Destiny 2 Menagerie: The Ultimate Guide


Menagerie is the latest 6 man activity that was released during the Season of Opulence. It is part of the DLC’s new content and this activity is going to take place back in the leviathan. As you progress in the activity, the power level for the enemies will slowly scales up to 740 so try to get close to 740 to beat this activity with ease. What makes this activity unique is that every time you go into the menagerie, there is going to be different type of encounters. Every encounter has its own objective. Thus, being able to clear the encounter with time left will rewards you a triumph.

For every related menagerie triumph you get, you will be rewarded 500 imperials. Imperials is the currency that you need to upgrade your chalice. You can earn imperials through activities such as strikes, gambit, crucible and the chest on menagerie. The chalice of opulence is an item that you can upgrade as you get more imperials. You can use it forge weapons or armors by slotting different combination of runes. The more upgrade you have, the more runes you can obtain. Hence, more choices you will have. Lastly, there are 3 different bosses in the menagerie and it will be on weekly rotation basis and heroic mode will be release later on. Here’s the encounters that is on menagerie:

  • The Crystals
  • The Arkborn
  • The Gauntlets
  • The Hunted
  • The Mockery
  • The Riposte


The Crystals

This encounter requires players to kill the harpies to get the cranium. After that use the cranium to destroy the crystals that spawn in either side of the room. You will need to repeat this for 3 times until the boss comes out. Successfully killing the boss with time left will unlock the “time manipulation” triumph. If you still need imperials to upgrade your chalice, getting all these triumphs done will help speed up the process for.


The Arkborn

The arkborn is a pretty simple encounter, in fact this could probably be one of the easiest encounter among all in the menagerie. There will be “haven” that spawn in either red room, middle lane or green room. Haven is a statue that let players to dunk soul carrier into it. 2 haven will spawn at the first two waves until 3 haven spawn at the final encounter. When there’s 2 haven, the fireteam can be split into 2 groups and split into 3 groups when there’s 3 haven spawn. All you got to do is run around the map and collect the soul carrier, you can collect up to 3 souls and you will have to dunk into the haven. You got 15 seconds to dunk before you run out of time and die. Finally, successfully completing this encounter with time left will unlock the “faster than lightning” triumph.


The Gauntlets

Gauntlets encounter requires all 6 players to successfully reach the finishing line for 3 times. For this encounter there are 2 separate triumphs which are “chariots of fire” and “going the distance”. If you and your team complete a run in the gauntlet where all six players complete any lap together will unlock “chariots of fire”. As for “going the distance” triumph it requires all six players to complete all laps with perfect score. Which is difficult if your teammate is bad at jumping. And that’s the legit way for getting the triumphs for this encounter. However, currently there’s a cheese to get this triumph whereby you only need 1 person to make it to the finishing line and kill himself/herself with grenade launcher. That will be counted towards the triumph. Kills the enemies and boss and repeat this for two more times and you shall get both triumphs complete.


The Hunted

The hunted encounter is all about capturing zones while killing the treasured knight fast. Sometimes it can be only a capture point or 2. If it’s two zone to capture, it’s best to split the team into two groups. That way you can save time and use it to kill the knights. Upon successfully complete this triumph, you will get the “The Hunted Becomes The…” triumph.


The Mockery

This encounter is pretty similar to arkborn encounter. Instead of collecting soul carrier, this time you will need to kill the hive wizards to grab an orb and dunk into the haven. The haven will have a certain time limit on it before it’s destroy completely and as such you won’t be able to get the triumphs anymore. You need to keep on dunk the orb into the haven the expand the radius of the haven which will prevent you from losing health. The faster you dunk, the faster you will fill up the haven. Keep repeating until you see the message saying that the haven has been filled. As a result, orges and wizards are going to spawn. Those are the bosses for this encounter and you will have to kill it quick. Lastly, successfully complete this encounter with time limit on and you will get the “safe haven” triumph.


The Riposte

Riposte encounter is mainly about killing the hive knights and get the sword. You will need the sword to break the knights and orges shield. If you die while holding the sword, you will lose it forever. Break the shield and kill three hive knights and three orges. Finally, a giant orge will spawn and that’s the boss for the encounter. As long as you’re able to kill it with time left, you will get the triumph. Lastly, the triumph for this encounter is “parry,strike,parry”.


Here’s the showcase of all the encounters that you can find in the menagerie


Menagerie Bosses

For the menagerie activities there are only 3 bosses and they are on rotation basis. The bosses are Pagouri, Hasapiko and Arunak. The rotation will start from hasapiko, arunak then finally pagouri. In case, you’re still in need of imperial seals then completing the triumphs on these bosses will give you 500 each.

