Kingdom Hearts 3: The Only Guide You Need

With the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 lately, I have decided to compile a list of collectibles guide that will help players. This is mainly aim to assist those who wish to complete everything there is in the game. In other words for those who wish to get platinum trophy for the game. Without further due, let’s get started.

Here’s the list of topics that you will going to learn about:


How To Craft Ultima Weapon

If you’re a fan of Kingdom Hearts series, you will know the pinnacle weapon for Sora will be Ultima Weapon. If you played Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2, you will get experience the insane power from this supreme keyblade. This keyblade obliterates anything that crosses it path which no doubt is the best weapon for Sora.

The stats for Ultima weapon are 13 strength and magic and it comes with combo boost, air combo boost and situational boost. On top of that, the formchanges is ultimate form. The ultimate form is pretty similar to what we had in Kingdom Hearts 2 but in this one it’s even better.

The materials need to synthesize Ultima Weapon would be as follow:

  • Orichalcum + x7
  • Wellspring Crystal x2
  • Lucid Crystal x2
  • Pulsing Crystal x2

You wouldn’t have any problem getting the crystals as you play through the game. Now the challenging part will be getting 7 orichalcum + as always. Each orichalcum+ requires different kind of challenge for you to obtain it.


#1 Orichalcum+

This is an easy one to get. The first orichalcum is located at the Final World. Fast travel to Keyblade Graveyard – Badlands. Once you spawn at the save point, immediately turn around and make your way to the end. You will get a red wrap gate which send you to the Final World. The chest will be in front of you as you spawn there.


#2 Orichalcum+

The 2nd orichalcum + is located at Pirates of the Caribbean planet. Head over to Caribbean and travel to Exile Island, there will be enemies at the island. Clear out all the enemies then head over to the center of the island and you will see a chest there.


#3 Orichalcum+

Third orichalcum + requires you to collect all 80 lucky emblems across the planets. This isn’t really a challenging task but rather a time consuming task but your effort will be paid off.


#4 Orichalcum+

This is another easy one to obtain it. Simply head over to Twilight Town and buy 1 potion from Moogle every time. This is random whether the moogle will give you postcard or not. For that the safest way to prevent wasting too much munny is by buying 1 potion every time then quit the menu and see if you get the postcard or not. Once you get the postcard, go over to the postbox and exchange it for an item. Keep repeating the same process until you get the orichalcum+.


#5 Orichalcum+

In order to get this you will have to complete all the Flantastic challenge across planets. There will be 7 of them and each one will has its own unique challenge. Upon achieving certain threshold of score, the flantastic will jump in an excitement which indicates you have successfully complete their challenge. You will be rewarded with three cooking ingredients instead of one. If you get one or none then you must continue to retry the challenge.

Location of these flantastic can be found:

  • Olympus – Follow the stairs right up to the top from Thebes Save Point.
  • Toy Box – By the rest area at first floor of galaxy toys.
  • Kingdom of Corona – From Rapunzel’s tower immediately turn around and backtrack through the cave.
  • Monstropolis – Fast travel to Factory Basement save point and proceed through the small white door leaning against the wall. Go straight through the next area until you reach a wall covered in many small doors. Take the brown one second from the left. Go through a small corridor behind you and you’ll see the flantastic.
  • Arendelle – Go to the Mountain Ridge save point and leap off the cliff edge directly behind the moogle. You will land directly in front of the flan.
  • Pirates of Caribbean – From the Port Royal Fort save point just head out into the courtyard and you will see the flan at there.
  • San Fransokyo – Scale the building in front of the South District save point and move towards the skyscraper with an ‘M’ on the top. The flan is on the opposite building.


#6 Orichalcum+

For this one, you will have to collect 10 treasures from Frozen slider mini game. You can begin this mini game by talking to Elsa in front of her place. Good thing is you don’t need to collect all the 10 treasures at once. With that you can collect few everytime until you get all. Once you have collected all 10 treasure and complete the mini game, a orichalcum+ will be given to you.

Everglow has a good video with all the location of treasures shown in his video. You can just follow them and get it


#7 Orichalcum+

Your last and final orichalcum+ to obtain in order to synthesize ultima weapon. This one is mainly related on gummi ship and requires you to kill few mini boss and omega machine at the Eclipse Galaxy. Remember that big giant ship at the center of Eclipse Galaxy? There will be 4 mini boss at each of the ship’s quadrant and one underneath the ship.

Every time you kill the boss, it will sort of unlocking a bar straight up into the top of the ship. Killing all 5 mini bosses and you will see the bar fully charged up on each side. That’s where omega machine will spawn. It can be a tough boss if you don’t have strong gummi ship to fight this.

Primalliquid has made a good video on how to build a relative strong gummi ship. With the power of the ship, you should be having no problem in getting rank A in most of your gummi ship encounters. It should last you until your fight against Schwarzgeist boss in Misty Stream.

