What Is Muspelheim Trials?

Just like previous god of war games, muspelheim trials is similar to combat arena challenges from the older franchise. In this combat arena, players are given certain objective in each stage. For example, kratos have to take no damage in order to complete the combat arena. Same goes for muspelheim trials, each stage players will be given certain objectives. Only way to pass the trials is to meet the requirement.

When Will I Have Access To Muspelheim Realm?

Players will have access to this realm once arteus obtains all the 4 language decoder. You will then be able to travel to this realm at the realm door. The place is very smoky kind of place which reminds me of the time when kratos fought  cronos. Like every realm you travel to, you will have to travel up from the bottom of the mountain all the way up to its peak.

Layout of muspelheim realm consists of 6 arenas with mystic gateway on each arena. Muspelheim Trials consists of 2 different modes which are normal and impossible mode. In my opinion, there is not much difference between the two. Perhaps the word “impossible” is use to inflict fear upon players who are attempting it.

So let’s begin…

As you can see from the above picture, muspelheim consists of 6 arenas. For players who are attempting for the first time, you will start off with normal mode. You will travel until reaches an area where you see a large sword on the ground and the door to the next area is locked. Good thing about this place is that for every arena you unlocked, you will have a mystic gateway for you to fast travel.

Arena 01

Trial I : Normal

The objective for this is to kill all the enemies before the time runs out. Players will have to kill a total of 15 enemies in 3 minutes. Pretty easy isn’t it?

Tips : Make good use of your runic attacks and just kill the enemies fast. You shouldn’t have any problem attempting this. When given a R3 prompt on an enemy, feel free to use it.

Trial I : Hard

Players are required to kill enemies in quick succession. Enemies will resurrect if other enemies are still alive. Clear the wave to advance.

Wave 1 : 3 death defiers

Wave 2: 2 death defiers (ogre and witch)

Wave 3 : 5 death defiers

Tips : For wave 1 and wave 3 weaken the enemies surrounding before killing them. Because if you can’t kill them fast enough the enemies will respawn. So weaken all of them first then use your runic attack to finish the pack. For wave 2 which is a witch and ogre. Again, weaken the witch first then proceed over to ogre. You want to keep attacking the ogre until R3 prompts where you can ride the ogre. Use to ogre to attack the witch and finish the ogre later on.

Note : “You will have to complete normal and hard mode in order for the gate to open.”

Arena 02

Trial II : Normal

Survive for 5 minutes. There will be enemies coming out from each door so take your time to kill the enemies when they spawn.

Tips : Use runic attacks and make good use of arteus shock arrow.

Trial II : Hard

This can be a little tricky as enemies quickly regen their health from any injury.

Tips : Since the enemies regen their health at a fast rate, viable way will be sending the enemies into the lava pool or off the cliff. There will be 2 lava pool on your left and right respectively. Alternatively, keep attacking until R3 prompts and that can kill them.

Example #1 : Keep attacking the enemy until a R3 prompts then you can grab the enemy and throw them off the cliff.

Example #2 : By using chaos and constantly attacking, you can as well send the enemy off the cliff.

Arena 03

Trial III : Normal

Kill grunts to break the elite’s shield.

Tips : There will be other enemies spawn along the elite. In order to being able to damage the elite, you will have to kill other enemies first. Once you kill the enemies, you will be given certain time limit to damage the elite. The elite is very similar to the boss you fought on your visit to alfheim. Use your runic attacks on the boss when you are given the opportunity. Rinse and repeat.

Trial III : Hard

Kill the enemies while they are inside the gold rings. This trial consists of 3 waves.

Wave 1 : Kill 5 enemies within 2 minutes.

Wave 2 : Kill 5 enemies within 3 minutes.

Wave 3 : Kill 5 enemies within 4 minutes.

Tips : Wait for the enemies to come inside the rings then use your axe runic attacks to frost them. Take this time to kill them inside the rings. Alternative, you can also ask arteus to use shock arrow to stun them. In wave 3, the position of the gold rings will constantly change. Time your attack well and finish them off.

Arena 04

Trial IV : Normal

Kill 100 enemies.

Tips : This is the longest challenge take to complete. Just use runic attacks and arteus’s shock bow whenever you can. Rinse and repeat.

Trial IV : Hard

Don’t let enemies capture arteus

Tips: Constantly get close to the enemies and kill them quick. Use arteus’s shock bow whenever you can to stun them.

Arena 05

Trial V : Normal

Defeat the enemies to extend the timer. Players will start off at 1 minutes.

Tips : In this trials, the faster you kill the more time you extend. So don’t hold back on your runic attacks or spartan rage. Use them whenever you got the chance.

Trial V : Hard

Avoid Taking Damage. There will be 20 enemies in total.

Tips : Take your time with this trial. Only attack when you have the opportunity as you will immediately fail the trial if you take any damage. Most of the time have arteus use his shock arrow and have kratos use AoE runic attacks if enemies begin to close in.

Arena 06

Trial VI : Valkyrie Gondul

You might be surprise that the challenge at the peak of the mountain is a valkyrie itself. I will not go in depth regarding this fight. For more information against the valkyries, feel free to visit my valkyrie post for more in depth information : https://www.glenngg.com/latest/beat-the-valkyries-the-only-guide-you-need-88. Besides the valkyrie loots, you will get an additional of 2 chests.

Rewards obtain from Arena 01 to 06

  • Smoldering ember
  • Hacksilver
  • Crest of flame (starting from trial III onwards)
  • Greater crest of flame (2nd chest from arena 06)
  • Crest of surtr (2nd chest from arena 06)

There you go for the first round of muspelheim trials.

