How To Beat Far Cry 5 In Under 20 Hours

Today I would like to share with you some tips and tricks on how to beat far cry 5 in under 20 hours or less. This game was only released on 27th March which was not long ago. I have been a fan of far cry series and this is again is another masterpiece created by Ubisoft.

What Is Far Cry 5?

In case you never heard of this franchise before, Far Cry 5 is an action adventure first person shooter game developed by Ubisoft. The game is set in an open world environment and it takes place in a town called Hope County, Montana.

This genre kind of game always have challenges, skills, story and side missions and etc. The gameplay is not linear or in other words you are free to explore do side missions and finish the game whenever you want. You are not bound to finishing the story mission first.

What you should focus on first since there’s a lot to do?

Without wasting more time, let’s dive into these tips.

1.Make these skills your first priority

Whenever you have enough perks points be sure to upgrade it first.

Under your survivalist skill tree:


King Of Jungle

Reduced animal attack damage. Predators will likely to attack enemies over you. Prey animals will flee from you.

Points Needed: 6 Points

Advantage: This skill is very helpful in terms of reducing damage taken. Lesser damage taken equal less medkit consumption. Take this opportunity to finish off the enemies when they are concentrating on the predators.




Harvest Master

Double loot rewards from plants and animals.

Points Needed: 8 Points

Advantage: Reduces the resources needed for crafting homeopathic. Homeopathic can grants your character temporary speed, defense and melee damage boost depending on which. Animal skins that you harvest can be sold for cash.



Under renegade skill tree:



Deployable whenever you are on a high area or falling down.

Points Needed: 1 Point

Advantage: This is the only prerequisite for wingsuit and air drop.







Deploy it by using L3 on controller. Able to switch between wingsuit or parachute while in mid-flight which allows you to cover more distance.

Points Needed: 4 Points

Advantage: Able to travel further with this compare to just parachute alone, thus reducing time needed to travel.





Instead of fast traveling to a location, you have an option to use airdrop instead.

Points Needed: 10 Points

Advantage: Third and final prerequisite. With this all, you need to do is have certain location unlock and use airdrop. Take full advantage of wingsuit to travel to new location instead of driving vehicle or walk. Be sure to deploy parachute (about 150-180m) to land safely.




Weapon Pro

Faster aiming and reload speed for SMG and shotgun. Bullet spread and weapon sway are reduced.

Points Needed: 6 Points

Advantage: Having faster reload speed in combat engagement sometimes can save your lives. With weapon sway and bullet spread reduced, this will help you to land your shots more consistent.




Rifle Mastery

Faster aiming and reload speed for rifles and sniper rifles. Bullet spread and weapon sway are reduced.

Points Needed: 7 Points

Advantage: When using sniper rifle, you are able to use hold breathe option. This will help stabilize your sniper rifle for few seconds before it starts to sway again. Thus, reducing weapon sway is to help you land your shots better when the hold breathe option is unavailable.


Under assassin skill tree:



Find grapple spot in the world and use. With grapple tool you can climb up and down quickly.

Points Needed: 1 Point

Advantage: Basic necessity for climbing rocky area whenever grapple spot is available. Some prepper stash area require grapple too.




Sneaky Sprint

Move much faster while staying crouched.

Points Needed: 4 Points

Advantage: If your combat approach is more on stealth, getting this skill is very helpful.






Takedown Mastery

Unlocks chain, melee and sidearm takedowns. Increases takedown range.

Points Needed: 6 Points

Advantage: With sneaky sprint, you can reach your enemies much faster and using this skill allows you to do multiple takedowns as long as they within the range.






You make less noise when walking, sprinting and landing. Falling damage reduced.

Points Needed: 7 Points

Advantage: With this skill unlock, you can basically sprint towards enemies and perform takedown. However, there is a distance threshold for this. If you start sprinting too far from the enemies, they will notice you. This will take some time to practice.





Stealthily unlocks safes and doors that does not require key.

Points Needed: 6 Points

Advantage: Most of the prepper stash that you discover are more likely to have a safe in it. With this skill, you can unlock the safe and get the rewards in it.





Master Blaster

Reduced the amount of crafting resources needed for remote and proximity explosive by 50%.

Points Needed: 5 Points

Advantage: You can craft even more explosive with this skill unlock. No need to be afraid of running low on crafting resources anymore.



Under prepper skill tree:


Additional Holster

Carry a 3rd weapon of any type in weapon wheel.

Points Needed: 8 Points

Advantage: Extremely useful for having to be able to carry additional weapon.






Weapon Collector

Carry a 4th weapon of any type in weapon wheel.

Points Needed: 9 Points

Advantage: The more weapon slot you have, the more varieties of weapon you can carry. That being said this skill is a prerequisite from additional holster and there’s also a story progress requirement before you can unlock it.




Well, there you go with all the basic skills that you need to beat game. I didn’t spend any perk points for leadership skill tree as I felt it’s redundant to do so. Unless you have additional perks points to spend but there are other skills that is better to spend on. As long as you are able to revive your partner on time, you are good.

