Master Nightmare Hunt: Complete Guide For All Guardians


Nightmare Hunt was one of the new activity that was part of the Shadowkeep expansion. On every week, there will be a few nightmare hunt activity that you could choose from. Just like nightfalls, these activity has 4 difficulty ranges from adept (850 power level), hero (920 power level), legend (950 power level) and master (980 power level). As always completing a 980 master nightmare hunt will grant you a pinnacle loot. In comparison to strikes, nightmare hunt is a shorter version of that. At the end of the activity you will have to beat a nightmare boss and the bosses will be those you came across throughout your destiny journey. Last but not least, what makes this mode interesting is that you got new mods that you can use exclusively for this activity.

Here’s the list of mods for nightmare hunt:

  • Nightmare Banisher (grants additional damage to your super against nightmare bosses)
  • Nightmare Breaker (grants additional damage against enemy shields created by nightmare bosses
  • Nightmare Crusher (grants additional damage to your melee and grenade abilities against nightmare bosses)

Those are the mods that you can obtain via completing nightmare hunt activities. Each mod has different tier to it and you start off with normal ones to enhance and lastly supreme mods. Needless to say the effective of the mod is greatly increased at the cost of more energy mod is needed to equip it.

Below here, will be showcase of all the nightmare hunt walkthroughs my team and I completed during Season of Undying (Season 8):

Master Nightmare Hunt: Isolation [Taniks (7minutes)]


Master Nightmare Hunt: Pride [Skolas (8minutes)]


Master Nightmare Hunt: Rage [Ghaul (9minutes)]


Master Nightmare Hunt: Fear [Phogoth (10minutes)]


Master Nightmare Hunt: Anguish [Omnigul (10minutes)]


Master Nightmare Hunt: Insanity [Fanatic (11minutes)]


Master Nightmare Hunt: Servitude [Zydron (12minutes)]


Master Nightmare Hunt: Despair [Crota (15minutes)]


Well that’s all of the nightmare hunt that is currently in the game. Maybe in future we will get additional bosses or maybe not. Given the time of the videos being recorded which was during season of undying, majority of our loadouts are pretty much the same. It mainly consists of izanagi’s burden and oppressive darkness (special perk from artifact). Besides that, make sure everyone in the fireteam has the correct mod for the champions and equal spread of weapon elements. As for overload champions, use divinity for easy disruption on them. Last but not least, one divinity and two person with izanagi’s burden may be a combination as well just to get things done. With that, I hope this guide will help those who are still looking to get the triumph done!

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