How To Beat Garden Of Salvation Raid


In the recent Shadowkeep expansion, Garden of Salvation is the new raid that’s being release along with it. After all this time, we finally learnt about the darkness. They have been watching our every moves ever since in the early days. However, this time the darkness decided to test our light as a guardian. Once again we got to gather a fireteam of six and enter the black garden to face the challenge. Minimum power level to enter the raid is 900 and it will scales all the way up to 940 at the final boss. Finally, the raid consists of 4 encounters and has 2 secret chest along the way.

Here’s the encounter for the raid:

  • Track The Unknown Artifact Signal (1st Encounter)
  • Drawout The Consecrated Mind (2nd Encounter)
  • Subdue The Consecrated Mind (3rd Encounter)
  • Conquer The Sanctified Mind (4th Encounter)


Track The Unknown Artifact Signal (1st Encounter)

This is the first encounter for the raid. Simply split your team into two team. Have one team stays at the beginning part and another team move forward. Let’s just assume team that stays is team 1 and team that moves is team 2. For team 1, they will have to clear out the waves of enemies while having people to take turn to take the voltaic flow from the boss. Depending on how quick your team is, sometimes you will either take two or three voltaic flow and move forward.

Simultaneously while team 1 is doing their task, the members of team 2 will have to clear the enemies until angelic (vex hydra) spawns. The angelic will always lock the box so you will need to kill it in order to unlock the box. After you clear everything in the room, three of you should line up and tether the box. Line up properly so that you can unlock the door for team 1 to proceed.

After that, team 2 will stay in that area while clearing out the waves of enemies and take turn to grab voltaic flow from the boss. In the same instance, team 1 will have to clear out the angelic (vex hydra) and tether the box. This will then open the final area whereby you will have to unlock three locks this time in order to proceed to the final area.

For the final room, whichever person who already grab the voltaic flow should go up and help the people to tether the box to unlock it. Some of the box is tricky to just tether with three people so having four people will make the job easier. Finally, after you unlock the locks, you will need three people to sort of stay behind to grab the voltaic flow. While the other three people just sprint all the way to the end and just wait there.

Click the video below and see how our team did it:


Drawout The Consecrated Mind (2nd Encounter)

The second encounter for the raid which is fairly easily to beat. This encounter is similar to the one we’ve got in Vault of Glass where we got to defend the conflux. The area where you rally the flag will be Conflux 1, and moving on clockwise direction will be 2, 3 and 4 respectively. Assign one people to defend a conflux and two other people are basically floater. When starting the encounter, an angelic will spawn on conflux 1. Floater 1 and the designated person will have to kill it first before you can tether the box onto the relay station. As for conflux 2, 3 and 4 there will be an angelic and two barrier hobgoblins that spawn. Prioritize those first before you go to tether the box.

Let’s talk about the role of the floater first, floater 1 will be in charge of refreshing the enlightened buff for people defending conflux 1 and 2. Floater 2 will be in charge of refreshing the buff for people defending conflux 3 and 4. In a nutshell, these floater will use the portal respectively to transfer between their designated place.

Now let’s talk about the people who are in charge of defending the conflux. Their role will be defending the conflux, vex and minotaur with shield will try to sacrifice at the conflux. If there’s three vex sacrifice at the conflux, that will cause the entire team to wipe. So it is imperative to make sure you got enlightened buff at all time. Enlightened buff is needed to take down the shielded vexs. When your floater is at your conflux, you and the floater will tether the box and connect at the conflux to refresh the enlightened buff.

That’s is basically everything about this encounter, just defend the area until three angelic spawns in each conflux. After every side defeat the angelic, the middle pathway will be open. Everyone should gather up at the middle and defend the middle conflux. Same process, you will have to defeat the angelic to unlock the box and then tether at the conflux to receive enlightened buff.

Lastly, supplicants (suicide harpies) will spawn from time to time and shield vex as well. Be sure to take care of the ads and the angelic whenever it spawns. You will need to kill all of the angelic in order to be able to tether the box. Repeat the same process until a message prompts saying you beat the encounter.

Below is the showcase video of how our team did it, click the video if you’re interested:


Subdue The Consecrated Mind (3rd Encounter)

Finally after two encounters you get to finally fight this boss in this encounter. This entire area is basically the area you unlock on the previous encounter. The setup for this encounter will be team boss and team gambit. Each team consists of three people. Unlike the first two encounters, you will need to have a well coordinated team to beat this encounter without much hassle.