First of all, the “Divided We Conquer” triumph from Hasapiko requires only a person to break the shield. You will not get the triumph if you have more than a person breaking hasapiko’s shield. Next, “Eyes Only for You” triumph is from Arunak which requires you to kill it without killing any of the hive knights that spawn. The safest way to do this triumph is to 1 phase the boss and with proper group set up you can definitely get it.

Finally, “Come Out and Play” triumph from Pagouri requires you to teleport the boss once at least to left, middle and right side before killing it. If you happen to summon it onto the same side twice then you will fail to get the triumph.


Heroic Menagerie

Heroic Menagerie was released after the three boss rotation on the normal menagerie. This activity is set at 770 power level and extinguish modifier is always active. Extinguish is the modifier that send your entire team back to orbit if everyone dies. Thus, making this activity a challenging yet rewarding activity to do.

Similar to normal menagerie, there are three triumphs which requires your entire team to be flawless to achieve it. It is also part of the requirement to get the shadow seal complete. So, for those who are going after the seal it is recommended that you get it before the boss changes on next reset. You will have to wait for next rotation if that happens.

Lastly, upon a first successful heroic menagerie run, you will get an emblem. Not only that, the boss has a chance to drop the ship as well as character based sword.

“Break A Leg” triumph

This is the flawless triumph from Hasapiko which requires you and your entire fireteam to be flawless. Our group decided to use the sword start as to block the lethal walls. We find it to be pretty good especially when you have well of radiance on. While other groups may prefer to use titan bubble, shooting the hand to make the wall non-lethal or even jumping around to dodge the wall. Use whichever strat that you’re comfortable with.

Below will be the showcase of video on how our group did it:


“Uncontrolled Rage” triumph

Uncontrolled Rage triumph is only obtainable through the second boss in the heroic menagerie. It requires a flawless run which means no one in the fireteam can die. Otherwise you will fail the run indirectly. Among the three bosses in the menagerie, Arunak probably considered the hardest among all. Firstly, it’s 770 power level activity and the orge blast melts you instantly if you don’t take cover.

Here’s the breakdown of our team setup:

  • 3 banner shield titan and 3 warlock with well of radiance. Lunafaction boots is a must for this.
  • As for the weapon grenade launcher is highly recommended such as mountaintop, outrageous fortune and swarm of raven. Energy weapon doesn’t matter for this run.
  • Warlocks and titans will assigned a number for themselves to use their super accordingly. Well of radiance will be setup behind the big pillar which gives a cover from the orge.
  • Banner shield titan with ursa furiosa will take turn to use their super. The main purpose is to tank the orge blast and cursed thralls. Other people can grab the relic and throw it at the boss to break its shield.
  • Give a call out once the shield is down to one last hit. Assigned a person to throw the relic at the boss.
  • Once everyone is ready, have a sentinel titan lead the group up and get ready for dps.
  • This is more likely a 2 phase boss fight. Thus, rinse and repeat until you beat him


Click the video below, and see how our group do it:


“Lambs to the Slaughter” triumph

The third and final flawless triumph that you need in order to get the shadow title. This triumph can only be acquired from the third menagerie boss, Pagouri in heroic mode. In terms of difficultly, this boss is similar to Hasapiko (the first boss). The only things that you have to watch out is the cyclops, minotaur and self destruct harpies (only spawns during boss dps phase). They are all 770 power level which means they can easily kill you if you don’t engage them smartly.

Here’s the breakdown of our team setup:

  • For Pagouri, our team goes with 4 banner shield titan and 2 well of radiance warlock. Ursa furiosa is highly recommend for the titans and lunafaction boots for the warlock.
  • The weapon recommendation for this boss is mountaintop and prospector. Prospector is recommend because it’s an arc singe.
  • Besides that, the match game modifier will be active in this boss fight. Try to split between arc and void weapons for energy slot. Arc weapons for harpies and void weapons for minotaur.
  • Prior to the boss fight save up your heavy during the arkborn encounter. And at the beginning of the boss fight, plant a flag but don’t rally it yet.
  • At the starting area, pop a well of radiance, start the encounter and have everyone empty their prospector ammo. Then quickly rally the flag to replenish the ammo.
  • Titans and warlock will pop their banner shield accordingly. Watch out for the cyclops, minotaur and self destruct harpies (spawn during DPS phase).
  • Always use the banner shield to lead the group just like previous boss fight. This is going to be a two phase boss fight.


Click the video below and see how our group beat it:


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