle
  • 7 wins – Class Item
  • Flawless – Boots

Week #24 Convergence [21st August 2020 until 25th August 2020]

  • 3 wins – The Scholar (Scout Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Summoner (Auto Rifle)
  • 7 wins – Tomorrow’s Answer (Rocket Launcher)
  • Flawless – Gauntlet

Week #25 Meltdown [28th August 2020 until 1st September 2020]

  • 3 wins – Exile of Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Helmet
  • 7 wins – Gauntlet
  • Flawless – Chest Piece

Week #26 Javelin-4 [4th September 2020 until 8th September 2020]

  • 3 wins – Helmet
  • 5 wins – Summoner (Auto Rifle)
  • 7 wins – Astral Horizon
  • Flawless – Class Item

Week #27 Exodus Blue [11th September 2020 until 15th September 2020]

  • 3 wins – Tomorrow’s Answer (Rocket Launcher)
  • 5 wins – The Scholar (Scout Rifle)
  • 7 wins – Chest Piece
  • Flawless – Helmet

Week #28 Altar of Flame [18th September 2020 until 23rd September 2020]

  • 3 wins – Eye of Sol (Sniper Rifle)
  • 5 wins – Class Item
  • 7 wins – Summoner (Auto Rifle)
  • Flawless – Boots

Week #29 Dead Cliffs [25th September 2020 until 29th September 2020]

  • 3 wins – Astral Horizon (Shotgun)
  • 5 wins – Tomorrow’s Answer (Rocket Launcher)
  • 7 wins – Boots
  • Flawless – Gauntlet

Week #30 Convergence [2nd October 2020 until 6th October 2020]

  • 3 wins – Class Item
  • 5 wins – Exile’s Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • 7 wins – The Scholar (Scout Rifle)
  • Flawless – Chest Piece


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