How To Start Being Better at Gambit When You’re Bad

Gambit is a new (PvE) versus (PvE) game mode that are being released since Forsaken DLC drops. It is a 4v4 competitive game mode and power level matters in this playlist. This game mode is all about which team are able to take down enemies in the map to collect motes and bank in. Whichever team gets to bank in 75 motes will get to summon a Primeval, take it down first to win the round. It’s best 2 out of 3 round in a game.

What makes this game mode unique is that besides contesting whoever gets to 75 motes first, a player from the opposition team will be able to invade into your map. First invading opportunity will be at 25 motes, 50 motes and certain threshold in Primeval health. Invading is a good opportunity to invade your opponents map and take down the players with motes. By doing so, you will be slowing the opposition team down. So, it is extremely crucial for whoever invading to make a good play.


Before we discuss more about Gambit let’s talk about the basic information that everyone needs. Gambit consists of 15 ranks in total. Like PvP crucible, rank starts from Guardian all the way to Legend in order to reset Infamy rank. Players will need a total of 15,000 Infamy points in order to reset but fear not the points earn per match are a lot.

As you rank up higher the points gain will slowly being reduced. At the final Legend rank where you need 3,000 points to reset but once you cross 1,500 points the player will only gain points for winning whereas losing will net 0 points.

Here’s the breakdown of Gambit rank:

250 points                                      350 points                                       400 points
450 points                                         500 points                                         550 points
600 points                                           650 points                                       750 points
850 points                                         1000 points                                      1150 points
1300 points                                   1500 points                                    1700 points
3000 points

So those are the amount of points needed to rank up for each rank. And accumulating all those points will be 15,000 points which will be need from Guardian I to Legend. Be ready to spend some time on Gambit guardian!

What Types of Enemies are There in Gambit?

There will be 4 types of enemies which are Fallen, Cabal, Hive and Scorn. It will be picked randomly by The Drifter before the match begins. As for the Primeval, it will always be in the form of Taken enemies. There are currently 5 types of Primeval which is Primeval Orge, Primeval Captain, Primeval Knight, Primeval Minotaur and Ascendant Primeval Servitor.

Ascendant Primeval Servitor will be the rare Primeval that players need to defeat it in order to start the quest line for Malfeasance. Malfeasance is the exotic hand cannon that are being tied to Gambit. This Primeval will have higher chances of spawning during Taken week in Dreaming City.

How Many Maps are There in Gambit?

There are currently 4 maps in Gambit playlist which are Emerald Coast (from Gambit beta), Legion’s Folly, Kell’s Grave and Cathedral of Scars. There will be more maps to be added in future expansion or updates.

What are the Best Subclass to Pick?

Allow me to breakdown each and every character’s subclass that will help boost your chance of winning the gambit match. Whether I’m solo queue or run in stack, one thing I always make sure is to run the proper subclass for the activity I’m doing.

Here’s the breakdown for each characters:


Let’s begin with the subclass for hunters which are gunslinger, blade barrage, arc strider and nightstalker. Personally, I would pick blade barrage over gunslinger because of the versatility of blade barrage. It allows you to focus maximum damage on a single target or swap around you blade for crowd clearing. If you have Shards of Galanor, exotic gauntlet for blade barrage that will come in handy as it returns super energy to the user upon killing enemies.

Besides that, nightstalker with Orpheus Rig is another good option to run simply because of the tether. A good nightstalker can almost control most of the enemies while generating orbs for your teammates at the same time. More orbs means more super for your teammates which in turn allows them to clear enemies faster.

Based on my personal experience, I find out nightstalker yield a consistent results whether I’m solo queue or running stack with my friends. Nevertheless, Blade Barrage is good to have once you have a nightstalker in your team. With that I’m not convince to run arc strider for gambit because blade barrage or nightstalker could perform the job efficiently than an arc strider.


There is only two subclass that I will pick when running warlock in gambit. The first choice are no doubt other than a dawnblade or well of radiance. Pair up EP shotty with Lunafaction Boots and you’re set for burning down Primeval in matter of seconds. In case, you want to run dawnblade be sure to run the bottom tree dawnblade. The reason why is because bottom tree perk extends your super longer when you hit the enemies. Thus, it is a very good ad clearing super.

If you were to run dawnblade, you will be able to clear the waves of enemies very fast but you’re lacking of protection during Primeval phase. In contrast to running well of radiance which grants you healing and empowering buff but you’re lacking of roaming super to clear the enemies faster. Make your choice well guardian.

Finally, the other subclass will be arc subclass, either run stormcallers with Crown Tempest or chaos reach with Geomag Stabilizers. Crown Tempest prolong the duration of stormcallers which you will notice the significant difference. On the other hand, Geomag Stabilizers extends the duration of chaos reach for every kill during super activation.


For titan, I would personally pick sunbreakers with melting point. Just like in Year 1, pair the sunbreaker with synthoceps and you’re set. Many people don’t realize that synthoceps allows the users to throw at least an additional or two hammers before it run out. So, during Primeval phase, titan could always perform melting point and burn it down with EP Shotty. Don’t be suprise with how much of a damage buff a melting could do.

What are the Best Choices for Weapons?

In terms of weapon recommendation, I would prefer to go with the Destiny 1 weapon loadouts. For those who aren’t familiar with the term D1 loadouts, it is basically a primary, secondary and heavy weapon. Needless to say, run any primary weapon of your favourite choice (hand cannon, auto rifle, pulse rifle, or scout rifle).

For secondary slot, EP shotty by far the best if you have it because of it’s burst damage and trench barrel perks. Lastly, choices for heavy weapon will be queen’s breaker bow, sleeper simulant, 1000 voices and whisper of the worm. Those are the four top picks by most of the players.

Most of the encounters in gambit is likely to be a close quarter combat so scout rifle is kinda redundant in this scenario. Most players run either hand cannon or pulse rifle. Having any full auto shotgun is good for clearing out high value targets or taken enemies sent by your opponent team. As for the power weapon, it is up to you to use whichever weapon you’re comfortable with.

Why running double primaries is not recommended?

Running double primaries will be slow down overall kill time which means that you’re going to be a burden for your team. Taking longer time to clear out waves of enemies means that you’re indirectly giving advantages for your opponent team. By that, the opposing team clear out their waves faster and able to send more taken enemies over your side.

Not to forget for every 25 and 50 motes, invader will be able to invade your map and this will slows down the progress for your team.

Let’s recap again for the weapon recommendation:

Primary Weapons:

  • Hand Cannon
  • Pulse Rifle

Special Weapons:

  • Shotgun

Power Weapon:

  • Queen’s Breaker Bow
  • Sleeper Simulant
  • 1000 voices
  • Whisper of the Worm

If you will like to find out more about Gambit and stuff, Datto does have a good video on Gambit. Here’s the link to Datto’s video.

That’s if all that you will need to know on how to be a better players on Gambit. Enjoy the infamy grinding!!