So, with all the skill the total perk points require will be 88 perk points.

This lead us to the next question…

How do I earn those perk points?

For starters, you can earn perk points by completing various challenges that is available. These challenges consist of type of weapon kill, hunting, guns for hire and etc. It is pretty easy to do it so whenever you got a particular quickly finish up the challenge and get those perk points. Besides challenges, you can also obtain perk points through prepper stash.

What Is Prepper Stash?

Prepper stash is a bunker but before you can access it, there are certain objectives that you have to do. For example, a bunker will require you to drain out the water before you can enter. The most common ones are to find a key surrounding the area and unlock the door. Once you unlock the door, you will be able to access the bunker.

Inside the bunker is where you reap your rewards. Most of the time it contains a safe, various type of weapon, ammo, crafting resources and 3 perk points per prepper stash. Like I mentioned above, with locksmith skill that you’ve got, you get to unlock the safe. The safe usually contains lots of cash and sometimes silver bars.

How Do I Find This Prepper Stash?

Prepper stash information are obtainable whenever you rescue a civilian from the cults. As long as you see a diamond like symbol above their head, you just have to rescue them and talk to them afterwards. The symbol is just like the one on the map. Once you finish talking to them prepper stash location will appear on your map. Occasionally, you will find npcs free roaming around places and you just have to talk to them.

Now with the basic skills that you need and how to earn these perk points, let’s move onto the next tips.

2.Get This Bullet Soaking Armor

Whenever you get a chance to restock your supplies from the vendor, be sure to spend $200 on this body armor. It helps to reduce damage taken from enemies which is why I called it bullet soaking armor.

When you have this on, you can see a blue appear on top of your health bar. Beware though, this body armor doesn’t grants you invisibility. In fact it will depletes pretty fast if you are face tanking enemy gunshots.

Also, if you constantly explore new prepper stash, chances are you will most likely to come across this body armor inside the bunker.

3.Light Up Them Up Like Fireworks

Besides your weapons, you can actually make use of your throwables. Throwables could be grenades, remote explosives, proximity explosives, throwing knifes and etc. My personal favorite are grenades and remote explosive.

The 2 mentioned above throwables are very useful in exploding the silos (which you will find in John Seed’s terriroty) and enemy vehicles. As long as you constantly explore prepper stash, you will never run out of crafting resource. Also, with the help of master blaster which helps reducing amount of crafting resources comes in handy for this.

4. Weapons Of Choice and Mods

As usual my weapons of choice will always consists of a sidearm, shotgun, assault rifle and sniper rifle. Sidearm and shotgun for close range attacks. Assault rifle for close and mid-range attacks and sniper rifle for long range attacks. For sidearm, you can alternate between grenade launcher or revolver/pistol.

For weapon mods, always go for the mods that increases weapon accuracy and range. With rifle mastery and weapon pro I mentioned earlier, we can ignore the weapon mods that helps with handling speed. That bonus reload speed that the skill grants you are more than sufficient. Silencer is a must have weapon mods for most of your weapons beside sidearm. Silencer helps in stealth combat approach.

How Do I View Weapon Customization?

To view weapon mods, once you have unlocked or purchase certain weapons just go into the customization menu and there you will see all the weapon mods available for purchase. If you played The Division before, the weapon and mods are pretty much the same. With the money you have accumulate from prepper stash, you shouldn’t have any problem in purchasing the mods.

This bring us to the next question…

Which Combat Engagement Approach Should I Go?

Before we go into combat engagement approach, you should always take the camera out and scan for nearby enemies or use a consumables under homeopathic that auto tracks nearby enemies. These 2 utilities are very useful.

Aggressive vs Passive Combat Approach

Aggressive combat approach your weapon of choice will be:

Sidearm: Pistol/Grenade Launcher

Weapon #1: Assault Rifle

Weapon #2: Rocket Launcher/RAT4 (which will be available for you as you progress more on the story mission)

Weapon #3: Shotgun

With this choice of weapons, you want to be able to consistently close your gap between the enemies and you. Assault rifle and shotgun are good for close quarter combat and cleaning up enemies.

In case of enemies manage to sound the alarm for reinforcements, you can take out your rocket launcher or remote explosive for blowing the vehicles. Reinforcements can be in vehicles or choppers. If you don’t have rocket launcher, you can use a sniper rifle with armor piercing rounds, just aim for the pilot.

Passive combat approach your weapon of choice will be:

Sidearm: Pistol or revolver

Weapon #1: Assault Rifle

Weapon #2: Sniper Rifle

Weapon #3: Bow

With this choice of weapons, it will generally promote more on stealth gameplay. With this set up, you will want to stay back from your enemies and just snipe them one by one from far. Rifle Mastery which reduced weapon sway comes in handy for this when the hold breath option is in cooldown. If the enemies are in range, you can use bow or throwing knife to stealth kill them.

In case you don’t know, if you liberate an outpost without being detected you will earn more cash.

Well that being said, this is all the tips that you will need to beat the in under 20 hours or less. I hope these tips will help you out!

Leave a comment down below if you have any question for me.