How You Should Get Prepare For Ambush Global Event But First…

Strike Global Event has just ended couple of hours ago. Do you manage to get all the classified gear sets that you want? Overall not many people like the modifier for this event, pre-emptive and tactical strike modifier.

The modifier works in such a way that whenever you get hit by a npc, your character sort of building up an explosive bar. Once it’s fully charged you will get the explosion on yourself and if you were close to your teammates (tactical strike modifier) both of you will sustain damage.

I wanted to get more predator and nomad gears for this time, instead I get a lot of nomad and banshee set pieces.Didn’t bother much with D3FNC set piece as I already got the full 6 piece when strike global event dropped last time.

Due to the advantage of having 4 characters and 400 target intels, I would able to just speed through the weekly high value targets. One of the great source for earning global event credits is by completing weekly high value targets. You get approximately around 6000 global credits by completing all. I was just casually farming legendary warrengate powerplant this time with my friends and that got me 92 caches haha.

Once again I’m lucky enough to place on Tier 3 again. I’m a huge collector fan of vanity sets and weapon skins and so with hitting Tier 3, I was able to get all the vanity sets and weapon skin. I don’t know how I’ve got 8982 GE credits/hour but I want to assume it was the other day when I did the legendary missions followed by weekly high value targets.

2893 division tech!! I have not been spending division tech lately but I still run all the incursions and legendary missions on weekly reset. That’s probably because I have max out the stats for majority of the sets among my characters. Hunter’s Faith and Deadeye was the only 2 sets that I have not spend any division tech on it. Well I guess this concludes my strike global event.

Upcoming Ambush Global Event

Now for those people who are going to participate the ambush event for the first time,let me share with you some useful tips that might help you to go through the event. If you love Assault Global Event you will also love Ambush Global Event. In Assault global event requires you to get close to your enemies to get the damage buff whereas ambush requires you to stay stationary and you will sort of charge up a bar on top of your health. The damage buff is ridiculously high as long as you stay stationary.

The video above is just a showcase of how powerful a fully charged up bar can be. I was running high eletronic nomad skill build for this one. I figured it was the time to get flawless all legendary commendation. Below are some tips that might be helpful for those participating this global event for the first time.

So, what build should I run for this upcoming global event?

Stationary Build

I’m assuming majority of the people have gotten most the classified sets by now. This build is meant for tactician,sentry’s call and hunter’s faith. With these gear set you don’t really expose yourself in open which is why i call them stationary build. As long as you are in stationary or stay in cover, you will get that bonus damage buff. Moving cover to cover will keep that damage buff.

For those who are interested in the build,the link below is my build, feel free to use it:

6PC Sentry’s Call

5PC Tactician + Barrett’s Chest PieceĀ 

High Eletronic Nomad Build

6PC Hunter’s Faith

These are all the builds that I ran when ambush global event last dropped. You will be basically 1 shot every npcs even in legendary missions!

Which ambush modifier should I choose?

These are the 3 ambush modifier that you will get

Ambush – Always active:agents deal increased damage while stationary

Covert Ambush – Ambush behavior, plus health diminishes while moving

Strategic Ambush – Covert Ambush behavor, plus health diminishes when close to allies. Covert and strategic ambush will give you the same bonus global event credits which is 175 credits and the only difference between them is strategic ambush drains your health whenever you are close to allies. So covert ambush would be a better option. As long as you stay in cover, use cover to cover to move or even staying close to allies you , your health won’t drop.

Which playlist mission should I be doing?

The playlist missions for this event would be

  • Queens Tunnel
  • Broadway Emporium
  • Police Academy
  • Dragon’s Nest
  • Times Square Power Relay

If you really just want to farm the global event credits, you could just run legendary times square power relay with covert ambush. Each run with decent group will take about 15minutes. Per mission will give you [ 1575 + 175 + (58×2) = 1866 credits ].

Times square are generally wide open area so if you are running sentry’s call, hunter’s faith or high eletronic skill build, you get lots of advantage over here. Another good alternatives will be legendary warrengate powerplant.

In this mission, majority of your encounter will be close quarter and with the sticky bomb from high skill build you will be able to spawn kill majority of the spawns. You will get [1575 + (58×4) = 1807 credits ]. So here’s goes the tips that i figured it will help you get prepared for the upcoming event.

Good luck on farming the classified gear set!