Finally, with all the 7 orichalcum+ in hand, you will be able to craft ultima weapon for Sora. Congratulations! Enjoy this supreme keyblade and see this weapon wrecks almost everything that crosses its path.

The Fifteen Battlegate Locations

Battlegate is a small blue crystal that appears across every planets. it serves as a form of challenge for you, donald and goofy to face. Each battlegate has its own unique adversaries for you to face and rewards. You will come across your first battlegate at Keyblade Graveyard. If you’re severely under level, this is a good opportunity for you to level up a bit before facing the members of organization XIII and final boss.


Battlegate 0 – Keyblade Graveyard

Location: Keyblade Graveyard; Through various save points in Skein of Severance
Difficulty: One star.
Reward: No rewards [This is your first battlegate portal and is good for you to level up a little before stronger foes in this area.]

Battlegate 1 – Olympus

Location: Olympus; Head upstairs from Summit save point into the Realm of Gods area.
Difficulty: One star.
Reward: Fire Cufflink and Secret Report #1

Battlegate 2 – Olympus

Location: Olympus; Realm of God Apex where you fought three titans and save Zeus.
Difficulty: Two star.
Reward: Cosmic Belt+ and Secret Report #2

Battlegate 3 – Twilight Town

Location: Twilight Town; From the Mansion save point just head outside.
Difficulty: Two star.
Reward: Evanescent Crystal and Secret Report #3

Battlegate 4 – Toy Box

Location: Toy Box; Fast travel to Kid Korral save point
Difficulty: One star.
Reward: Megalixir and Secret Report #4

Battlegate 5 – Toy Box

Location: Toy Box; Right by the main entrance on Galaxy Toy 1F
Difficulty: Two star.
Reward: Thunder Cufflink and Secret Report #5

Battlegate 6 – Kingdom of Corona

Location: Kingdom of Corona; Fast travel to Campsite save point then head into Wetlands. The battle gate is at the place you fought the boss.
Difficulty: Two star.
Reward: Illusory Crystal and Secret Report #6

Battlegate 7 – Kingdom of Corona

Location: Kingdom of Corona; From Rapunzel Tower save point backtrack through the cave and the battlegate is there.
Difficulty: One star.
Reward: Aero Cufflink and Secret Report #7

Battlegate 8 – Monstropolis

Location: Monstropolis; Start at the Tank Yard area and hop on the lengthy grind rail atop the collapsed blue pipe.
Difficulty: One star.
Reward: Illusory Crystal and Secret Report #8


Battlegate 9 – Arendelle

Location: Arendelle; Head into Labyrinth of Ice through the portal and go downstairs. The battlegate portal is on the next room.
Difficulty: Two star.
Reward: Evanescent Crystal and Secret Report #9

Battlegate 10 – Pirates of Caribbean

Location: Pirate of Carribean; Through the underwater caves to the cove where you found Leviathan Ship.
Difficulty: One star.
Reward: Water Cufflink and Secret Report #10

Battlegate 11 – San Fransokyo

Location: San Fransokyo; From North District save point hop onto the monorail track and go till the end of the tunnel.
Difficulty: Two star.
Reward: Yin-Yang Cufflink and Secret Report #11

Battlegate 12 – San Fransokyo

Location: San Fransokyo; At North District jump onto the roof of the building surrounding by the flying thing.
Difficulty: One star.
Reward: Blizzard Cufflink and Secret Report #12

Battlegate 13 – Keyblade Graveyard

Location: Keyblade Graveyard; From the Badlands save point turn around and head backwards.
Difficulty: Two star.
Reward: Celestriad and Secret Report #13

Battlegate 14 – Keyblade Graveyard

Location: Keyblade Graveyard; From Badlands save point, go straight ahead until you reach the end.
Difficulty: Three star. Sora will have to face this secret boss alone and having ultima weapon is highly recommended for this battle.
Reward: Crystal Regalia and New Selfie Pose.

All The Lucky Emblems Across Planets


Lucky emblems are a mickey symbol hidden across planets and for you to find them as you explore new places. There are a total of 90 lucky emblems and discovering certain threshold unlocks rewards and stuff. Simply use the gumiphone and snap a picture of the lucky emblem. However, there are a few lucky emblems which requires certain angles in order to capture it perfectly. Not only that, if you wish to see the secret ending you will have to unlock 90 emblems on beginner mode, 60 emblems on normal mode and 30 emblems for proud mode.

