Classified strikers,reclaimers and sentry sets during the assault global event on the weekend.

Some of you must be trying to complete certain gear pieces while some of you must be farming for all the sets.

For those who manage to complete all 3 sets congrats! =D and those who don’t maybe the RNGesus be good to you on the next global event.



Things to do during the global event?

I didn’t play much when the assault global event was held back in october but i did manage to complete striker and sentry set. Only missing reclaimer kneepads back then.

Prior few hours before the commence of global event, I’m having this 6th sense feeling that I’m gonna get reclaimer kneepads on my very first superior cache.

I had some left over credits from Outbreak event which was enough to get me 5 caches.

So,guess what?I did get the reclaimer kneepads on the very first caches! Ugh…sounds pretty anticlimax since I was preparing to farm the kneepads all weekend.


What was I doing during the global event?

Well,I did accomplish few commendations during the event.

1.Flawless Falcon Lost

This was such a challenging mission to do especially during the assault global event with crucial or major modifier as the requirement for the happy mask commendation.

Snipers will basically one hit you if you exposed yourself to them.

One of the hardest mission to do but I felt so rewarding and satisfied once we got it done!

Always be sure to make good call outs,have good sense of map awareness and get familiar with the types of enemies spawn for certain waves.  Oh and be sure to take things slow at wave 15, clear majority of the enemies before you go to plant your explosives.

We survived wave 15, successfully plant the explosive and we got the commendation!

2.Flawless Clear Sky

Having to flawless this with your friends is one thing. Flawless this with a random matchmaking group is another thing. I never pay much of the attention and just keep grinding the incursions for global event credits until I saw the commendation pops out at the end of the mission

The run was so smooth. Hence why not I just captured and share it with you people.
From this perspective as a nomad healer build, you can see what I did with the guy while the other 2 people were getting the enemies attention.

Once we drop our support station (do not overlap your support station as the healing does not stack),immediately pick up the box and start walking. As you are nearing the end of your support station, burst the support station for extra health.

The guy who was suppose to be with you can drop his support station and burst it to give you extra health or use defibrillator/overdose to give you extra health. Do the same for the other side and the rest is just killing the boss and remaining enemies.

In this video,you get to see from a perspective when I’m running D3. You want to be running 9k stamina for this in order to tank and pull aggro from the enemies.

D3 definitely shines during assault, especially you get bonus damage when you are close to the enemies.

The Leaderboard!

So…I got into Tier 3 with 9522 credits/hour. Must be from the hardcore clear sky farming.

If only every global event is that easy haha.

Global Event:Assault

Pretty much sums up my activities for this global event. Opened a total of 108 superior caches and I got majority of the gear sets. Overall I had enjoyed this event a lot!

Looking forward to this upcoming strike global event. Rest well agents for this upcoming global event on the weekend.

Happy farming agents!