Deep Stone Crypt Raid

Deep Stone Crypt Raid is the latest raid that comes along with Beyond Light expansion. The minimum requirement for this raid is 1220 power level and it scales up to 1250 at final encounter. Since beyond light is a major expansion, the size of the raid is almost similar to garden of salvation. It consists of four major encounter and two secret chest.

Here’s the encounter for the raid

  • 1st Encounter (Crypt Security)
  • 2nd Encounter (Defeat Atraks-1)
  • 3rd Encounter (Disarm crypt chamber)
  • 4th Encounter (Defeat Taniks Abomination)


1st Encounter (Crypt Security)

In this encounter players are required to split into two groups whereby three will be on the light side and others on the dark side. There will be five panels on each of the side which players can name the way they want for call outs. Only people with scanner buff can see which panel lights up and call it out. There will always be two out of the five panels lighting up on each side. The panels will be underneath us and requires an operator to get down and shoot the panel. Besides that, the operator buff will be on the terminal as soon as you enter the area. Pick it up to start the encounter. Scanner buff will always appear in the dark side on one of the vandal.

The role for operator:

  • Get to the basement and shoot according to the panels that is being call out.
  • Once all panels are shot, siren will ring to indicate the start of the dps phase.
  • Send operator back up via the terminal and take scanner buff from there.
  • With the scanner buff you got, call out whichever fuse that is glowing. Three fuse on the light and dark side respectively.


The role for scanner:

  • Scanner buff allows you to peak underneath and see which panels are glowing. There will always be two out of five panels on each side.
  • You can pass it to the other side for other team to call out or you can go there yourself.
  • Once all four panels are being called, just wait for the cue on dps phase.
  • As soon as someone grabs the operator buff, you can send scanner buff down via the terminal.


Red Rover Deep Stone Crypt Raid Challenge

This is a showcase on how the first encounter is done. In this video, we are all doing the red rover raid challenge which requires everyone to be operator for one time. Assuming you’re already familiar with the encounter, the raid challenge should not be a problem for you and your team.

Recommended weapon loadouts for this encounter:

  • Primary and secondary weapons can be anything.
  • Xenophage or thousand voices for power weapon.


2nd Encounter (Defeat Atraks-1)

For this encounter, the teams will be split into ground and space team. Space team takes the shuttle pod and go up to space. In this encounter, the team composition usually split into 4-2 or 3-3. Four people on space and two on ground or you can do three on space and ground respectively. At the start of the encounter, there will be four copies of atraks-1 in space and ground. Space team can immediately take the pod and go up. Continue to clear the ads until you hear an alarm ring which indicates the servitors spawn. The servitors will come out on each side which are left, middle and right side. In this time, a vandal carrying operator buff will spawn. Designated operator will kill that vandal, grab the buff and head up to space.

Once all the servitors on ground are taken down, the servitors will spawn on space. One on each side and a vandal carrying scanner buff will spawn too. The designated scanner can kill that vandal and pick up the scanner buff. Since the operator had to stay behind to wait for the vandal with operator buff to spawn, we (space team) will always leave one servitor up. This is because as soon as you kill all servitors it will trigger the dps phase. “Extinction protocol activated” means that the scanner can see which atraks-1 glows in yellow and you need to dps it. After you deal enough damage, atraks will drop a purple buff on the floor which one of the team member can pick it up.

The operator can shoot the panels for the door to open and cleanse. People will the atraks-1 replicant buff can step inside and operator will shoot the buff off your head. In that instance, scanner buff will be passed back down and up until a damage cycle is over. You get to damage atraks-1 two times on space and ground respectively. During final stand, the four copies of atraks-1 will teleported up to space with eight of them in total. The scanner will have to find the correct atraks-1 and everyone group up to kill it.

Here’s the showcase video on how our team beat the encounter:


Copies of Copies Deep Stone Crypt Raid Challenge

The requirement for this challenge is that no one can be cleanse after picking up the atraks-1 replicant buff. So the operator had to constantly refresh the buff on those who had it. With the correct weapon loadouts and mods, you can easily one phase this boss. Below is the showcase on how our team beat the challenge for this encounter.


Recommended weapon loadouts and mods for this encounter:

  • Primary and special weapon can be anything. Preferable mid to long range weapons.
  • The Lament (taking charge and lucent blade mods for extra damage)
  • Eyes of Tomorrow (taking charge and argent ordnance mods for extra rocket damage)
  • Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn will give extra damage boost too.