Here’s a listed of rewards for reaching certain threshold in discovering the lucky emblems:

  • 15 [ Moon Light Amulet ]
  • 20 [ Magic Boost ]
  • 25 [ Star Charm ]
  • 30 [ Ribbon ]
  • 35 [ Buster Band+ ]
  • 40 [ Strength Boost ]
  • 45 [ Master’s Necklace ]
  • 50 [ Wisdom Ring ]
  • 55 [ Defense Boost ]
  • 60 [ Orichalcum Ring ]
  • 65 [ Cosmic Belt ]
  • 70 [ Royal Ribbon ]
  • 80 [ Orichalcum+ ]
  • 90 [ Mickey Clasp ]


Lucky Emblems at Olympus


Lucky Emblem #1

In Thebes Overlook where you previously saved a couple from the heartless. There is a banner next to the emblem, be aware of that.


Lucky Emblem #2

From Thebes Agora save point head left at the Hercules statue and up the stairs flanked by scaffolding. Go up more stairs and into the ruins. The lucky emblem area was previously covered in lava.


Lucky Emblem #3

At the center of the Hercules statue, check the right side and you will see stairs at the end area. That’s your 3rd emblem there.


Lucky Emblem #4

Head up the steps from Thebes Overlook save point and you will easily spot this emblem between few potted plants.


Lucky Emblem #5

On your way to Mountain Olympus from Thebes, you will came across this waterfall at the very end. The emblem is in the wall of the waterfall.


Lucky Emblem #6

Continue ascend higher up until where you see a large broken pillar before entering the next area. Your lucky emblem is hidden at the pillar.


Lucky Emblem #7

Even further up after the previous emblem, try to take a peek at the edge of the mountain. You will easily spot this emblem.


Lucky Emblem #8

After you pass through the cave like area, this is the area where you fought lots of heartless last time. The emblem is hanging on the tree.


Lucky Emblem #9

From the Corridor save point at Realm of the Gods, head up the stairs towards the water stream. The lucky emblem can be spotted on the side of next set of stairs.


Lucky Emblem #10

If you jump diagonally upwards next to the previous lucky emblem, you will see this one on a wall in the room ahead. There will be heartless spawning, so clear it out first.


Lucky Emblem #11

On the other hand, if you jump on the water stream that veers of the right side from the Corridors save point, you will end up at Secluded Forge. This emblem can be spotted on the anvil.


Lucky Emblem #12

The final emblem for Olympus. From the Realm of the Gods Corridors waypoint, follow the path that curves up to the left and jump on the rail. When you reach the other side, head under the archway and look out towards the clouds in the distance from the slightly raised platform. You’ll see the Lucky Emblem made out of clouds in the far distance.


Lucky Emblems at Twilight Town


Lucky Emblem #1

The first introduction on lucky emblem which is essentially given to you upon reaching Twilight Town. This emblem is on the brick wall behind an old lady and a kid.


Lucky Emblem #2

Wait for the tramp to arrive then jump on top of the tramp. That’s your lucky emblem right there.


Lucky Emblem #3

This one is located on of the chimneys on top of the Moogle shop.


Lucky Emblem #4

This one is easy. Simply get to the top of the buildings and look for plates that projects lucky emblem symbol.


Lucky Emblem #5

Simply head over to the theater area and wait for the short film to finish. After that, you will be able to spot the lucky emblem sign on the projector screen.


Lucky Emblem #6

After you exit through the sewer, turn around immediately and you will spot the emblem on the door.


Lucky Emblem #7

After you got the previous emblem, move out a lil until you can see a huge wall. Scale up the wall and you will find your next emblem there.


Lucky Emblem #8

When you enter the forest keep hugging to the right side until you see the emblem.


Lucky Emblem #9

Before you enter the mansion, look on your left side for the final emblem. It’s in between two bushes of grass.


Lucky Emblems at 100 Arce Wood


Lucky Emblem #1

First emblem is located on the side of the giant pumpkin as you get into 100 Arce wood.


Lucky Emblem #2

Go to the bridge before Winnie the Pooh, and you will find the second emblem there.


Lucky Emblem #3

Final emblem is located inside the bucket beside Rabbit’s house


Lucky Emblems at Toy Box


Lucky Emblem #1

This one is located at Andy’s Room. Jump on top of the bookshelves, you will spot this emblem there.


Lucky Emblem #2

Once you get off from the room, head to the roof outside the house. You can spot this emblem at the edge.


Lucky Emblem #3

Stand on top of the steps in front of Andy’s house. The fallen leaves made the lucky emblem shape.


Lucky Emblem #4

From Andy’s house go across the road and you will see the neighbour’s gold color car. Head to the back of the car and you will spot the emblem there.


Lucky Emblem #5

At the ground floor of Galaxy Toy store, head over to the wrapping service area. There you will see few selofan tapes made an lucky emblem symbol.


Lucky Emblem #6

Head over to the back area of the store, you will need to get into a Gigas and begin smashing the boxes out of the place. Once everything is cleared, you can see the symbol on the floor.