Without further due, let’s talk about team boss:

  • People in this fireteam will prioritize mainly on the boss. Observe it and follow to where ever the boss goes because that’s where it spits out the voltaic flow. You have roughly 3 seconds to pick up the voltaic flow because it wipes the entire team.
  • Each person in team boss will take turn to pick up the voltaic flow. The person who picks up the voltaic will shoots the middle part.
  • So simply step into the voltaic flow and called out the eyes that glows red. It can only be inner or outer.
  • At this point if team gambit is fast, you will only need the three people to pick up the voltaic flow. Otherwise, have one people switch from team boss with team gambit.
  • Simply do what your team is suppose to do until you all see “the consecrated mind is drawn to the overloaded relay” pops out on your screen.
  • Quickly head over to the relay station because that’s where you will all begin dps at.


The tasks for team gambit:

  • For team gambit, they will have to bank in 30 motes without allowing any vex sacrifice onto the relay station. The motes sequence that they need to bank in will be 5, 10, 10 and 5 motes.
  • Whenever you bank in motes you will receive enlightened buff. Use the buff to take down the vexs with shield and protect the relay station.
  • If you have the buff, you will have to stay at the relay station. Wait until someone bank in their motes then you switch with them.
  • Everytime you kill a minotaur, it will drop 5 motes and their spawn will be random everytime. The key for this is to find the minotaur and don’t wait for the minotaur to find you.
  • Every seconds you can save will in turn help those people from team boss.
  • If you successfully bank in 30 motes, a message says “the consecrated mind is drawn to the overloaded relay.” That’s the cue for dps phase.


Below will be the showcase video of how our team beat this encounter:


Conquer the Sanctified Mind (Final Encounter)

The last and final encounter for this raid. Recommended power level for this boss fight is 940 power level so try to get at least 935 power level. Before we go into the mechanics of this boss fight, I would like to recommend weapon loadouts that works perfectly for this boss. You can either go with izanagi’s burden and grenade launcher or tranquility (because you can get firing line perk) with whisper of the worm. I find both of this loadouts work very well in this encounter. Of course, the weapon for energy will be no other than recluse.

First of all, for this boss fight splits the team into two teams. Team 1 will be team blue (left side) and team 2 will be team orange (right side). Next both sides will assign L1, L2, R1 and R2 respectively. The remaining one person of each side will stay outside and in charge of clearing the ads and take down cyclops whenever it spawns. From the picture above, shoots the respective sides that you need to pull out the people from other area.

Here’s the full breakdown for the boss mechanics:

  • Our team decided to finish up the left side first then only go to right side. Feel free to choose whichever sides you team wants.
  • Start the encounter and kill the angelic that spawns to unlock the tether box. After that wait for the glowing part to spawn and shoot it afterwards.
  • Since our team goes to left side first so we shoot the knee to open up the portal to go into blue side. For this, L1 and R1 will go into the blue side and collect motes. You can only collect up to 15 motes per entry.
  • Wait for them to make the callout to bring them out. As soon as you shoot the knee to open up the portal. L2 and R2 will be ready to enter the portal immediately.
  • At the same instance, L1 and R1 will bank in the motes into the relay station and received the enlightened buff. You will need the buff to take the shield off the vex enemies.
  • Once L2 and R2 got their 15 motes, pull them out and bank in the 15 motes into the relay station.
  • Assuming none of the vex sacrifice at the relay station, a message indicates “the tether is pulsing with light energy” should pops out. This means that the relay station is full.
  • While the people entering in and out to collect motes, the boss may take platform away from whichever side. So before you build platform make sure to kill all the ads first. Most of the platform can be built with only two people except for the further left/right side and the back.
  • Repeat the same process on the orange side until a message “the tether is pulsing with dark energy” pops out.
  • As soon as you saw that, an angelic and vexs will spawn. Kill the angelic to unlock the tether box and wait for the cross sign to appear.
  • If you see orange sign first, it means right side will have to tether first then follow up by the blue side for the second tether to start the dps phase and vice versa.
  • Rinse and repeat until you beat this boss.


Here’s the showcase on how my team beat this encounter:


That’s pretty much everything you need to know about this raid for now. I will update this post when the raid challenge drops in few weeks time. Until then, get those sweet loot from this raid!

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