So what’s next?

Immediately after you cleared the 6 stages of trials, you will get a message saying that new trials mode is available. You’re require to obtain 3 challenge keys and as usual you have to start from arena 01 all the way to 06.

Trials Impossible Mode

Arena 01

Trial I : Impossible

Avoid taking damage. This is similar to trial v hard where kratos can’t take any damage. Only difference between this two is that enemies are harder to kill due to higher level. Also, soul devourer will spawn when you’re down to like 8 enemies.

Tips : Pretty much the same strategy that I used previously. Have arteus to use shock arrow to clear out the enemies and use runic attacks whenever opportunity presents. Switch your attention to the werewolves whenever they spawn, you want to take them out first. When the soul devourer spawns, don’t panic take your time and clear out the remaining enemies before you fight it. Stay in long range and wait for it to open the heart. Use realm shift whenever the weak spot is exposed and throw leviathan axe towards it.

Example #1 : Wait for soul devourer to expose its weak spot and cast realm shift. Within that 6sec you can land few hit of leviathan axe into the weak spot.

Arena 02

Trial II : Impossible

Kill the enemies before time runs out. Again this is similar to trial I normal and timer will start countdown at 4 minutes. You will not get any extra time when you kill the enemies.

Tips: Prioritize your attack on the witch when it spawn. They can caused a lot of trouble if you don’t take them out fast. Chain your runic attacks along with arteus arrow should get the job done easily.

Arena 03

Trial III : Impossible

Kill enemies while they are inside the gold rings. This stage consists of 3 waves.

Wave 1 : Kill 10 enemies within 3 minutes

Wave 2 : Kill 10 enemies within 4 minutes

Wave 3 : Kill 10 enemies within 4 minutes

Tips : First wave will consists mainly of wolves and werewolves. Wait for the wolves to get close into the golden ring then use frost runic attack to slow them down. Proceed to take them out one by one inside the ring. Nothing much for wave 2 besides normal enemies. In the third wave you will have one ogre to spawn. Take the ogre out everytime you see it spawn then begin luring other enemies into your ring and kill it.

Example #1 : Wait for the enemies to close in then cast realm shift. After that use ice runic attack to slow them down and finish them off inside the gold ring.

Example #2 : In this scenario, my ice runic attacks pushed the enemies further away from the circle. One advantage using ice runic attacks is that while in its frozen state you can quickly run outside the ring and attack from outside. This will actually push them into the ring and counted as a kill.

Arena 04

Trial IV : Impossible

Enemies quickly regenerate health from any injury.

Tips : Like the previous trials, you can push the enemies into the lava pool on either side. You can also use chaos blade send the enemy into airborne and push it off the cliff. A R3 prompt button will also certainly able to kill them instantly.

Allow me to present 3 scenarios for you.

Example #1 : Continously landing attacks on enemy will eventually stun them which a R3 prompts will appear. Execute the prompt will kill them most of the time.

Example #2 : Another good pointer will be whenever you execute a R3 on any enemies, make sure you’re facing the lava pool or the cliff. This will instantly kill them.

Example #3 : Continously attacking with chaos blade will send the enemy airborne. Lead them into the lava pool and drop it there.

Arena 05

Trial V : Impossible

Kill enemies to increase time. Timer will starts at 1 minute.

Tips :

  • With the timer on countdown you will want to finish the enemies off as fast as possible. As always make good use of runic attacks and arteus shock arrow. When giving a R3 prompt button use it to instantly kill the enemy or deal heavy damage to them.
  • In middle phase 2 ogres will spawn, concentrate your attack on one until a R3 prompts. Mount the ogre and attack the other one. This will greatly save your time instead of killing them one by one.
  • End phase 2 travelers spawn indicate that you’re almost done with the trials. Focus on taking one traveler out first before going for the next one. Be sure to attack the skull that the traveler spawns, fail to do so could inflict a lot of damage to kratos.

Example #1 : The strategy that I mentioned earlier, attacking one ogre until it’s weak enough for you to mount. Then use it to attack the other ogre.

Arena 06

Trial VI : Impossible

Time Attack Mode. Defeat as many enemies as possible before the time limit expires. Bronze for 20 enemies. Silver for 35 enemies and gold for 50 enemies. This is probably the easiest challenge among the six. You will be given 8 minutes and kill as many enemies as possible. You will want to aim for gold which is 50 enemies.

Once you complete the trial, 2 chest will spawn same as the time when you fought gondul.

Rewards obtained from arena 01 to 06

  • Smoldering ember
  • Hacksilver
  • Crest of flame (Arena 01,02,04)
  • Greater crest of flame (Arena 03,05 and 06)
  • Perfect aspect of the realm (Arena 06)
  • Crest of surtr (Arena 06)

So that’s it for the trials of muspelheim.

Why Do I Need To Do This?

This is not a compulsory task for everyone. It just being an optional side quest. Smoldering ember, greater crest of flame and other stuff are very useful. The materials are primarily use to upgrade your gear. As a player myself, I always look for challenges and trials of muspelheim can be a very place to challenge yourself. Apart from that I’m also a trophy hunter and I strive to platinum every game I played whenever possible.

What Level Should You Be?

I will recommend you to be around level 5 to 7 before attempting this trials. Only in impossible mode, certain enemies will be at level 7 and 8 so you wanna get your gears ready for that. Going in under level can be disastrous as they can 2 hit you.

For the setup that I used for this trials is the same as the one I used when I fought the queen valkyrie sigrun. You can find more information about the setup on here.

Well, that’s it for all the thing you need on trials of muspelheim. I wish you good luck!

Leave a comment down below if you have any question. See you soon.