Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout


Fall was the latest platformer game that was released back in August 2020. At a point it reached a peaked of 15.6 millions players across multiple platforms. So far, the game is only available on playstation and pc. As a quick introduction, fall guys is a 60 people battle royale game mode. Starting on round 1, players will have to qualify all to make it to next round until final. Whoever that win the final round will get to walk back with a crown. The crowns that you accumulate can be use to purchase cosmetic items that require crowns as currency.

First of all, think of fall guys as a game that you play when you want to chill and have fun. Never take this game too seriously otherwise you will end up getting frustrated instead of enjoying yourself. For this game, you can either solo queue or squad up. A maximum of 4 players in a squad. If you have friends that play this, go squad up and get some laughter among yourselves.

However, there is slight skill based match making in this game. As you became a more experience player, you will not be queue up against new players. I suppose this is made as a protection against new players. From a new player perspective, it is not enjoyable to constantly get eliminated by experienced players.




Besides, fall guys is a platformer battle royale game so expect a lot of platform jumping game modes. If you played lots of platforming games in the past, you will most likely have no problem in this game. In comparison to people who are new to platform game, it might take a while for them to get used to it.

At the launch of season 1, there’s a battle pass that comes along with it. The battle pass capped at level 40. Players rank up the battle pass by playing the game. In other words, the more rounds you qualify, the more exp you earn per game.

Hence, you level up quicker. The in game currency kudos, can be use to purchase patterns or costumes. There are also epic or legendary items but you will crowns to purchase those. The only way to get crown is by winning a game or redeem the free ones from the battle pass.

At the shop section, there are featured and regular items. This is where you can spend your crowns and kudos. As the saying goes “look good to play good”. Regular items refresh on daily whereas featured items stays longer.

With that, let’s get into the content so far:

Season 1


In Season 1, there are six different types of game modes that players can get. It goes by race, logic, survival, hunt, team and final round. Some of the game mode have different type of variations. For example in race round, there’s a chance player might get door dash, gate crash or see saw.

Here’s the list of in depth types of game modes:


  • Dizzy Heights
  • Door Dash
  • Gate Crash
  • Hit Parade
  • See Saw
  • The Whirly Gig
  • Fruit Chute
  • Slime Climb
  • Tip Toe


  • Perfect Match


  • Block Party
  • Jump Club
  • Roll Out


  • Tail Tag


  • Egg Scramble
  • Fall Ball
  • Hoardes
  • Hoopsie Daisy
  • Rock N Roll
  • Team Tail Tag
  • Jinxed

Final Round

  • Fall Mountain
  • Hex-A-Gone
  • Jump Showdown
  • Royal Fumble


1. Race


Race rounds are usually the first round that you will get whenever you start a game. Consider this as a qualifying round. As far as I know, the ones that aren’t in the first round so far are fruit chute, slime climb and tip toe. The rest you willl pretty much get it in the first round.


1.1) Dizzy Heights


At the beginning of the race, you will have to go through series of spinning wheels. Once you get pass that, you will then have to make your way up while avoiding the giant balls that rolling down.

In this scenario, I’ve decided to use lane 3 and 4. With that, I can alternate between gap of those two lanes to avoid getting hit by the balls. Your character will slow down if you get hit by the ball.

After that, there’s a series of spinning wheels again. If you make it through the top you will save plenty of time and won’t risk in getting yourself eliminated. In worst case scenario, if you accidentally fall down below, you will have to make your way back up. Depending on where you fall, you will have to jump through few boards while moving forward. The board spins either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

This will be your final hurdle before you qualify for the round. While you’re on the spinning platform, try your best to dodge the incoming balls. After that, just walk all the way up to the finishing line.


1.2) Door Dash


This game mode relies on luck. Pretty much you got to guess a door and go through it. If it repels then that’s the wrong door. It opens up if it’s the right door. Some players may be unlucky at the start but the end up qualifying for the round simply because they got lucky at the end.

At the start of the race, you will have 7 doors to begin with. As you progress further, the number of door decreases all the way to 3 doors.

For this instance, I guess correctly and was able to progress into the next area. The p-body player beside me was not so lucky. The person guess the wrong door and had to move over to the pathway that was open.


1.3) Gate Crash


For gate crash, you will want to avoid moving door to progress. My starts for this is always head towards the door that closed then wait for it to open.

As you progress towards the end, you will have to avoid the moving doors and pillars as well. All the doors have their timing in opening and closing. So be patient, observer the timing then make your move.

When you head towards the finishing line always go for the door that is close. Start building up momentum speed then jump and dive towards the end to make sure you make it through.


1.4) Hit Parade


At the starting point, you can either jump down and slide your way through the slime or jump on the beam. From my experience, jumping on the beam is a lot quicker but high chance you will bump into others.

