Tips On Building D3FNC Effectively

D3FNC gear set is one of the set available through the classified sets. Without a doubt this is one the good set among them. Players opted to go for hybrid build if they don’t have all the 6 pieces. But today we will be going through the 6 piece classified build. With global events and increasing drop rates for the classified items, most of the players should be able to put a 6 piece D3FNC build.

General Guideline For The Build

Players have to run 9000 stamina build in order to get the 6 piece bonus. Why 9000 stamina? Because ballistic shield health is increased by 200% at 9000 stamina. This is crucial to reach the shield’s full potential which is at 2.35million hp. Upon receiving certain threshold from physical or exotic damage, the ballistic shield grants a buff to the whole group. Members will have to be within 15meters and last for 6 seconds. Duration of buff is increased by 2 seconds for every 3000 stamina the agent has. Thus, putting this a 12 seconds buff.

In order to reach maximum ballistic shield health, players will need to have around 120,000 ~ 125,000 skill power. Yes, skill power grants shield health but it won’t go any further than 2.35million hp. So don’t bother increasing skill power further than that. When ballistic shield is deployed, make good used of RHA (right hand advantage) and LHA (left hand advantage). This technique is useful in blocking the npcs incoming bullets depending on the direction.

What weapons of choice and set ups to use?

Navy MP5 vs The House

D3FNC primarily uses SMG as the main weapon and the other weapon can be anything ranging from an assault rifle (LWM4) and etc. Two current dominant SMG in the game are the house and navy mp5. Players can purchase blueprint for navy mp5 when it’s available at the special vendor. Navy mp5 is a good alternative if you’re still looking for the house. Having to use a 9000 stamina build puts restriction on the weapon talent that are usable, thus free talent slot from navy mp5 is good.

This build is mainly focus on the PvE activities. Due to the restriction of 9000 stamina build, there are only a few weapon talents that you can go for. Personally, I would recommend destructive and predatory for both the house and navy mp5. Destructive is one of the top tier PvE weapon talent. Predatory to maintain the agent’s sustainability. *Predatory does not recover shield’s health it only recover player’s health*

These are the recommendation of weapon talents on the free slot of navy mp5 such as ferocious, responsive and determined. Out of the 3 weapon talents, I would personally choose responsive or determined. Most of the engagement are going to be close quarter, thus responsive will be extremely useful for this situation. Responsive grants 10% extra damage when the distance between you and npcs are less than 10m.

Determined on the other hand reduces skill cooldown by 7.5% for every npc that you take down. Having shorter amount of time to get back signature skill allow you to use it more frequently. Recovery and survivor link are equally good. Recovery link recovers your shield health back to full upon activation whereas survivor link grants 20% damage resistance.

Which performance mods to use for activities?

Ballistic Shield Damage Resilience vs Ballistic Shield Weapon Damage

There are only 2 performance mods that you should be using. Ballistic shield damage resilience and ballistic shield weapon damage. Ballistic shield damage resilience has max value of 5% whereas ballistic shield weapon damage has 4%. Hence, with 4 performance slots available you will have a choice of 20% damage resilience or 16% weapon damage.

For end game activities such as legendary missions and incursions, 20% damage resilience definitely helps the shield to last longer.In contrast to 16% weapon damage may sound nice but the shield won’t last very long. The longer you’re able to sustain yourself the more dps you can do in the total time. That’s the golden rule for a dps/tank role.

However, for activities such as underground operation, challenging mission or weekly high value target (WHVT) you can switch over to ballistic shield weapon damage. This will slightly bump up damage output. You will not need that much of damage resistance for these activities.

Combine the damage resilience, ballistic shield damage resilience and survivor link that will give total output of 50% damage resistance. On top of that, there’s protection from elites from the D3FNC bonus gear set. This will definitely feel like a super tank.

What attributes that is worth recalibrate?

Enemy Armor Damage (EAD) vs  Crtical Hit Chance&Damage (CHC&CHD)

Some the major attributes I choose critical hit chance and damage over enemy armor damage with damage to elites. D3FNC is a SMG based build which has decent amount of critical hit chance at base. By recalibrating critical hit chance into the gears will put me closer to the max value of critical hit chance. The cap for critical hit chance (CHC) is at 65%. With all the stats and recon pulse, I’ve got about 56% of critical hit chance in total which is good.

Never recalibrate health for the attribute on any gears. At 9000 stamina build you already got a decent amount of health. On top of that, ballistic shield grants you 2.35million hp which is what you will be using most during any activities.

If you are interested to learn more about the build. Feel free to check it out and ask me any question if you have.

Here’s the link for the build

Thank you an have a nice day!