Lucky Emblem #7

Go through the Action Figure department store on second floor and head into the vent at the back area. When you reach a vertical section that has gust of wind that blows you up, dash out the first platform. The lucky emblem is there.


Lucky Emblem #8

Look over the railings immediately you leave through the windows of Babies&Toddlers:Dolls. There’s a red and white UFO below and the lucky emblem is on the entrance hatch.


Lucky Emblem #10

Head inside Babies&Toddlers:Dolls shop and hop on top one of the store shelves. The 3 glittering balls will make a lucky emblem shape but it requires you to move certain angle to capture it.


Lucky Emblem #11

This one is located at third floor. Go around third floor until you come across a robot with number 7 on its body and there’s poster of Julia beside it. The symbol is right beneath that robot statue.


Lucky Emblem #12

The final emblem for Toy Box planet and this one is located outside of Galaxy Toy shop. Simple go back to the ground floor and head outside the mall, turn to your right. You will see few boxes stack on top of the trolley that forms a symbol of lucky emblem.


Lucky Emblems at Kingdom of Corona


Lucky Emblem #1

Head over to the roof of Rapunzel Tower and you can spot the lucky emblem right below.


Lucky Emblem #2

This one can be a lil tricky to find but first head over to the Marsh save point. Go in deeper into the Marsh and keep hugging to the right side. Eventually you will have to fight some bats and umbrella wielding heartless.


Lucky Emblem #3

You will find this one at the section where you will need to use Rapunzel’s hair to jump across. The symbol is one of the barrel inside the cave.


Lucky Emblem #4

Once you reach the Kingdom of Corona, turn around and backtrack out to the forest. This symbol is engraved on one of the rocks.


Lucky Emblem #5

Now go back to the Kingdom of Corona until you reach the save point. From there head over the left side and you will reach the whaft. Turn around and look for barrels and that’s your symbol there.


Lucky Emblem #6

Go back to the market area where you came from but this time go straight ahead until you see an old man.


Lucky Emblem #7

From the previous emblem location, head deeper inside the plaza until you saw the pictures of the King and Queen of Corona. Head over to the left side where you will see a huge door with lucky emblem on it.


Lucky Emblem #8

From the last location, head over to the other side of wharf. Take a short walk at the guard’s tower and you will see the emblem at the door.


Lucky Emblem #9

From the guard’s tower head over to the lighthouse and climb up to the top of the lighthouse. The lucky emblem can be found in the fire pit.


Lucky Emblems at Monstropolis


Lucky Emblem #1

The very first emblem of this world can be found at the laugh floor. Head over to the desk on the right side, and you can spot a drawn lucky emblem symbol on a paperwork.


Lucky Emblem #2

Turn around from that desk, and head all the way back to the entrance. Just before the entrance you will see a large clown. Use your keyblade to hit the clown until you can see the symbol beneath it.


Lucky Emblem #3

From the Door Vault Upper Level save point, head along the first rail slide until you reach its end. There’s a large brown door on this platform with the Lucky Emblem inscribed on it.


Lucky Emblem #4

Start at Factory Basement save point and proceed through the small white door popped up against the wall. Proceed through the next area until you see many door, take the second one from your left. From the large platform, head over to the small corridor and you will see the emblem there.


Lucky Emblem #5

Head to the Factory Ground Floor save point. Walked past the elevator and into the room marked C1 where you will spot the emblem beneath the window.


Lucky Emblem #6

This emblem is right next to Factory Ground floor save point. There you will see spillage of orange and pink paints. Head over there and you will spot the lucky emblem there.


Lucky Emblem #7

Take the elevator up next to the Factory Ground Floor save point and make your way through the corridor until you reach an orange staircase. Walk straight past that and duck into an opening on your left. The Lucky Emblem will be on the wall immediately above you.


Lucky Emblem #8

Fast travel to Power Plant Accessway save point. In this room is a desk with a blue hard hat on top of it. You’ll easily spot the Lucky Emblem above it carved into the filing cabinet.


Lucky Emblem #9

This Lucky Emblem involves a bit of a walk to reach. Begin at the Power Plant Tank Yard save point and use the crane to get yourself back outside. From the platform, look up and use shotlock ability to reach the top of the structure.

Make your way around to the left and follow the path across the grind rail. Continue following the path and go across the open area full of pipes down another small path. The Lucky Emblem will be above the door at the end of this final path.


Lucky Emblem #10

Fast travel to Power Plant Tank Yard save point where you will see a CDA agent. Jump up onto the blue crate and face opposite the pipelines. You will easily spot the lucky emblem there.


Lucky Emblem #11

From the Door Vault Service Area save point, head down the dark tunnel towards the Power Plant. Make your way up the set of stairs to where the CDA agent is standing. Look over the railing and you’ll see the Lucky Emblem in a puddle of oil on the ground.














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