For this section, you can either choose to lead or follow the crowd. Because you will need more than one person to move the door. If someone else is pushing the door in opposite direction it will not open as it cancels out the effect.

After you get past the door, you need to watch out on the wrecking balls. Getting hit by it will likely caused you to get eliminated in this round. I love to strafe along the wrecking balls as it can help speed up myself during this section.

To qualify for this round, you will have to sneak pass these donut moving pillars. I usually prefer to go either left or right side. Also, try avoid getting hit by the pillars because it can spawn trap you in the corner and waste a lot of your time.


1.5) See Saw


For this game mode, it’s highly dependent on where you spawn. You get advantage for spawning in the front two rows. Whereas if you spawn at the back, you will have to wait for the board to go back into balance before you can jump over.

Having too many people jumping at once will cause the board to be in a very steep position. As soon as you jump onto it, you are most likely to fall and respawn.

Having the advantage spawn allows you to easily get through all the boards without too much of hassle. The board won’t move that erratic as compared to tens of jumping jumping onto it at once. Make sure to take advantage of good spawn.


1.6) The Whirly Gig


At the start of the race, you will come across 4 platforms with a spinning pole around it. You can either jump across the pole as you make your way through it or let the pole yeet you across.

In this run, I let the pole swing me across the end. If you are lucky enough, the pole can swing you all the way to the end in a matter of time.

For this section, you have the choice to either use middle or left/right pathway. Left/right pathway is slower but the safest way to do it. As long as you time your jump, you’re most likely to make it.

Another scenario, would be me taking the middle pathway. The trick for this is to go up left side and hope the windmill will knock you over to the right side and drop down. I’ve been using this trick and it work pretty consistent for me.

If you can make the middle pathway on your first try, you are gonna be ahead of other players. After that, take your time and jump over the final windmill and make your way up to the finishing line.


1.7) Fruit Chute


When I first started playing fall guys, fruit chute was one of my worst game mode. I always failed to qualify for this round because I don’t now the proper way to play it.

At the start of the race, jump and dive into the middle pathway then slowly move towards the right side.

Once you are on the right side, you can use the pink sponge to block the incoming fruits.

Keep hugging on the right side while making your way to the end. Sometimes if you’re lucky, other players can be your shield and take the incoming fruits for you instead.


1.8) Slime Climb


Slime climb is one of the race that many people get eliminated in. This is because as soon as the race starts, the strawberry juice starting to fill up the floor.

You will get eliminated if you get caught by the juice. For starters, I will always try to jump onto the yellow sponge to launch me onto the next platform.

In this section, make your way up by dodging the balls and time your jump before you move across the platforms.

After that make your way through the conveyor belts with moving pillars. Take your time and walk through the yellow beams to progress further.

By now, you’re 3/4 of the entire race. Make your way through the slimy floor with spinning hammers. And then take your time to pass through the knockout pillars. You will fall down below if you get hit by the pillars.

Finally, you have to get pass through the slimy floor with moving pillars. Strafe along the pillar works well for me. At the end section, there will be 3 wrecking balls swinging in and out. Take your time and go through it.


1.9) Tip Toe


Tip toe is also one of my kryptonite last time when I first started playing. Players usually get tip toe as the round before final round if the number is not an even number. In order to get team game, the number of players remaining have to be an even number.

At the start of the race, you can jump and dive as a way to quickly guess the platform. If you guess it right, you can keep on jump and dive to guess new pathway.

You know the tiles are fake if you stand near it and it shakes. And you will want to slow down once you are all on the last few row of tiles. Sometimes with too many players it can get a little pushy and people will start to fall off. Another alternative for this is to try your luck and volunteer to jump. But if you fail,  you will give other players the opportunity to complete the race.


2. Logic


Logic game mode usually appears during mid-game. In season 1, the only logic game mode we have is perfect match.


2.1) Perfect Match


Perfect mach is a three round game with increasing pictures of fruits per round. Thus, having a good memory helps this game mode. The first round will only have two fruits and it’s easy to remember.

You got 14 seconds to remember what fruits on what tiles. And 4 seconds to head over to the correct tiles. Once the screen show picture of the fruit, you have to head over there immediately.

In this instance, the player falls off from the platform because he/she went over to the wrong tiles.

Third round can be tricky with 6 pictures of fruits to remember in a short time. Try your best to remember as many as you can. With only 14 seconds to spare, some of the tiles are only shown once.


3. Survival


Survival type of games are you got to survive as long as possible at a given amount of time. Take block party for example, you will have more and more hurdles to jump over as the time goes by. In roll, you will see more gaps among platforms thus making you a lot harder to move.